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Movies, Movies, Movies.....


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Recent Movies I have seen


Bruno - Amazing, hilarious

-notes - if you went to this and then cried how offensive it was you should research a movie BEFORE you go lol nuff said.




Collector - Umm i just didn't see the point?

- It tried to be a mix of the best of Saw, Hostel, and Strangers and it kinda failed miserably. The bear trap scene was quite awesome though, I love seeing unique gore in slo-mo




HP: HBP - Very good, def. not what it is being made out to be

- The movie was funny, dark, and overall good. This movie was not (as people have called it) all love story babble, WAY off the book, or too quick and no emotion in the ***** ending that happens.




Movies I am currently looking forward to seeing.


Orphan - Creepy little girls!


Saw VI - I am a cult fan and they keep making unique gore and the endings are still kinda good people! Cept 4...


District 9 - WOW this looks like a REAL winner I am freaking Stoked


The Final Destination - I can't get enough of these cheesy pieces of crap lol, they are like crack! And 3-D!!




Alice in Wonderland - Hopefully this will capture the darker side of the book, it looks wonderful!


Tron 2.0 - WOW enough said for me i am soooooo excited and it is sooooo far away

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Just got back from Orphan, was really excited because it was supposed to have a great twist and since I am fairly good at predicting movies I love when they have twists I can't see coming!


Needless to say I guessed it about 15 minutes in, or basically after the first scene they meet Esther. The movie was good until they reveal the secret and then it turned into cliche horror crap, knives and dark houses, and flashlights etc.



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I just watched a documentary that moved me to tears, The Cove is about a town in Japan that gathers dolphins and sells the small females to aquariums and then murders the rest.



24,000 dolphins are killed per year.



The slaughter starts in September.



The Japanese government allows the hunt because they feel that dolphins are a pest, they eat too much fish. However, they don’t acknowledge that a slaughter exists. The government support this slaughter not because of money, it’s because they don’t want to be told by the west what is acceptable in there culture.



People in Japan don’t know that this takes place, and they don’t know that they are eating dolphin meat. The meat is sold as a high end whale meat (which is legal to sell in Japan). The sad part is, whale meat has about .05 parts per million of mercury, dolphin meat has about 2000 parts per million of mercury in the meat.



In the movie, the filmmakers were able to film (by trespassing, using special rocks that held cameras, etc) the slaughter. They also put an underwater microphone where you can hear the dolphins screaming when the slaughter takes place. There are quite a few powerful moments in the movie, one of which is when a baby dolphin jumps out of the water into rocks when they are slaughtering the pod, trying to escape to only be harpooned once it hit the water.




This was an excellent movie, it has been banned in Japan (hopefully some of the folks on this board can spread the word). I certainly will NEVER go to another dolphin show after watching this for if the park didnt get there dolphins from this town, it shows how stressful it is for a dolphin to live in captivity.




For more info:







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I went into G.I. Joe expecting it to be horrible, but it wasn't bad at all. I found myself giggling and rolling my eyes a lot of times at some of the corny dialogue, but the cool action scenes and special effects made up for it. It's really a great nonsense action flick. I'd give it a 7-8 out of 10.


I'm pretty stoked about District 9 tomorrow... was planning on doing the midnight release but I'm in school. Urgh.

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District 9


In yet another summer of cash-ins, disappointing sequels, etc. This film, despite being bashed by some vocal critics, is one of the deepest Sci-Fi films I've seen. Some of the best action I've seen all summer and GREAT special effects for its budget ($30 million and it somehow did just as good of a job as any Michael Baysplosions film). I highly urge everybody to see this film NOW! Best Action Film of 2009? You bet.




The only other good original films I've seen this past summer (ones that are not cash-ins or sequels) are Up and The Hangover.

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Agree with ^ and ^^. District 9 was absolutely AMAZING. Goes to show that you can make a kick *** alien movie with an equally amazing story.


See it ... NOW. Just don't go in expecting mindless action because you will be disappointed. It's got tons of awesome action, blowing people up and stuff, but the story is just amazing as well.


I was also glad that they didn't set it in NYC or LA or something. Totally new location and didn't just use the NYC "cop-out" that so many movies do **cough**Cloverfield**cough**.

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^^^and^^and^ have the same opinion as me, also give it a 9 or 9.5, it is awesome. The casting was perfect, the special effects were bad ass, and although there was a lot of action, there was also a lot more of a deep story and character development, although, Inglorious Basterds comes out next weekend and Tarantino is one of my favorite directors/writers, so I am hoping and guessing(has he ever made a bad film?) that it will be bad ass. I am also looking forward for 9 in September and Shutter Island in October.

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I saw District 9 yesterday and I thought it was INCREDIBLE. I left the theater absolutely in awe. It was a perfect combination of great action, meaningful story, and pure creativeness. Best movie of the summer for me.


I think what made it so amazing for me was the emotions it made me feel. I was disgusted at how us humans handled the whole alien situation, I felt sympathy for the father and son aliens, and I cringed/chuckled at the bodies being blown up/limbs being ripped apart. The last shot of Wikus making that metal flower for his wife... that's what really got me.


I'd write a novel on how much I enjoyed the movie, but I'll spare you the time and stop it right here. I hate to give movies 10s.. so I give District 9 a 9.9999999. It was awesome, go see it!

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