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  1. I found this Image today. I still can't even begin to fathom what would drive someone to do this. God bless the families who lost their children.
  2. Well, today I witnessed some kid trying to rob my friend. Needless to say, I stopped him, but seriously people? You would stoop so low to try to publicly rob someone, for $15 or so?
  3. Robb, I am prepared to take responsibility for my actions. Though I am accepting the fact that people, despite all their prodding and convincing, don't think the same way. And I don't believe lives should be lost because of that. That is my opinion, just as you have yours. And I will not change my opinion just as you wont change yours. In any case, I'm sorry I created such a disturbance, i only wanted to state my view on this.
  4. Well, what solution do you propose to keep things like this from happening. People will do stupid things, it happens over and over. That's a fact of life. So how would you plan to keep someone from getting hurt, or would you let people die, over and over again. (I'm not trying to attack you, i'm trying to defend my statement, just as you are, please don't take it personally.)
  5. Okay, well obviously I kinda walked into the lions den here. I'll admit i didn't expect such a rush of opposition. All I was trying to do is offer another perspective, varied to the one always heard. Though, for those people who are saying I expect other people to cover the stupid things people do. People don't intentionally do stupid things, they just happen. Everyone does stupid things, albeit some less extreme than others, but all the same in concept. Nobody is perfect, and people know that. Everyone should be prepared to cover their own stupid things, and to help others. It's what makes a community strong.
  6. But still, it is the legal responsibility of the zoo to ensure the safety of all guests and to enforce the rules that they set down. Though, the blame can not be solely pinned on one person. Both parties are at fault here, not just the family.
  7. What shocks me is how you all could be blaming the poor mother who is obviously heartbroken. She saw her child eaten in front of her. This is something she will never completely recover from, and yet you all are pinning her against the wall, throwing all blame on her. The zoo has to exhibit a responsibility to make sure that even if somebody were to jump over, this wouldn't happen. Now, i don't think the zoo should be shut down because of this. I think the zoo should undergo safety changes to prevent something like this from happening again. A previous case happened like this with a New York railroad. There was a bridge with signs all over that said "do not enter" Yet still, people went onto the bridge to jump into the river. One day somebody got hit by a train and died. The family sued and won. This was because the railroad, by law, had to exhibit a responsibility to enforce the rules set down. If they did not enforce the rules it isn't considered a rule by the court. If the zoo is sued, they will lose, due to a legal precedent.
  8. Mean Streak, in the back seat. That back seat is evil.
  9. I was at Kennywood yesterday, and black widow seemed to be doing fine. There was one instance where people got too impatient and pulled down on the restraints like they are not supposed to, breaking the system and forcing the ride to be tested, other than that it ran just fine all day. The actual ride experience was rather pleasing, and sitting in the seats around 30 gives you some amazing wind and a great foot-chopper effect going over the pull out loading platforms, while around seat 13 gives you awesome airtime which i would dare say is better than SwingShot.
  10. Wow that must have been scary, i have a close friend who is seizure prone, but he hasn't had a seizure recently. My rant is that do people even look when they drive? I was biking the other day, coming down a hill next to a car, when suddenly, without a turn signal or even breaking, he cuts in front of me to turn into a lot. I slam on the brakes and flip head over handlebars, slamming into the backside of the car and almost going under the wheel. And through me and my bike slamming into his car at nearly 20 mph, the driver doesn't even bother to stop and see if I was okay.
  11. I have my doubts about it going up super quickly. This is an entirely new ride concept and Six Flags may have some trouble with it. Either way i'm still excited!
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