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  1. What was up with this? Did I miss something? Did you see SDC's response? Spent like 45 minutes catching up on the posts here. Haven't visited the park in like over two years and really have no desire to go back any time soon. Just got back from spending a week in Branson, 4 days of which we visited SDC and it is just a much nicer, much friendlier park. Not to dog on SFSTL anymore than usually occurs on this thread. ProZach we still need to meetup in the neighborhood someday, sorry to hear about your work related injury and hope all else is well, can't be
  2. Old news, the discount gift shop near Colossus sold Goliath-SFSL keychains until just a year or so ago.
  3. The area you have covered in blue, includes first aid and a rest room, I don't see either of those being relocated.
  4. I would think that there is really one main reason and that is that some parks have built in "guaranteed" attendance. I know this sounds kinda strange but let me try to explain this. Cedar Point has a huge attendance to start with, so any gain in attendance is just going to show up as a small blip on overall attendance. people are going to attend Cedar Point with its current lineup one way or another. They could add a 500 foot tall 37 loop coaster and still just see a small gain in attendance. I think the "destination" parks would fall into this category. Another reason is that some par
  5. I've lived in the St Louis area all my life, and it is very interesting reading a report from an outsider's perspective. We often take many of the sites you visited and reported on so far for granted. When my kids were younger we'd visit the zoo 3-4 times a year and had always heard it was one of the best in country/world, but like i said just take took it for granted, not to mention that is is free. Interesting that you visited during the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup championship run. I believe it was Sunday (or could have been a few days before) night you said downtown was very busy,
  6. Supergirl is having some standard new ride teething issues. It should begin to operate more consistently as the season goes on. Is it just me or is this just a glorified carnival ride? Why so many problems? Shouldn't kinks be worked out by manufacturer?
  7. Yeah, it'll be fine. I hope it's a fun event, and I'm interested to see what kind of live music they end up doing. I could see Six Flags making this an annual event if it's successful. They had been requesting local bands to submit applications on FB a week or two ago, so I wouldn't expect much more than you low level bar/cover band. I'm sure they aren't paying them much.
  8. Well guys, I made a trip to Silver Dollar City the other day. I am now so impressed with what a theme park can be. Quick trip report posted in that thread if interested. My wife and I have finally decided that we will not be continuing our memberships into 2019. I honestly still feel it's a good value. We moved to Alton a couple years ago and what was a 40 minute drive is now almost an hour, our boys are 16 and 19 and really getting bored with the park, just disappointed with the overall lack of customer service and food quality. We just haven't gone enough to make it worth it. My
  9. Made a quick day trip to the park on Wednesday. It was my first time there in 20 years. Was so amazed and impressed after only going to SFSL in recent that I didn't keep too much track of stuff for a detailed trip report, but I will post some highlights and a few pictures. Our family had purchased season passes this year planning on attending several times throughout the year, but my wife has had major back problems and wouldn't be able to go. So she finally convinced me and my oldest son (19yo) to make the trip down there. We brought along his girlfriend as I'm a non-rider. We were g
  10. Yeah, but that is a bit of a misnomer. It is actually a day trip from St. Louis, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Paducah, Nashville and a few other places that I haven't thought of off the top of my head. All relatively small markets but together ....... In fact the whole discussion about "markets" is way more complicated than just the size of the city the park is located in. Dollywood's actual location doesn't have a huge population but obviously because of Smoky MT NP it is a big vacation draw, same with SDC. Unfortunately, St Louis isn't a huge vacation draw or quite the crossroads
  11. Agree with many of the posts above, definitely just a wash replacing old ride with similar new ride. Name-doesn't fit the area at all, but since when did the Six Flags mean anything anyway. Queue-No shade or cover at all. Hopefully it has a cool lighting packaging that can be seen the dozen or so times a year that the park is open into dark.
  12. Isn't it kind of a sad state of affairs when the highlight of the summer for our park is getting a scrambler up and running?
  13. It's funny how so much mention about Dave in the last few posts. I was at the park on Sunday and I was having the same kind of thoughts. Just seemed like we saw Dave almost every other visit and would always have a 5-10 min conversation with him. I couldn't even pick the new guy out of a line up if he was sitting in front of me. Also new cars were on site for Shazam, they had NOT been installed yet. Single rider line-Why do groups of 3-4 get in the line and then get pissed off when getting split up or keep trying to arrange the line so they all get called at once. I hate this!
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