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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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Best April fools joke ever! I cant believe the last month has all been a big build up. I was going to follow this thing reguardless of what route you took, but that was a pretty cool psyche out. (unless THIS was the joke)

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OMFG this is the best trick I have ever seen. You are pure evil. LOL I am so happy and excited although I really like bikini bottom. Have you been planning this the whole time. You are like an evil genius.






The OMG your evil but brilliant Ghost

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The waterpark saw its first day of soft-opening today!



The people there mostly consisted of executives' families getting the first trial run.



I heard a mostly positive response from the few people there.



Check back soon for more!

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I think you crushed a lot of hopes, I find it funny as I was about to post about that lens flare thing, not about the dream, but I noticed it wasn't used before. To my best knowledge at least. Cool joke, and nice update.

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Oh okay I get it. Well because you just crushed my hopes, I'm NEVER looking at any of your threads again!!!








(April Fools!) How did that feel?

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The new road that separates the hotel from the parking lot is now open!



The path towards Bikini Bottom is now open.



Here's the ominous climb towards Rock Bottom Falls.



Check back soon for more!




I need to know if anybody would be interested in a "Restaurant Contest". I have divided up a plot of land in the park into four small blocks, and I'm looking for a restaurant to go into each block. (T.G.I. Friday's, Hard Rock Cafe, Outback, Rainforest Cafe)


You would be able to submit a design for the restaurant but here's the catch, you will only be allowed to use certain custom scenery. There will be several widely-used packs included (most of shyguy's) but it will be somewhat limited.


Post if you're interested and I'll get started putting stuff together.

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The "Design a Restaurant" Contest


Here's your chance to get some of your work into Hershey Hawaii!


Design one of four restaurants to fit into a plot of land:



Here are the plot sizes:


Hard Rock Cafe



Rainforest Cafe



Outback Steakhouse



T.G.I. Friday's




- The building can be entered by a building file or on a blanks park.

- You may enter one design for each restaurant.

- Interiors are suggested but are not required.

- If you use billboards, you must include them with your entry.



Shyguy's Mainstreet Sets 1 and 3

Shyguy's Alpine Sets 1, 2, and 3

Shyguy's Circus Center Set 1

Shyguy's Expo 3000 Set

Vodhin's Girders n Glass Set

Vodhin's Vermont Set

Vodhin's Lighting Set

MNM Leftoverz

DRP Lightz

NYR Stucco Roof


Vodhin's Cafe Kit - Iron Work ONLY

JCat's Dark Ride



EMAIL ENTRIES TO: coaster101info [a] yahoo.com


ENTRIES DUE BY: April 30th


Good luck! I will choose the one I feel fits best.

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What type of scenery are you using for the Nick Hotel? I've been building a Nickelodeon park in RCT3 and The buildings used in front of the hotel fit better than the ones i'm using. Also, could you post a link to the Nick images you used? I can't find the right pics to fit like that. Thanks!

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The zoo is coming along quite nicely.



The facade for the lion/tiger show has been altered. Looks better now, I think.



Hippos will be swimming here in the future.



Whoa, looks like they're already here!



The zoo is using some saved trees from Hawaiian Escape.



The zoo is going to have a Latin-American-themed entrance building.



Check back soon for more!

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