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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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HONOLULU - Ground is about to break on Hawaii's first themepark, Hawaiian Escape. Local entrepreneurs Ron Hardin has poured over 5 million dollars into the project.


"I want to give Hawaii something other than sandy beaches," Hardin commented, "and this is the kind of tourist attraction the state needs."


The park's centerpiece will be a massive man-made volcano that will erupt at random times during the day.


Hawaii has practically been without a themepark for years. Hardin and the park board of officials plan now for only a dry park, but hope to expand into a water park down the road.


"Our number one obstacle is going to be space; we were forced to buy gridlocked land, but we plan to work with that."


The park hopes to eventually add a parking garage to save yet even more space.


Hardin told us he plans three rollercoasters for the grandopening, one being a used.


Ground-breaking has already taken place, but real progress will not be seen until March 1st.

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posting this early since Seaworld is running a bit behindUpdate

Year 1


Hey, your resident Hawaiian Escape fan here. How's it goin? I'm gonna be bringing you all the news and stuff on this new park, even though I might be arrested for trespassing in the process...


Construction on the park began about 2 years ago.


The park is actually pretty small, with streets on all but one side. They're going to have to be creative to pack the rides in this park.


A massive man-made volcano was constructed recently.


Work on the parking lot also began early.


Schwarzkopf track was also spotted... by me.


Work was moving slowly in the beginning.


But it took off late last year. Pieces of the park began to come together.


The Schwarzkopf was constructed quickly.


More construction reports later,

- John

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Announcement: I have decided to put Seaworld Hawaii on hold until late April due to the fact I think three Hawaiian-themed parks would get repetitive. So expect the park late April 2007.



Year 1


The main sign was added about 7 months ago.


But there was a problem - only this portion of the park was complete.


They were behind schedule.


They added a chair swings ride.


They also hauled in an Intamin Gyro Tower.


It's 20 stories tall.


Next time we go to the present.

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Year 1


I just got back from the park, alot has happened.


Hundreds of trees have been planted. It seemed like 10 more were planted before I left.


Looks to me like a standard size shoot-the-chutes.


Alot has happened over the month that I didn't go by the park, like this Vekoma Mine Train was added.


Looks compact.


Grand finale of the ride.


I'm guessing this is a restaurant or something.


They've got a junkyard going on behind it.


An SLC was also added to the front of the park.



More construction next time,

- John

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Year 1


Work just concluded on a miniature rapids ride.


Still alot of work left.


I can't believe they wasted all that room on a giant frisbee. They could've easily fit 2 or even 3 rides in that footprint.


Work is underway on a kiddy dino ride.


Plaza area near the mine train.


Skyline shot


Another cool shot.


Exit ramp from the mine train.


Sillhoutte shot.


Waste of Space shot


Train station


Just a few weeks until the park opens! Let's hope they finish in time,

- John

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Year One


The Dolphina show recently started rehearsals. Now that Seaworld is coming, I'm not sure how long this show will last.


Several new rides were constructed just within the last week.


Alot of asphalt has been laid.


The trees look like they've been here for years.


More trees


I'm surprised - almost every ride queue at the park is covered. Interesting...


I'm not sure if this counts as covered, though.


The grand finale to this update: TREES.

The park should open within the next few weeks.

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^ Vermont Pack (I think)



Year 1


Work is nearing completion on the park.


I think it looks great.


Even the waste of space doesn't look half bad.


This will probably turn out to be a signature shot or something.


Tree... Tree... Octopus.


This ride has been named: The Falls


The SLC has been named: Riptide


And the ride that should've been named riptide was named: SeaStar.


Park Overview


One of the several eateries placed throughout the park.


Random building.


Cool shot of the volcano


The park should be opening any day now.

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The day you've been waiting for is here.


The park is ready.


A view of Viper from across "The Bay".


The parking lot was packed!


The park nearly ran out of day passes.


People were still pouring in at 5.


The park added Phoenix, a condor-like ride.


Looks cool.


The park at dusk.


Viper's turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment, it hasn't drawn alot of crowds... and it was very rough.


Maybe the ride will pick up.


Wait, what's this?

More soon.

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Year 1


Riptide has been getting alot of "enthusiast" talk lately.

Word on the street is that something is wrong with it. But it is being allowed to operate since it has been inspected.


The park has made it clear that both Riptide (SLC) and Viper (Schwarzkopf) are only temporary attractions to bring in the crowds while they get on their feet.


Viper has been performing poorly for the past few months of operation.


People aren't drawn to it.


It is in the back of the park unlike Riptide.


It's still a nice ride, though.


Waste of Space: The Ride (Delusion) was declared the most popular ride at the park.




Next Update: 2 RIDES CLOSE!

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Year 1 - Announcement for Year 2


HAWAIIAN ESCAPE - The park announced today that two rides will be closing for the Year Two season. These two rides, Viper and Riptide, are the two headliner attractions at the park. This leaves only Mine Mountain as the only major rollercoaster at the park.


Park Manager Ron Smith said that a new attraction is on the way for the Year Three season. When asked if the SLC (Riptide) was closing due to mechanical issues, he replied: "Riptide was flawed. Plain and simple. However, it was due to be taken out within the next few years for another planned attraction."


The SLC is under investigation by an agency pending a possible lawsuit by the park. The coaster will likely remain intact for the Year Two season.


Viper is currently being deconstructed and will be sold for scrap metal. The ride had been placed up for sale but a buyer was not found.


The entrance to Riptide has been boarded up.


So has Viper's entrance.


Viper deconstruction...


What a shame....


Deconstruction has been quick.


Notice, the station is still there.


There's alot of land back there.


Well Year One was a success! The park had a huge profit, and are expanding with a new coaster for the Year 3 season!

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