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Snow, Rain, and ICE?!..and POVs?!!?

PKI Jizzman

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Well, first we got 7" of snow last tuesday....things were cleaned up....then a GIANT winter storm came over last night causing 1st...RAIN....then it FROZE everything! My basketball hoop, deck swing, flowers, shubs, plants, my house, EVEN SNOW! Take a look!


Time for some basketba.....mm...no...looks like it would break... :


See? Ice, then the snow, then ice!




Touch....now what happens?


We are "squirrel and bird friendly" :)


Another look into the vast icyness


Care for a seat?


Yup, over the 5" of snow is 3" of ice


Yea, Ive got sweet jumps with teh mass air


Looking back into the frozen woods


No mail :(


My house, covered in snow and icicles


Yup, frozen like a popsickle


Brrr...its like 25* outside...and it's all white!



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Been There, Done That


Earlier this winter we had a wicked ice storm that we got school of. It was pretty cool because a bunch of kids went skating up and down the middle of the street.




In Southern Ontario we just got killed with snow so we have a good 3 feet of snow in my backyard.

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At our school, it has to be at least -45 for the schools to close. Celsius. Wind chill doesn't matter.


Yeah, but in Canada you all live in igloos. You're used to the cold.


We live in log cabins deep in the forest, not igloos!


Well in the civilized part of Canada at least.


Calaway Park is in the frozen wasteland called Alberta.

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Sorry, Ohio took up most of it. In my area, around 9-12 inches. I almost had my work canceled (UPS!) but they lifted our level 3 emergencies just as we were going to think about closing up that shift.


Apparently no one else got that memo or lied to have a day off. So we ran the operation with as few people as possible.

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