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Hershey Hawaii [RCT3]

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Several trees are being planted in the zoo, so it should provide ample shade during the hot summer months.



The volcano offers as a good reference point to the former amusement park. The lake in front of it is what once was Grande Bay Lake.



The Grizzlies have arrived!



A new refreshmant building has been constructed.






Overview of the ride area.



I jumped over to the waterpark for a quick run through the waterpark. (locals get a special entry discount)


Check back soon for more!

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The "vent pools" at the waterpark are very relaxing.



The slide complex usually has the longest lines.



Rock Bottom Falls






T.G.I. Friday's is a huge hit, but I have to wonder - will their success continue when Hard Rock, Outback, and Rainforest Cafe all open?



Check back soon for more!

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Outback has opened!



Now T.G.I. Friday's and Outback are both open. Construction is about to begin on Rainforest Cafe. I've been told it will have a somewhat different look than some of the restaurants due to the space constraint.


There hasn't been much talk about Hard Rock Cafe. I heard they were pushing to keep their original location in the park but Hershey officials wouldn't allow them to stay. They're supposedly in no rush to re-open...


Check back soon for more!

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I saw this press release on Hershey Hawaii's website today:


HERSHEY HAWAII - Hard Rock Cafe has withdrawn plans for a restaurant in the Hershey Hawaii resort.


"We needed a larger plot of land for the design we are wanting to build in Hawaii," said a Hard Rock Cafe official on Friday, "We are very sorry that we could not continue our relationship with Hershey as the resort has provided us with much business over the years."


The area has been without a Hard Rock Cafe since Hershey's Hawaiian Escape, where the original restaurant was located, closed three years ago.


Hard Rock Cafe is looking to add the restaurant to another nearby location.


Hershey has not yet revealed what if anything will be built in place of Hard Rock Cafe.

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