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Photos of Defunct Rides

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^ I sure wish that I had photos of my parents and great Aunt and Uncle from when we visited Disneyland, Bert - it was probably about the same time as that photo of your mother was taken.


How about a few CP photos?


The waterslide complex on the right is still there, but I miss the old speed slides on the left. You got crazy air on those!


The old Challenge Park mini-golf course. Here we see Michael's "tee shot" going into a hazard.


He doesn't look thrilled. lol


Space Spiral


Disaster Transport vehicle


Queue for DT


So glad that Gatekeeper replaced this - it looks like I took this photo at Conneaut Lake! lol


How about a cruise on the old Paddlewheel Excursions?


Really miss this attraction!


Here is a rider evac on Wildcat


SS at night


No longer able to get this shot


Even though this one isn't that old, I still like the angle and look...2 trains! Possibly 3 if that is one on MF's lift hill.


Good ole Demon Drop at the front entrance


DT from the SS


This parking lot view has changed a lot - and I now have way more gray hair too!


More soon!

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^ Thanks!


I just wish that I would have brought a camera and taken pics of the much older CP when I was younger, but I was like a giddy schoolgirl who didn't have time for any f%cking picture taking. I wanted rides and coasters...as many as I could possibly cram into one day!


As I ponder excuses, cameras weren't as easy to carry around back in the day either. So there you have it, folks - that's why I don't have many older photos.

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^ Thanks for posting!


I also have a several photos of rides that haven't been closed for that long, but in a few years most people won't have even heard of a lot of these rides/coasters.


Speaking of Knotts Boomerang...


Windseeker before relocation to WoF


And lastly from Knotts - Perilous Plunge

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Shockwave is only incidentally in this photo (as I305 is clearly the focal point) however I'd love to contribute to a thread that deserves more posts. I love seeing old photos of rides long (or recently) gone!


Taken in 2015, just a few short months before Shockwaves last rides.




Here's a rare view for ya, Stinger (While it's not demolished yet, it's in the process, so I'm counting it) from the top of Demon Drop (the ride was not operating at the time, this was taken during startup procedure when I worked on it)



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Phil, thanks for bringing this thread back from the dead. It's very entertaining.


The old Challenge Park mini-golf course. Here we see Michael's "tee shot" going into a hazard.


He doesn't look thrilled. lol


Also, awesome action shot, since you can actually see the ball inches away from failure. haha

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^^^ Great shot from Demon Drop - definitely a one of a kind photo!


^^ I used to love those old Rotor rides - thanks for sharing!


^ Yeah, I love that photo too, Zach - Michael's body language says it all. He would do the same slump on the golf course when he would duff his shot.



That would be great if one of the mods could purge the original post(s) because I felt a little awkward about posting it here, because it sounded like the OP wanted the photos for a pay site or something? (I didn't click on any of the links)


I wanted to make a new thread, but at the same time, didn't want to have someone point out that we already had a similar topic & for not using the search function (I am getting better with using it, see?).




Anywho...how about a Friday SFMM update?


This obviously isn't very old either, and while I love the idea of the RMC makeover, this was a beautiful coaster to admire architecturally.


I love Michael's Vacation reference on this one!


Two coasters no longer at SFMM.


I rather enjoyed Deja-Vu, but yeah...the down time. I was thankful to have gotten on it during ERT at WCB and was able to snag a front row ride at night without a wait. Thanks TPR - that was an awesome day (remember the sleet storm?)!


Glad to see it's much more reliable in it's new home. lol


We never rode Psyclone - mainly because I had read on here about how it was one of the worst coasters in existence before it's demolition to pave the way for Terminator/Apocalypse.


Now I almost wish that we would have ridden it at least once to see if it really was that craptacular.


The old Freefall by Riddler's Revenge. I never got on this one either as I believe that it was down the day we were there and gone the next time we visited.


Thanks for reading - next stop Geauga Lake!

