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  1. The splash effects only worked for a couple weeks into the first season, then it valleyed in the splash area, and I have not seen the splash run since. as for the fire effects, they worked on and off until a few years ago when they took out the ride coming to a complete stop there and it just slows down then launches.
  2. Those trailers are big generators, Maybe a Power outage in the area and they needed to continue testing. Most places you can get those generators on site and running within an hour or two.
  3. ^Actually, when they want to quiet down a B&M they just cut a 4" round hole in the side of the track, pump it in, and close up the hole. (At least that is what CW is doing to Leviathan)
  4. I'd judge when at the park for fast lane, and plus is not necessary, as the two on plus have the fastest lines.
  5. ^They do have heaters, though they only use them in May and June, and only when they are working. When the heat is off in the summer on a cold night the water can lose a lot of heat so it is always cold in the morning.
  6. ^^ Even though Splashworks is only open for two and a half months, it draws MASSIVE crowds while it is open. Lines on warm days are always at least an hour for everything and literally no empty space in the wave pool.
  7. Minebuster at Canada's Wonderland. When the train is half empty you have to brace or the ride punches you in the stomach when it hits the final brakes. Also if you're lucky, your car stops on top of the brakes so it drops down a couple inches when the brakes release...
  8. Almost all footers are round once they are in the ground, including for B&M. The only square part usually is the topper, as it is very hard to easily make a 30 foot deep square hole, but a round one is easy See leviathan round footers
  9. Does this really only use one lifting motor and one drum for the cable? That seems quite impractical to me. Most towers have separate lifting mechanisms for each separate car, so when one breaks, the rest of the ride still works!
  10. This is almost certainly NOT for Canada's Wonderland, as if it was, it would be a Canadian trademark as well like all the other rides at wonderland Rougarou search in Canadian database
  11. ^Lines in that end of the park (Psyclone, Sledgehammer, Behemoth, Backlot) are usually fairly short until lunch time, as everybody usually first heads to Leviathan or WMG. Also, Sledgehammer does not like the heat, so often it breaks down for short periods of time in the afternoon, as it needs to cool down after a few cycles.
  12. When I was at the park, trains were leaving with empty rows cause the groupers were so slow...
  13. I imagine they didn't notice that it was the wrong orientation, and the ride didn't either
  14. ^yeah. its not hard to tell that the cars are a rectangle and therefore will not fit in the platform rotated into game orientation...
  15. Reports of another fire at Flight of Fear http://www.wlwt.com/news/fire-crews-respond-to-reports-of-fire-at-kings-island/26491584#!YZbUc
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