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What Was The Last Coaster You Rode?

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I rode Wodan on July 27th while me and my family were in Europa Park. It was fast, fun, smooth, and beautiful to look at! The airtime wasn't very strong--only floater--but there was a high quantity of it throughout the course. It's location couldn't be better, as it is very close to the hotels, and it seems to fit perfectly between Atlantica, Whale Adventures, and Blue Fire. The trains are gorgeous, and even better is that they have no seat belt! The queue is one of the best I've walked through, the theming is unbelievable and you get very close to the massive structure of the coaster at points. Beware of the rare occurrence of being "Atlantica'd", it happened to me a few times! Overall, a job well done by GCI and an great addition to Europa's already awesome coaster selection. Great ride!




Like almost every other ride at EP, Wodan has incredible theming.


Yes, the line really does get that close!


And yes...if your train is timed perfectly with Atlantica's "fake" splash, you'll get WET!

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My last ride was on La Mina, at Parque de Attractions Zaragoza yesterday!


Tomorrow will bring some more stuff @ Parquesur and PdA Madrid!

And in abour 2 days it will be Parque Warner Madrid!


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The Ladybug coaster at Marineland while on the Leviathan tour! OMG that trip was EPIC!! All of the riding coasters in the rain was AMAZING!!! I will ALWAYS remember Blue Streak and the tremendous amount of rain and they still ran it for us!

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The Python at Playland's Castaway Cove, some crappy little park in Ocean City, New Jersey. I would have loved to go to Six Flags Great Adventure instead, but my friends were pulling for a trip to the Jersey Shore.


This thing hurt.

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