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After commenting on WCB, I went looking for those photos, but couldn't find them on my computer - anywhere. After we checked Michael's computer, I am happy to say that we have located them. YAAAAAYYYY!


Bonus Deja-Vu photos during the TPR construction tour of Terminator!


It was our first event with TPR...and it was awesome! I think that I still have the souvenir "hunk of unused wood used to build Terminatahhhh" lol


Then it started sleeting - that was pretty wild. I think that we brought our shitty NY weather with us as the day was quite chilly.


Actually this looks more like graupel than sleet - the more you know.


I think that this is gone now.


Google just told me that it was replaced with Road Runner Express.


Score on another dead ride!


Not dead, defunct, or replaced.


But he has since relocated from CA to FL.


Hey Robb!


I believe that this is where YOLO now resides.


Too bad that we never got a chance to ride it, but it was freezing that day. Just like our recent BGT trip in the cold, no one was bold enough to ride.


I think that's it from SFMM - cheers!

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While I can't take credit for some of these pics, these are rides I miss at SFMM. I actually loved the Galaxi.


The rest are scans I made from a very old souvenir book. Crazy Barrels, anyone? Circus Wheel? El Bumpo? Eagle's Flight? Swiss Twist? Metro? Spin Out? Mountain Express? Dragon? And I still miss the Swiss Twist.


Trivia: while the lower Dragon station still sits unused (and I've always thought a flat ride, possibly a scambler, would be a great fit in there... even a teacups-style ride), many of you know the upper Dragon station is now used for the loading station for Ninja. But did you realize the rotating loading platform is still there, just under your feet? Next time you take the stairs down, note the unusual arc on the floor... that's it! You can also spot remnants of the track as you acend the top of the final lift hill, just off to your left.
















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^ What I loved about The Galaxy, at the time we were there in Sept.1975, was that I would soon be riding the

triple armed one at Mariott's Great America a little later on! Good times. Loved those wheels.


And the awesome Mountain Express, too! Thanks for the great share of the pamphlet/flyer.


The Group Shot in one of the "Barrels" is nice, too.

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Der Spinnen Keggers... triple rotation plus a tilt, what a ride! Not sure a better whirl-n-hurl was ever produced... Thanks all for the great pics, wish I had some to contribute but like others, I was always focused on the rides and not on pics...

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This thread is awesome. I liked the pictures of Deja Vu. I was lucky enough to ride Deja Vu several times during a few visits to SFGam, which I understand is a rare treat. I must have been lucky. I always thought it was an incredibly intimidating looking coaster in a good looking way. The vibrant colors really popped. It was fun to watch and fun to ride. I was bummed out when it was removed. I'm not sure which I would pick to have between Deja Vu and X-Flight.

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^ What I loved about The Galaxy, at the time we were there in Sept.1975, was that I would soon be riding the

triple armed one at Mariott's Great America a little later on! Good times. Loved those wheels.


And the awesome Mountain Express, too! Thanks for the great share of the pamphlet/flyer.


The Group Shot in one of the "Barrels" is nice, too.


Lucky you, Bill...I would have loved to have ridden one of those types of ferris wheels!


Is there any park in the US that has anything like that anymore? Why did parks remove all of these as I know that Hershey and KI used to have something similar?


Were they really unreliable or unsafe?




Anyone up for some Geauga Lake?


Anyone here that used to frequent the park a lot? Better grab your hankies then...


These were taken the last year that the park was in operation in '07. They had already removed several rides and coasters (and plenty were closed), so I knew that after reading a lot of stuff on here, unfortunately the end was near.


I admit guilt in that we were a Cedar Point family through and through and I only went to this park twice in my life....and unfortunately never got to the park when it was owned by SF...and never went to Sea World. If I could turn back time, I would have gone to this park much more than I did, because I really liked the layout and variety.


