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  1. yes it will be a pov, i just got to finish the effects.. edit: sent from my wii
  2. Well thank you SOOO much for the constructive criticsm UPDATE ________________________________________________ I did ALOT since last time, and took alot of pictures. But they're sadly old and i only got one overview pic. As you can see there's an "canyon" beside the graveyard and catherdral, and in the canyon there's an maze. A-MAZE-ING eh? -Petar
  3. A new darkride by CoasterTrax Productions. _____________________________________________________________ What's this light you've been chasing all the time? The answer is at the end. Who has someone tried to escape in the castle? and wye? it's maby a connection between this and the light Scary creature, and that's just the begining. Ever had that feeling of being watched? Who has been diging here? and what could it be under that rich grave? let's check it out alone It leads to some sort of satanic chamber, dare you continue? The grave yard so far. -Petar
  4. Oh, sorry didn't see "inverted".. As i said the "new" genaration of coasters which.. clearly is far from us. And that secound inversion is clearly unpossible to make it better on rct3. Really? i thought the X-Car was confortable
  5. Actually this was an simple side project from a park. And how did you get negative G's on a cutback!? BTW thanks for the comments so far.
  6. No, no colisions on the whole ride. And no, it's max G's is 3,92 and -1,29 and did you see the POV? It's perfectly safe.
  7. Hi again. anyone remember me? ..with my sucky rct2 parks and unbelievable bad grammar? well i'm back and this time i'm better I'm been at atari most and i've even tried to make cs.. but it really is boring. Well anyway this is my example of the new generation of coasters and i made this coaster for one special reason. The extended coaster is being overused with boring layout with inversions one after another. i only like coasters NOT so high and with a good layout (few inversions) which is conformed to the terrain. I've tried to make the difference and here it is. _____________________________________________________________ Orbit. The first inversion. An overview of the cave. The que-line Snake Falsssssssssss... Proud riders of Hang'O'ver! The airtime hill and brakes And to end with, the POV Megaupload
  8. Do you have RCT3? I think it is so much easier to create a ride on RCT3 than 2. You actualy ride it so when you see something you don't like about it you can change it. Anyway this is not a topic about what is best-RCT3 or 2. Lets get back to the point. Can we have a link to Atari forums? I do have it. I think it is hard so i dont play that dumb game you think?
  9. can you please edit your post instant post more!!
  10. are there some pacman theme for rct3? just wondering... anyone?
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