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I just got back from Bruno and frankly I thought it was awful. I disliked it more than Borat and I hated Borat. There were a few funny gay jokes here and there but that was about it. Seriously, about two or three minutes of funny in an hour and a half...not worth it in my opinion. Up made me cry it was so funny and frankly this was nowhere near as successful. 2.5/10

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Although I thought certain parts of Brüno were hilarious, I felt that overall the film didn't work as well as Borat did. In many ways it seemed he was just going for sheer shock value. This happened to be quite funny some times, but other times it bombed for me.


Mr. Cohen seems to be resorting to more obviously staged stuff, which just isn't as funny as when the people aren't in on the joke. In this respect, he might be a victim of his own success because his antics are so well known it's most likely difficult to lure in victims. In fact, that's why he had to leave Britain in the first place. He was too famous.


Also, having been following Mr. Cohen's comedy since his HBO show (I own both seasons on DVD), I'm starting to notice that he tends to wear out certain gags. The confusing one word for another trick is getting tiresome. Like confusing hummus for Hamas.

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I just got back from Bruno and frankly I thought it was awful. I disliked it more than Borat and I hated Borat. There were a few funny gay jokes here and there but that was about it. Seriously, about two or three minutes of funny in an hour and a half...not worth it in my opinion. Up made me cry it was so funny and frankly this was nowhere near as successful. 2.5/10


I'm pretty sure the movie was less about making fun of homosexuality than it was about people's perceptions of homosexuality.

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^^ Borat seemed to deal more with politics, which is something I don't really give a damn about. I loved it, but I found the humor in Bruno to be a lot more relevant to me.


Going again tomorrow night!


Embarrassing politicians is perhaps when Mr. Cohen is at his best. It's not so much about politics as it is about making public figures look bad on camera. I suppose it might be less funny if you had never heard of, say Alan Keyes, before you saw Borat.


Anyone can do staged/scripted comedy, but there is something magical, for me, about bringing in a very unwilling victim to the joke.

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^^^^I know that, but what I was saying was the only funny parts in the movie were the few gay jokes. There are gay jokes throughout the movie and those were the only jokes that actually did anything funny. The majority of the movie was just stupid, and not a good stupid like Monty Python stupid lol. I just think it failed miserably and don't even see where the movie could have potentially been funny.

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^I just saw it last night, HP6, and I agree with you. I thought they had assume cinematography and did overall a fantastic job of following the story. However, I do not agree with the corn field scene outside the burrow and nor do I think they handled the final battle scene correctly. The field I can live with but I am let down that Snape could just walk out of the castle without being touched. If anyone is on the verge of wanting to see it and not wanting to see it though, you must check it out. Definitely a fantastic movie, I give it 4/5.

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I haven't read the books or anything so I had to go off of what the movie presented. To be honest, I came out of the movie more confused than when I went in, hahaha. But really, I think it's just because I was focusing on the pure EYE CANDY of the movie! The art direction was amazing, it's definitely the most 'beautiful' movie out of all the Harry Potter movies, probably even one of the most good looking movies I've seen.


I kind of want to watch it again so i can really focus on the story this time, but yeah.. go see this movie! Even if Harry Potter doesn't interest you at all, I can see people enjoying the film for the visuals alone.

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^^ So true! I feel like they left out some very important scenes. and, IMO, they didn't do justice to Dumbledore's...incident. (Don't want to give it away lol).

and I wish they would have showed Ravenclaws tiara when hiding the Prince's book!


^ They so should have explained the horcruxes more.

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I will be seeing HP tonight and am very excited. I have loved every movie but the books started to drag after 4 IMHO. I love OOTP and POA as movies. I hear this is more light hearted so it may be a nice change of pace.


Recently I watched Patrick 1.5 at the Philly Festival and throughly enjoyed that flick.


Right now I am getting into the BBC series Survivors (intense) and am awaiting both Torchwood Children of Earth and the movie (500) Days of Summer.

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I just saw Harry Potter last night & was slightly disappointed. I was totally confused by the beginning of the film. Harry was never in a coffee shop in a train station. Also there was more random stuff like the Death Eaters attacking the Wesley's house at Christmas. It was an entertaining film but it did not resemble the book as well as I hoped it would.

