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  1. I've always loved Viper's ending at SFMM. The two corkscrews give really good hang time and are loads of fun. I don't like colossus's ending though, the first half is awesome with a considerable amount of airtime. But the MCBR totally ruins the end. Geez Colossus must have been amazing when the MCBR wasn't there.
  2. That was pretty awesome, there were a few small pumps but it was fun. You should have used Millennium Flyers though because this is made just like a GCI. The turn after the drop is a little over banked though. But really fun layout you had there.
  3. This looks very promising, can't wait for it to be released!
  4. Hey man, you are really improving, I'm really starting to enjoy your coasters. Train Glide Super Speed Coaster was really good, it's amazing how smooth it was. Keep them coming!
  5. Good job dude. That was a pretty fun layout. It hit yellow G's quite a lot and and some not so smooth transitions but not bad dude. Keep up the good work and keep em coming, you'll only get better.
  6. That was awesome man! Good job! Very smooth and fast paced with lots of airtime.
  7. Phyclone of course. Good thing it's been replaced with Terminator.
  8. Looks pretty cool man, I'm excited for the final product.
  9. Yeah, I would have to say that's not the best recreation but I give you an A for effort.
  10. Dude this is pretty awesome! Keep up the good work!
  11. I haven't ridden it but you should really try to smooth it out, it's way pumpy.
  12. Man that sucks, I've always liked animatronics more than 4D shows, but whatever I'm sure it won't be too bad.
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