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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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- Last 5 Updates -


It's time to bring this project to an end. It's been going for well over a year and it's quickly losing its steam. So after the last update is posted, I will place this on "hiatus until further notice". I might bring it back every once in a while for a quick update but other than that it will officially be completed. However, I will not be offering a download for the Hershey Hawaii Resort. I feel that I took alot of shortcuts during this phase and it's not really worthy of a download.






Rainforest Cafe is now open!



The building might seem small but it really opens up inside!



The hotel seems to be constantly booked. You need to reserve your room about 1 year in advance to stay here.



The entrance to the zoo looks about the same.



Rainforest Cafe at night.



The volcano adds a nice touch.



Hopefully they'll add some more lights to the sign.






T.G.I. Fridays



Check back soon for more!

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The slide complex at the Bikini Bottom Waterpark



The waterpark is very popular at night.



You gotta walk to get to the top, though!



Take a look at all of the Spongebob stuff!



The ominous Rock Bottom Falls looms in the distance.



Hershey Hawaii Resort






The station is very small.



The parking lot isn't as crowded as it ususually is!



Check back soon for more!

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On to the zoo!



What a shot to look at...



Overview of the zoo



It's never too crowded in the morning.



It's a good-sized zoo.



Wouldn't be a zoo without animals!



The zebras are my favorite.



People are always on the go at this resort...



Zoo still isn't crowded, though!



Check back soon for more!

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Hello again! We'll say I'm talking to you through my friend.


Hawaiian Escape opened over 60 years ago as a small themepark on this big island in the sea. Over time it grew and grew and was eventually purchased by Hershey Entertainement. The park underwent a transformation from local ownership to corporate ownership. However, the park kept its original feeling to it.


As the decades passed by, rides came and went. It seemed as if Hershey was using a rotation program on the rides in the park. Eventually the park became a part of the Hershey Hawaii Resort with the addition of a massive hotel.


The park experienced a "low" from Years 31 - 36 after the failure which was Peregrine. But the park made a speedy comeback for Year 37 with the addition of a smaller but forceful SolarFlare which proved to be popular with the guests.


More and more changes ocurred. The park celebrated it's Year 50 celebration for three years with the arrival of three new major attractions. The park was the home of the premier to the CD5Productions' movie, Hotel Hellvetica.


But as the seasons went on, it became obvious that the park had passed its "hey-day". With attendance levels down with no new major attractions, Hershey decided it was time for something different.


Hawaii has never been the same since.


Thanks for being with me as I've watched this place transform over the decades.


- Your fellow Hawaiian Escape fan


Speaking out of character here... I want to take this time to thank everybody who has replied to this thread. When I began making this park, I had no intentions of it lasting for 16 months as it has done. Like I've said before, it was originally going to end at Year 10.


I never got bored with this park until I actually removed it and began work on the zoo. But unfortunately, I have the philosophy of stopping something before it runs into the ground. I think I might have let the park go a bit too long but nevertheless I enjoyed every minute of it.


I know several of you have been asking "what next"? Well, I'm going to be focusing on Katrina and Kingdom de Espana for the time being. I do have two projects in the works:


- Orleans Boardwalk


- 2 is coming (I'll let you guess on that one)


But right now it will be nice to have only two projects to work on.


As of right now, I do not intend on any more updates for Hershey Hawaii. Down the road I might come back every once in a while for a "special edition" update, but nothing regularly.


And now, I present the final Hershey Hawaii update.







GardenRunner is preparing for another day!



Bikini Bottom waterpark was busy today.



Rockbottom Falls usually has a longer line!



It's funny - I don't think there's ever been a sea turtle featured on the show.



The slide complex blends into the wall.



People heading towards the zoo.



Outback does great business here.



...as does Friday's



The day comes to a rainy close...



Yet the volcano still looks great.



Thanks for reading. Who know's what tomorrow will hold for this place.

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Well, let me be the first to tell you thanks, for sharing with us one of, if not the best project ever to come upon TPR. Though many may attempt to do better, nothing can come close to HHE.


This project is something that will be remembered by all of us. When we see your posts, the only thing we will see is, "Hey, he's the guy who built Hawaiian Escape!"


