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Underrated Coasters?

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Some people have got bad comments on Coasters I like... example Xpress (Superman:The Ride) @ Walibi World, it's an outdoor RNRC, but it's verry smooth for a Vekoma and the launch is really great (Ok, I haven't done TTD or Kingda Ka) but it's has some good G's.

And the outside coaster part is good, because it's a little bit above water (and concrete) and that gives a free feeling.

Some people think the ride is a "real Vekoma"..painfull, but I think it's not, and also some people think it's boring because it's not indoors, well RNRC in Paris is better, but it's only because of the theming... that always is a + by me.



Have u got some coasters that you think of that they are underrated?


(oh yeah, i'm sorry if you have got difficulties with reading this, i'm from Holland and my English is a bit messed-up)

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So what your asking about are rides that are underrated in the sense that other people bitch about them but you like them for one reason or another?

If that's the case I'd have to go with the Hersheypark Wildcat. While it can get rough in the back, the front is a top-notch, awesome ride.

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I definitely agree with Scorpion @ BGT. A very fun ride that is really a hidden gem at a park that already has a number of good coasters.


Personally, I'd pick B:TR @ SFGAm. Still THE best B&M I've ridden. No other B&M can match the quick shot of intensity that this thing delivers.


And one other that perhaps could be underrated is Cornball Express, but only because not too many have ridden it. Better than Raven, in my opinion.

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The Bullet at Flamingo Land.


It gets very little publicity and no one pays much attention to it - but I'm sure Robb will agree with me in saying that this ride is one amazing shuttle coaster - absoloutly fabulous. I will be damned sad to see it leave FL (only 80 miles away from my house).

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i agree that blue streak is underrated. we rode it like 5 times on our tirp to cp.


also. Batman Knight Flight t gueaga lake. Well actually a lot of coasters at gueaga lake. theres never lines and they have classic rides like xflight and Superman



And i have only been there once since it is not a six flags anymore so i apoligize for not using the new names for the coasters

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exclibur at funtown usa.


as of lately many seam to have forgoton boulderdash at lake compunce and wildcat is also underrated from their.


i think many people knock silver bullet for a lack of speed i give it props for a more intresting layout and a few new elements.


also the great white at moreys piers



forgoton coasters i don't hear much about any more

volcano pkd

alpingust bgw

bbw bgw

mamba at wof

comet tge

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Magnus Colossus at Paramount's Terra Mitica. I just think that ride looks incredible with the double dip and all. I would be very skeptical riding it though, as it's made by RCCA...


Some others that I have actually ridden are:

Vortex at PKI

Racer at PKI

Mantis (without the trim its one of the best B&Ms I've done)

Canyon Blaster at Circus Cicrcus Adventuredome

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Comet at HersheyPark and Wildcat at HersheyPark


Comet-on a good day, in the back seat of the Haley's Comet train, it's an air time machine. My friend and I were out of our seats the whole ride!


Wildcat-always has been an ejector air machine. That one drop on the banked turn is the most insane ejector air ever. Because of its twisted layout, its hard to predict, and there are a few parts where you "miss" the track you thought you were headed for. Thats the best quality a wooden coaster can have.

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well this definately doesnt qualify as underrated elsewhere, i feel on this site X is way underrated!


Personally it's my favorite coaster. But i understand that many people find it too rough, I didn't even notice it.


Same goes for Goliath, but i may understand criticizisms for that ride, i have never been on any coaster that really gave GREAT airtime, so my thoughts may very well change this summer when i get around to some more parks around the US.

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