Knowing that this was likely my last chance to get to the park, one summer Saturday morning in August, I grabbed my camera, hit the road for Aurora and spent an afternoon in the park just walking around with a couple of cold beers - riding some rides/coasters and just taking it all in...for one last time.


Welcome to a great amusement/theme/water park that unfortunately just couldn't quite keep up with the big boy park less than an hour away. I had a bad feeling that it was living on borrowed time - and it was.


Villian - a hybrid wood with steel structure.


This was no RMC folks....nope, definitely not an RMC


A real beaut to look at though.


Dominator (or the Dark Knight during the SF days) doing it's thing. Really liked the location over the lake.


Couldn't sneak one last ride on Raging Wolf Bobs. I had ridden it years before and recall it being fairly unremarkable. Others had claimed that it gotten brutally rough,so I really wasn't really butt hurt that I didn't get to ride.


Actually my butt probably would have hurt much worse had I ridden. lol


Heading over to Wildwater Kingdom on a thin path around the lake there were several flat rides plopped down


Let's go a have a quick look at the (now closed) Wildwater Kingdom water park...


Slide tower - check.


Pro-Slide Tornado - love these, but didn't love the looks of that line.


This is likely why CF kept this park breathing for a while. The ride side was dead, but look at this mass of people - holy sheet!


No thanks - back to the ride side for me.


It was about 90 degrees out and I had lugged a duffel bag with swim trunks and a towel hoping to get some slides in. After seeing this, I hauled my ass all the way back to the GL parking lot, dropped off my bag and went back into the park. Lost about an hour and a half of time making that brutally long, hot walk.


Kiddy credit for the whores.


Such a great ride - no matter which park it's at. Although the setting here was much better.


Can't recall if this was relocated somewhere?


I like the crooked houses in the background. The park really did have some semblance of theming - likely from when SF owned it.


I recall the Boomerang kicking my ass. This went to Carowinds and got gussied up with the new restraints, no?


The Sky Cabin wasn't open for some good aerial pics, unfortunately.


This was the old water park when Sea World owned the other side of the lake where Wildwater Kingdom resided.


I took a spin on El Dorado - fun ride. Too bad it didn't last very long after its relocation to KD. It was very unique and I thought that it fit into the area where Hypersonic was quite well.


As much as we made fun of Teh Big Dipper, it really was unfortunate that Prince Desmond couldn't save it. I had one of the most air-time filled rides in the front seat on this than I have ever had on a coaster not named El Toro or Phoenix.


I shit you not!


They had the old buzz-bars on here so I was flying out of my seat at the top of every hill - I mean literally from one side of the seat to the other! This was seriously the best coaster ride of the day for me.


Bigger doesn't always mean better in the world of coasters!


The SLC was definitely up there with the boomerang as the worst coaster at the park.


It was refreshing to go to Michigan's Adventure and try it again and have it turn out to be quite smooth and enjoyable.


Like Dominator - its placement over what had turned into Malaria Lake was still pretty awesome.


One last shot of Villain through the trees. A shame that it was so painful, but at that point, I think that CF was just going through the motions with this park till the season ended as most of the coasters not named Teh Big Dipper or Dominator were brutally rough.


The park officially closed on my 36th birthday.


RIP Geauga Lake - you are missed by many, but thank you for the great fun that you provided to millions of families from 1887-2007!


Hope you enjoyed!

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Anyone up for some Geauga Lake?


Loved the Geauga Lake photos!! It's one of those "Oh crap, I totally forgot about that park" parks!




Also, I couldn't help but to read this:


... If I could turn back time...


in Cher's voice.



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Some more Defunct Rides


Tidal Wave a Busch Gardens Tampa


Timber Tower - Dollywood


Sponge Bob 3-D - Kings Dominion 2011


Pilgrims Plunge - Holiday World


The Crypt / Tomb Raider The Ride - Kings Island 2011


Son of Beast - Kings Island


Paddle Wheel Excursion - Cedar Point


Demon Drop - Cedar Point

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