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  1. ^He has a very good point. If I could of counted on my old BMW getting me through to its production I would of waited to at least test drive the . Although it sure was nice being able to handle the few mornings of snow/ice MD has delivered this year!
  2. I just got a Sportage SX (w/ Turbo) It is a great car... the only issues I have had with it is the awkwardly low back window (you cant see the face of someone in a taller truck or suv behind you at a stop light) and the thick pillars due to the angle of the windshield. Other than that, I just wasn't impressed with the Rouge, it felt disconnected from the road where the Sportage was a bit crisper in transmission (CVT=yuck) and handling. I was originally going to get a basic Sportage but the Turbo in the SX kind of sealed the deal for me. And hey, it is all designed by the guy that brought Audi to be the design icon it is today... amazing how far Kia has gone.
  3. Steep incline means steep lift hill, not a dive, all of this still points hyper in the end but maybe with an insane dive-machine-esqe lift hill, which with clamshells would be amazing. I love unique lift hills that really add to the ride. (Dive Machines and any Intamin Cable)
  4. Employees will be trammed in... dunno bout the extra guest load.
  5. Taking up the employee lot... booo It will be quite an event though!.. I know a few people that are going down just to watch.
  6. There will at least be a photo page... I really hope they change all the sites over to the CP style webpage sooner than later. I want a KI online store!
  7. Yeah, the gauge is all wrong... could be a hyper with the water effect... or even better a LOG FLUME (Sarcasm) Also odd they are building the effect before track... who knows...
  8. A quick walk through the park today and I found this... B&M splashdown???
  9. It is the actual masturbation that keeps me coming back... haha.
  10. Yeah I knew about the "Classics", it is the "Landmarks" that confuse me. I still love how they can remove a "Classic" status... I can see the ACEr in my head pulling with all his might to remove the plaque.
  11. Are there guidelines set in stone that ACE looks at? I did a quick search and didn't find an outline of any type. I can see the commitie working hard over at the local Golden Corral or Ponderosa yelling at each other what truly makes a coaster worthy of the plaque... haha.
  12. I haven't rode the forward side in a few years but backwards left me and my friend saying ouch at the end. I love the ride but it really does need a overhaul in the smoothing department instead of the patchwork that they have been placing the past year or two. And the Racer is still number 2 till they put trims back on after the second lift on the Beast... that helix is the perfect mix of speed and roughness, just insane. It still is sad the messed up the first half though with those strong trims. I think I will ride the forward side tommorow (today, haha.)
  13. Firehawk was running both trains and both stations around two today, I was actually sent to station two to board but the transfer track jammed and they sent us back over to one. I am still not sure what is going on with the transfer of KI, there still seems to be a clash that is really making the park less intresting.
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