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King Kong SUCKS. They could of, heck, should of done it in two hours, yet Jackson had to make another film that's longer than most animals take to evolve. It dragged so badly. It was an hour of dull dialogue followed by two and a half hours of CGI action sequences. It was so boring, I was desperate for it to end about half way through, but it just kept going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going... get it?

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King Kong - I really enjoyed it! It was long but I was entertained. The first hour is a little slow, until they reach the island. My mom thought they were on the island for way too long.


Saw 2 - I loved the first Saw and this one didn't disappoint. The twist wasn't as good as the first but was still unexpected. I'm glad to hear there shall be a Saw 3!


Fun with Dick and Jane - Good comedy. Seemed a tad slow in the beginning. But, it picked up with some great comedy. Greatly Enjoyable.

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Fun with Dick and Jane





A pretty solid comedy, with a lot of class, compared to a lot of crap thats been coming out lately. And for a comedy, it has a somewhat interesting level of depth to it! It confronts corporate America, the american dream--even illegal immigration, which are all rather heavy themes for a comedy! Regardless, it was a great film, and I reccomend it to anyone who doesn't mind hearing an out of place, completely unnecessary F-word! Honestly, they shout out the F-bomb once, probably just to get the PG-13 label!



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Pride and Prejudice (the new one) 8 1/2/10

It was pretty good, but a few parts confused me a little. Keira Knightley was great though.


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles 9/10

This movie was really funny! That's all I have to say really.


Beauty Shop 9/10

We had heard this was pretty good, so we rented it and we all liked it. Even my dad liked it, and he's somewhat picky about movies. Some of the jokes were hard to follow though.


Legally Blonde 10/10

I love this movie so much! A lot of people think it's stupid (it kind of is) but I think it's hilarious and Reese Witherspoon is awesome.

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Young Frankenstein


After seeing the new Producers movie in theaters, I set out to rent the original, but they didn't have it at Movie Gallery. So I picked up another Mel Brooks movie instead. I had my doubts about the movie because the cover made it look cheesey, but boy was I wrong. The movie definately had the feel of Mel's movies, and the black and white was a nice touch. 8.5/10


"Those are some big knockers."

"Oh, thank you doctor."

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Saw King Kong yesterday afternoon...


This is definitely a movie, to me, about the eyes.


It occured to me, during the third hour of this Peter Jackon love-epic, that when it comes to emotion, and catching those human emotions we call love, fear, awe, anger... even in a giant ape, this could be possible.


I am still not sure if the length of this piece was really necessary. But it was enjoyable, astounding in some spots and indeed, a really good long ride with a master of storytelling. Jackson wanted to make it longer, and altho I was wondering about a few nips and tucks here and there... well, "Titanic" was just as long, and we all knew how it ended there, hmm?


I also enjoyed finding a few little surprises here and there, a couple already known about - but fun to eventually find. Like Andy Serkis in his own role, rather than something he was acting 'for.' And Jackson himself in a swift, fast little cameo was nice, There was even a sweet quick nod to the original Darrow, Fay Wray, in one of the earlier scenes...


Won't reveal anything, as that would be mean, hmm?


It's definitely worth a look-see on the big screen. The New York setting in the early 30's is worth it alone, besides The Island and The Big Guy himself, lol.


out of five s

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I saw Ladder 49 on Friday. It was uh.. okay? I'm a sucker for sad movies, and this was no different. But I didn't feel any emotional attachment to Joqueen Phoenix. I mean, he met/fell in love with/got married in the span of four scenes.. this tells you how much they focus building relationships in this movie. It also spans 10 year but NOBODY LOOKS DIFFERENT AT ALL.


And I saw the Family Guy movie last night. Family Guy is not made to run an hour and a half, but it's still a hilarious movie. "I'm a tool. I have no friends." Classic quotes from robot Brian.

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I saw Wedding Crashers...can I have my 2hrs back please...


I also went to the theater and saw Narnia. I really enjoyed it. I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but I did. Very good story line as I have never read the books, and the movie has made me want to pick them up. I plan to buy it when it releases on DVD

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