The park started beautiful, and ended that way. I never once got bored with the updates, and have checked the thread daily.


Thanks again, and I can't wait to see your future projects (including...HH2?)!

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Its been great following one of the best RCT parks ever made. I love Espania and cannot wait for Katrina and any other park you arte working on in the future.


Its a park right, I mean I love your movies but they are not as impressive as your parks,


Thanks for the ride and the best park I have ever seen


The Ghost

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  • 2 months later...

That's right, I'm back with Hershey's Hawaiian Escape. But Coasterdude5, the park is over!!1! I saw the park be torn down piece by piece! Yes, you did. But what you didn't see was Years 31 through 36. So we're going to take a trip back to a time period decades ago when the park was going through a difficult time. A time before Solar Flare, a time before Flyuira. You're going to see the things you never saw, the things you never heard about. These... are the Hershey's Hawaiian Escape Lost Years.



Year 31


It's always nice to have the waterfall greet you as you enter the park.


The park's newest coaster, Peregrine, is awaiting me!


At this time of day, it's rare to see anybody in the back of the park.


The ride is very... yellow.


Zhambia Sidewinder got a bit redder over the off-season.


It still looks like an impressive ride.


Oronga is still as large as it was last season!


Triple loop! Anybody know what this is a homage to?


Side view of the volcano!


Tidal Wave sticks out over the entrance plaza.


Kaena Point Falls


More soon.

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(Those are tears of joy! lol)


HHE was truly the greatest RCT3 park I have ever seen...but I must admit, I think that was a time when the park was at it's worst.


That giant, yellow, dive-machine (along with Oronga) were just too big for the park. They didn't fit in.


I did hate the day when Tidal Wave left, though; it was a great invert!

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Peregrine was actually unique in it's own way, but if it were a Stand-Up Dive Machine, maybe here is the layout.



-Vertical Loop

-Immelmann replacing Dive loop

-Dive Loop replacing immelmann



-Splash Down replacing Inclined Loop

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Year 32


Aloha and welcome to another year at Hershey's Hawaiian Escape!


One of the best kiddie rides at the park is the Dino Ride.


Alot of insiders are saying this will be Peregrine's last year. That'll be a short run!


Tantalus stands tall over this area of the park.


I love the early season - nobody's here! I got several rides on Tidal Wave today.


Climbing the lifthill is provides a great view.


The longest line in the park was for the Kissing Tower!


Always a great shot...


Red Zone had a good number of riders in line today.


It's still a very rough ride.


Good shot of Tidal Wave from the bridge.




I hope this ride doesn't close...

More soon.

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Wow. That's all I can say. I'm speechless at the time, dedication and ingenuity you've put into all of this. I just starting reading this from page1 today. It took me 11 hours but I got through the whole thing. This was truly the best RCT3 park ever created (and I usually don't like RCT3 parks).


YOu have a great imagination and great thought into how to make these parks seem real. Mega kudos to you. I'll definatley look out for more parks from you.

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Year 32


Aloha! Year 32 is still going strong here at Hershey's Hawaiian Escape!


The train passes under Peregrine's station.


There was a good crowd riding it today.


Here's Phoenix - all by itself in the "lonely" corner of the park. Maybe someday there will be some more rides back here.


It looks like a flying coaster would fit well back here!


Skyline shot!


Tantalus is still giving powerful but smooth rides.


Up the lift hill...


Up another lift hill!


More soon.




HHE history story: In May of 2007, I thought I had finished Hershey's Hawaiian Escape at Year 20-something. The last attraction to be built was a "giga-impulse" (300 feet tall). Needless to say, it wasn't well-received with my "previewers", so I took a break and then finished the park with Peregrine. But after Peregrine, I went ahead and built a coaster that would have been the first coaster when the park returned in September of 2007. It was a B&M flyer situated around Phoenix. It was dark purple and had black supports; it featured a pretzel loop and several flyovers. But when my computer crashed in June of 2007, it was lost. Who knows what would have happened if that coaster had stayed... Maybe it would have been good, maybe it wouldn't have... I know one thing - FlyUira never would have existed!

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Cool history bit!


So Peregrine was well-received with your "previewers", but the impulse coaster was not?


Also, when was the Intamin Halfpipe added? That was one of my favorite additions...

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