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I just saw Harry Potter last night & was slightly disappointed. I was totally confused by the beginning of the film. Harry was never in a coffee shop in a train station. Also there was more random stuff like the Death Eaters attacking the Wesley's house at Christmas. It was an entertaining film but it did not resemble the book as well as I hoped it would.


So the movies aren't allowed to do things that weren't in the books? If so, then what's the point of even making them? I thought that both scenes worked really well in the realm of the films, which I see as totally separate from the books and allowed to make some changes like the ones in HBP.

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My favorite Harry Potter movies in order:









I don't think I could even list my top 2 or 3 favorites, let alone all of the Potter movies in order. LOL. ...Though I'm sure #4 would probably be near or at the top of my list.

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i have to say that Bruno was the most offensive piece of crap that i have ever seen. i mean come on, a talking penis? what.....the.....hell. if movies wern't so expensive, i would of gotten up and walked out of the theater. i mean, if you want to be offended and grossed out for an hour and a half, be my guest.



as far as harry potter 6 goes, i think that it was amazingly done accept


Spoiler Alert!























wtf was with the opening scene of harry being in a coffee shop in a subway station? that was never in the book. also, i dont like that they cut out the battle at the end, bill getting mauled by greyback, and dumbledore's funeral. very big parts of the book, yet missing from the movie. still gotta give it a 8/10 though

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^So you actually liked Bruno? Or is that just sarcasm? Haha.

I was thinking about going to see it tomorrow night.

It looks pretty damn funny.


On another note I just saw Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince tonight. It was good but there were a few parts I was a little disappointed with.

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^I saw it and honestly I thought it was awful. There was so much...nothing. The movie had its parts that were meant to be funny, and I chuckled a little, but the fact that most were set up and not actual situations made them less funny. And on top of that the fact that they weren't really all that funny made them even less funny lol. Honestly I thought it was one of the worst movies I've seen in a while.

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^I kind of wished it ended after the first one...lol. Honestly, the first one was creative, but then after that it went downhill and fast. By the third one it was no longer even remotely intriguing. And now a sixth and seventh. Beating a dead horse with a stick if you ask me. Although that's how they do it these days. Toy Story 2 (and probably 3), Shrek the Third, Pirates 2 and 3, Spiderman 3, Saw 2-5, Final Destination 2-whatever number they are at, and many others should all have never come into existence. It's just that the movie companies know they can continue to make tons of money off milking a series so they have no problem doing so.

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Nostalgia review time.


The Brave Little Toaster


Holy crap, this movie had so much nightmare fuel. The AC blowing up, Toaster's nightmare... Honestly 17 years or so later since I've seen this, I still don't get this movie.


The voice acting and animation is still awesome though. But damn, why so much nightmare fuel Disney?

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I saw Funny People earlier today and was way disappointed. I am a fan of Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill movies and was a big fan of Adam Sandler's earlier films so I was going into this thinking it would crack me up.


I managed a couple of laughs due to the stupidity, not the comedy.



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