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Silver Dollar City (SDC) Discussion Thread

p. 274: New Fire in the Hole announced for 2024!

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I do hope the key word IS "rebuilt". Not replaced. Keep the name and theme and expand on themeing the heck out of it. (as Shave mentioned above) Make the layout larger and keep elements such as the cave finale and the big "first drop" off the lift. Maybe shrink the lake size and add a bit of the layout out there.


I was really surprised this happened, I expected Fire In The Hole, American Plunge, or Flooded Mine to go first as they apparently have their own aging and maintenance issues.


Also note with the loss of this (and Waterboggen a few years ago) expect the summer ride lines for American Plunge and River Blast to be atrocious in 2019. lol

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I also posted this in the Dollywood thread but I figured I'd ask here too:


On the SDC website it says SDC passholders get half-off Dollywood tickets. That was part of what led me to buy a SDC pass earlier this year. Well my pass was stolen a while back and I haven't had it replaced, but I have my passholder number on the SDC app. Do I need to get a replacement pass from SDC first or is the passholder number enough? How should I go about getting the half-off Dollywood tickets or is it a lost cause because I waited too long?


I don't even see anywhere on the ticket purchasing website that gives the opportunity to purchase half-off tickets for SDC passholders. Is this something that happens at the front gate?

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^Thank you for the phone number! I called both parks and it does look like it's Dollywood's call and they might want the physical pass. SDC did say that Dollywood might want to call them to verify the pass so I have to make sure and bring my photo ID even if I had the pass. The Dollywood rep said it's no guarantee but I should check at Guest Services because they have the phone they could use to call SDC. Sounds like it might be a no-go because I waited too long and won't have time to get a new pass sent but it's worth a shot I guess.

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^Ah, thank you. I know there was some back and forth on whether or not it was a prototype of someone's. Everything I've seen points to it starting construction in 1984, so Astroworld would have it beat. I wonder if there's a list of the Intamin installations and their years? It might have been one of the first three, I would imagine. In any case, it was old... perhaps the oldest surviving installation?

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Thought I would share a little trip report, I went on Sunday (12/16) and to my surprise (and to the parks surprise) they were unexpectedly busy and staff were commenting that they have never have seen a Sunday (even at Christmas) this busy. It was like a Friday or Saturday night there. All the lots were near full and they rerouted the entrance to the back lot walkway (where the cave tour begins) and you enter the park by Browns Candy Factory. Got some rare views of Thunderation in operation seeing the trains run the lift hill and the final drop. Didn't get down to the construction/demo site by Lost River this trip though it was already dark when I arrived and couldn't see much down there anyways.


The Time Traveler & Thunderation area.










The "Alternate" entrance used by the park on Sunday night with Thunderation operating just to our right in the pitch blackness.










Flooded Mine as seen from the patio of the skillet restaurants.




Christmas in Midtown in its 2nd year.








And of course the Trains with engines #504 and #76 running rounds thru the night.

(1 hour wait time, so I skipped out this time)






Was short on time for this trip so I am gonna try to head back up again just before or just after Christmas to close out the season.

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Time Traveler is the one that is the most sensitive and is the first to shut down as temps drop. IIRC 42 degrees is a rough approximation for operational temps for all the major coasters there.


EDIT: You can click on the individual rides for detailed operations and temps here: https://www.silverdollarcity.com/theme-park/Attractions/Rides and a generalized list is here: https://www.silverdollarcity.com/theme-park/Attractions/Rides/Ride-Temperature-Guidelines

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Typically SDC only issues guest passes if you purchase your season pass prior to the beginning of the season.


But if you buy a '19 pass now you get guest vouchers. When you activate the pass on first visit in '19 you can also use vouchers the same day if it's a valid date .

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Made a quick day trip to the park on Wednesday. It was my first time there in 20 years. Was so amazed and impressed after only going to SFSL in recent that I didn't keep too much track of stuff for a detailed trip report, but I will post some highlights and a few pictures.


Our family had purchased season passes this year planning on attending several times throughout the year, but my wife has had major back problems and wouldn't be able to go. So she finally convinced me and my oldest son (19yo) to make the trip down there. We brought along his girlfriend as I'm a non-rider. We were going to drive there and back in one day from Alton, IL(approximately 4 hours drive time).


Woke up at 6:30 AM hit the road, quick stop in St. James for some breakfast and arrived to the park just before 11. It had start drizzling the last 20-30 minutes of our drive in and we waited near Tram Stop #2 to be picked up. Seemed like they only had one tram and one small shuttle bus running at the time, so we decided to walk to the entrance.


As we hadn't used our season passes at all, I stopped by guest relations to see if we could switch my wife's pass over to my son's gf and save us $60 to get in. The lady at guest relations looked up the account, saw it hadn't been used and got it taken care of very easily. Score!


The drizzle begin to let off and my son wanted to head to Outlaw Run, one train wait for a front seat ride. Powder Keg and Wildfire were not open yet due to the rain so they re-rode OR and jumped on the Barn Swing. Also a quick ride on FITH. Just a few minutes Later Wildfire opened followed by Powder Keg. They got front seat rides on both then decided to head Time Traveler and Thunderation. Time Traveler had about 30-40 minute wait most the day when it was open. It closed intermittently due to weather. Thunderation seemed to be going down due to protein spills. We wanted to do the cave tour so they had to put those rides off for a bit.


The Marvel Cave Tour was nice and my son had never been in a cave before really liked it. It is not for the claustrophobic or those in poor shape. After cave tour the we headed to the far right corner of the park and rode the teacup ride. We spun the heck out of those things. We were approaching dark at this point and I wanted a train ride, so the kids went their own way and finally got a ride in on TT, they then headed to OR, PK, and WF for more rides. Caught back up with them at WF after I stumbled into the Flooded mine entrance, very interesting ride. We then all rode FITH together.


We watched the Christmas parade right near the main entrance and then headed back to Thunderation and TT. They finally got a ride on Thunderation and another ride on TT. Headed back to the tram around 8:30 as the rain had started up again. Arrive back home at 2:15 AM.




OR 4x

Barn Swing 1x

Powder Keg 2x

Wildfire 2x


TT 2x

Thunderation 2x

Teacups 1x



Teacups 1x

Flooded Mine 1x



Foods Purchased/Consumed

Sausage skillet 1x

Chicken skillet 1x

Southwest Chicken 1x

Pretzel Brat 1x

Cinnamon Bread 2x

Cinnamon Roll 1x

Giant Chocolate Chip cookie 1x


Now some pictures:




Super clean restrooms that smell good, not used to this.


Front Seat Outlaw Run!


MMMMMM!!! Lunch!!


Christmas tree in cave!


I'll take two please!


Foggy Day, but we can see a coaster in the distance!

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Excellent report! Sorry to hear of your wife's health problems, but SDC guest services is fantastic, and your experience is absolutely normal.


Looks like you got all the relevant food credits. The pretzel brat is underrated, imo.


Cave tour, check. Cinnamon bread, check. You did it right.

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