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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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I, too, read this whole post back in July, all 119 pages of it. It was like a novel the way there was suspense and such! And towards the end when he faked us out with the "returning... oh never mind it's just a dream" bit, OH that got me mad! haha, but anyway, I am really excited and this guy is my inspiration for my parks, it's great to have him back!

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Hello again! The Volcanic Venues & Suites portion of the new Hershey Hawaii resort is progressing smoothly. Parts of the indoor themepark and shopping mall are still being converted from the former waterpark which once stood in its place.


Brand new LCD video screens will grace the inside of the "Venue" side of the Volcanic.


This entrance will connect the indoor theme park and shopping mall with the hotel. As guests enter, they will first notice this family coaster that has been a part of Hershey Hawaii ever since its opening as Hawaiian Escape.


Looking down the elevator shaft that will transport guests from the lower level of the indoor themepark and shopping mall to the upper level viewing area.

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Hershey leaves Hawaii


After a stay in Hawaii for over 60 years, the Hershey company announced plans today to sell its land in Honolulu to the newly-formed Honolulu Biowerks Foundation.


The plot of land was originally developed as Hawaiian Escape, an amusement park owned by a local business owner. After four years, the now-defunct Hershey Entertainment company purchased the park and changed its name to Hershey's Hawaiian Escape.


For over 50 years, Hershey's Hawaiian Escape was continously ranked among the top tourist destinations in the state, despite it being located in a primarily industrial district. A hotel resort and waterpark, along with countless other new attractions, were added to the park during its half a century stay.


After the park's fifty-fifth season, Hershey announced plans to close the amusement park and to seel the hotel resort and open a zoo on a portion of the land.


Last year, Hershey announced plans to close the zoo, buy back the hotel resort, and to add an indoor amusement park and retail center, dubbing the entire project 'Hershey Hawaii'.


However, the Honolulu Biowerks Foundation approached the company earlier this month with an offer that Hershey "could not refuse," according to a Hershey spokesperson. HBF will pay for the clearing of the land, except for the onsite hotel resort, which will be converted into a children's hospital.


HBF plans to redevelop the land as a biomedical research facility. A large part of the land will be utilized as green space as part of the foundation's goal of a cleaner and healthier state.



The biomedical research facility will occupy nearly 30% of the land, with nearly 55% of the land being dedicated to green space.



The hotel resort will be converted into a children's research hospital within the next five years.




I think many of you can guess that I took on way too much with the indoor amusement park concept. While it would have been an executable project maybe 2 or 3 years ago, I simply no longer have the amount of free time that would be needed for something of this size.


Since I'm sure none of you are interested in seeing the progress of a biomedical research facility, I see this is as realistic yet prompt way out.


I've been attempting to bring this project back several times (as referenced in Beyond Pixelation) but due to a lack of free time, I think this is a good time to let this one go (for good).


I appreciate all the support this project has gotten over the years!

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A biomedical facility and hospital in RCT3 actually sounds interesting. Definitely something cool and unique, since its never been done before.


Oh well, the project was fun while it lasted.


Perhaps in the future, when the Hawaii's a bit cleaner we can see what a hospital/research facility in RCT really looks like.

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6 Hours of reading. Wow.


After reading your other thread about Charleston Gardens, I had to read this one. It's pure. It's amazing.

Through the ups and downs, it's flawless. You are an amazing storyteller and I salute you


I thank you for the beauty and excellence of this project. I'm left amazed

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