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Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince



Since I haven't read any of the books, I cannot really say if people will like it. (Those people who have read the book), BUT as a movie by itself, it is worth seeing and without a doubt is my favorite Harry Potter movie.

I've heard great reviews from lots in our group who did read the books also.


I Love You, Man



Very up lifting movie with lots of funny parts. Worth watching if you like comedies.


Marley and Me



This movie is fantasic as a drama, with some funny parts in it as well. The ending is very powerful, and Owen Wilsons performence is outstanding. Great movie to watch, but bewared as the ending can be depressing.


Shawshank Redemption



Even though I've seen this movie MANY times, and I've already put it at my number one spot over a year ago. I saw it again a few days ago. This movie is truly the best movie ever made. No wonder its number one on IMDB.com http://www.imdb.com/chart/top. If you haven't watched this movie, watch it!



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HP Spoilers included


I did see HP6 last evening and it was the best of the bunch (3 was close). I loved the character development, the cinematography, almost everything. On imdb they give a list of official reasons some changes were made and they made sense.

I must say I did not enjoy books 5,6 or 7 (GOD AWFUL) but the movies have me wanting more.



Here were those reasons for some changes (SPOILERS):


Why are there so many Gryffindors in the potions class shown in the picture when in the book it was only Harry, Ron and Hermione?


Probably to give some of the less important characters, especially new characters like Katie Bell, Romilda Vane (Anna Shaffer), and Lavender Brown (Jessie Cave), more screen time.


Why is Katie Bell in the class when she is meant to be in the year above Harry, and why is Romilda Vane there when she is meant to be TWO YEARS below him?

This was most likely done so that the characters could get more time on screen. This is in addition to Neville, Seamus, Lavender, and the rest of the characters being in that class, as well.


Is it true that the fight scene at the end of the book has been cut from the film?


Yes, nearly the entire fight scene has been cut from this movie, and what hasn't been cut has been changed dramaticly from the book. In the movie none of the Death Eaters, Aurors, teachers or Dumbledore's Army actually fight. This was done because the ending of "The Deathly Hallows," the final novel, involves a very grandiose, epic battle at Hogwarts, and the filmmakers wanted to avoid the ending of this film being too similar to the ending of the final film.


Which flashbacks to Voldemort's past are featured in the movie?


It has been revealed that only two memories (three, if you count the tampered and untampered memories as separate) will be shown in the film. The first one of a young Tom Riddle learning that he is a wizard, the second being the tampered memory of Horace Slughorn, and the third being the memory Slughorn provides Harry with, which has not been tampered with. The Gaunts, Hepzibah Smith and Tom Riddle's Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching post request are all confirmed to have been omitted.


Who dies in this film?


Early in the film, Draco Malfoy's mother, Narcissa, and Aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange, meet with Snape, asking him to take the Unbreakable Vow, binding him to fulfill a task given to Draco Malfoy, if Draco is unable to do it himself. The Unbreakable Vow brings instant death to the party who fails to keep his end of the oath. It is later revealed that Draco's job is to . As expected, Draco proves unable to carry out the deed, so instead.


Why is the Burrow shown burning in the trailers?


In a new scene created for the movie, the Burrow is attacked by Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback, during the Christmas break from Hogwarts. The scene was added in because the film's middle act had no action scene otherwise and it would also show that nowhere is safe anymore. The scene also helps develop Harry and Ginny's relationship a bit more because, during the scene, Harry runs after Bellatrix and Ginny rushes to help him. Also, Lupin and Tonks are featured in this scene which establishes that they are a couple.


Has the funeral been cut?


Yes, the funeral for at the end has been cut. It was in the original drafts of the script but was eventually eliminated. When you look at it from a practical point of view, it would involve getting hundreds of people together including high profile actors (Imelda Staunton, Miranda Richardson etc) for a few seconds' screen time with no dialogue. The effects would be costly as Grawp, the centaurs and the mermaids feature prominently and not very much happens in such a costly scene. Instead the students are shown giving a tribute at the end in a very moving scene and the bit afterwards with Harry, Ron and Hermione takes place in a tower. However, it has been rumored that Deathly Hallows: Part I will open with the funeral"

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