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Photos of Defunct Rides

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any photos of rides that are now defunct from parks in the list below. It doesn't matter if they were recently removed rides or rides removed WAYYY back (which are highly highly encouraged!) If I get credit (on an individual basis) I would like to use the photos for my site which is in my signature.





Morey's Piers

Casino Pier

William's Grove

Lakemont Park


For Other Users

Manteca Waterslides

Windjammer (KBF)


I might add more parks to the site as time goes on. Please and thank you!

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Dude, that's the nicest and most purposeful free site I've ever seen.


If you want to add Bell's (Tulsa, OK) to the list, I've got some photos of several rides that won't make it to the new park. Bell's is kinda off from the other parks on the list though.


Thanks, I'm just not ready to pay for a site at the moment, also I don't have a credit card. For now I'm doing parks that I've been to but after I finish up with those I'll start on other parks, but I'm not sure how yet.. If I'm going to do something like the other parks in Pennsylvania or do a poll or something like that. I'll figure out when the time comes, I guess.

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Sorry for totally bumping this dead board, but this is Le Serpent Mascara on the account I mainly use. I don't get on TPR much and never noticed these posts. Thanks for the pictures Little Coaster Girl, are they yours? The only reason I'm asking is that I have to get permission from whoevers they are if they aren't yours.



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I actually have a picture from the Skyride at Six Flags Over Texas,

I know it's not on your list but if you ever need it just to let you know I have old pics from Six Flags Over Texas.


Can I have some? I really want some older pics from my home park!

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Happy off-season (at least in the North) TPR!


I found this old thread buried and thought that the premise sounded like a cool idea that never really took off. Why not try to revive it?


This weekend, I went through tons of my folders and hand-picked photos of rides and parks that are now gone/scrapped, have been transformed into something else or were relocated.


I admit that these are going to be random, but I encourage any of you that have old coaster, ride and park photos to feel free to add them here. Please only use your own versus hand-plucking them from Google Images.


Perhaps we could rename the thread so it can incorporate not only defunct rides, but defunct parks, relocated rides, and re-branded/re-themed rides or coasters?


You will probably notice some captions in some of the photos - that was my partner Michael being anal and posting historical information so that he could remember which coasters/rides that he had ridden. I'm glad that he did this in looking back now!


Let's get started and see where this goes!


Let's start at Thorpe Park with Slammer - a fairly recent ride closing/removal. I never rode the Sky Swatter at SFNE as it was closed the day we were there and then it was already removed the next time we visited. Not surprising though because I remember that these used to have a lot of down time, so I was glad that I at least rode one once.


I remember this being exhilarating, but it was almost too much upside down for my tastes.


Busch Garden's Python...or as Michael labeled it: "Michael's Sheikra" LOL


Python was actually the first coaster that Michael ever rode with me. This one started it all for he and I as coaster enthusiasts, so it will always hold a special place in my heart - despite that it wasn't all that great of a coaster.


Removed and scrapped in 2006. Jungala now occupies this space.


How about some Rhino Rally?


I thought it was a fun little adventure, but I have no problem with trading this for Cheetah Hunt!


The demolished bridge I believe is now incorporated into Cheetah Hunt...no?


Your adventure awaits!


Skyrider at CW - removed in 2014.


Ranger at Darien Lake - also removed in 2014.


UFO at Darien Lake - removed and replaced with Rolling Thunder in 2015.


And no...I don't have any f%cking 'Cuda Falls photos. lol


More to come soon!

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Here are a few more...


Big Bad Wolf!


Still miss that drop although I like that Verbolten incorporates pretty much the same one.


There were some pretty crazy G's being pulled here.


Michael's only experience with a BBW. lol


Shock Wave at KD


A true classic, but like the replacement better


CP, SFMM, Geauga Lake and other parks coming soon!

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^ Thanks - I actually have a photo of when they had the dolphin show, but it's so old that I would need to copy/scan it to my computer.


I thought that I had more photos of my trip to Busch Gardens Tampa when I was a kid, but I only had a few animal pics and the only ride that I had a photo of was Phoenix - which is obviously still there.

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