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Canada's Wonderland Discussion Thread

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say that due to UCC being involved there will be a tunnel. Does this mean dive machine? Not necessarily, the wide envelope would make interaction with the Arrow much tougher. However, that could be the engineering marvel...


Nothing is true until the park says so. Not even the name, not even utility markers.

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Was there today and saw tubular supports near Drop Tower in the construction zone.


On an unrelated note, Windseeker was closed for much of the day, at first due to technical issues, then due to high winds. I guess if they know there's high winds, they don't really need to seek them...

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On an unrelated note, Windseeker was closed for much of the day, at first due to technical issues, then due to high winds. I guess if they know there's high winds, they don't really need to seek them...


I know it seems a tad ironic, but it really is wise of the park. Guests would not be very happy riding it in high winds, due to some issues with the prototype.


On a more related note, I wasn't stating that all Intamins have any spectacularly high amount of downtime... As someone mentioned earlier, Canada's Wonderland can't afford another Windseeker disaster (if you'd call it that).

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Photo update from today (Thursday August 11):


Everything you're going to see in today's update has been posted/mentioned for the most part over the past day or two. They're still going crazy with pouring more footers and the construction site is slowly sprawling out into the employee parking area. As promised, here's some highlights:


Full gallery located at CWMania: http://www.cwmania.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=242&page=1&sort=dd


Former bus loop area in the employee parking lot.


Supports with more temporary fencing (more shipments coming soon???)


Lots more rebar cages in the employee lot.


4 footers equals one BIG square footer...


3 footers equals one BIG triangular footer...


More really big individual footers.


Construction zone spreading into the employee lot.





LOTS of footers poured and capped near Speed City Raceway.


Support columns!


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The most refreshing 4 seconds in the GTA?


Steve Russell - Staff Photographer

From The Toronto Star

August 9, 2011


If I had to compile a list of the top refreshing places to be on a hot summer day this place would rank right up there.


Think about those gum commercials where the dude in a speedo pulls up at the bus stop and gets doused!


The wave of water produced at the bridge over the drop on Timberwolf Falls at Canada's Wonderland dwarfs that wave.


Park goers are known to skip the wait for the ride and venture up the exit to the bridge directly in the path of the wall of water created when the boat hits the bottom of the big drop.


Every two minutes dozens wait on the bridge for the next wave of water.


The wave lasts about four seconds and at it zenith you literally cannot see your hand in front of you face! If you were to breath as the wave passes you would have a mouthful of water.


To bring the view from inside this tsunami, I put my camera inside an Ewa-Marine bag, a water-proof bag that keeps a camera dry. The bag is pretty cumbersome, shooting with a camera is tough. You cannot manually focus and zooming is difficult. Using the controls is tough as well as is chimping (preview my images) freely. That makes editing full of surprises.

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