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Keyboards & Piano here. I was an Electronic Music major for one year in back in college until I realized it would never pay the bills and I switched it to Mathematics & Computer Science. Anyway, I still enjoy my music.




Baldwin Upright Piano

Korg Karma

Korg M1

Various Yamaha & Casio "High End Department Store Keyboards" from the early 90s.

A few rare Casio keyboards from the early/mid 80s

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  • 1 month later...
Im a drum kinda guy




10" rack tom

12" rack tom

13" rack tom

14" floor tom

16" floor tom

2 22"x16" bass

14"x5 1/2" snare




13" High-hat Sabian B8

14" Crash Sabian B8

16" Crash Sabian B8

18" China Sabian B8

18" Ride-Crash Sabian B8

20" Ride Sabian B8




5 woodblock set(The gray one can't remeber name ATM)



Here it is:


Nice kit, just wondering why you went for 2 bass drums of the same size? Surely the idea is to vary the tone between the drums to add depth to your playing. If I was going to spend the extra on a second bass drum rather than just upgrade to a double pedal I'd go for a different size.


If it works for you though, that's great



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Meh, I never had the time to learn drum set before marching band. Now, I've kind of lost interest, and gained way more interest in what's in my signature.


In fact, I never play multiple drums. I've never had tenors or drum set or complicated timpani parts for concert band. I've always been more attached to the more interesting rhythms over the multiple drum thing. But that's just me.


Well, we don't have signatures so here it is:

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Professional musician here: piano.


Been playing since 2nd grade....so you do the math!


Have played in the pit for Mamma Mia over the last 4 years many times.


Currently doing a lot of music directing for theatre and playing at Walt Disney World.


I have three cd's out and all of my music is available on iTunes.


Here are some links:









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I'm a professional musician too I play piano for operas and musicals, and do a fair bit of musical directing as well. In my spare time, I like making up my own arrangements of video game music (game nerd) and I've even started a dorky youtube channel for fun..




I'm hoping to buy a Roland 700GX or FP 7. Or Yamaha S80/90. Can't decide.

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Amateur musical tinkerer here.


I've played piano since I was eight and I've never had any piano or music theory lessons, though I'm happily going into AP Music Theory at my high school next year. I love music and playing piano as a form of meditation, though I don't think I'll ever go into it as a career. Lately I've also been tinkering around with "tracking" on the DS with a few dorky little cheapo-chiptunes. Might one day make the investment to by some good equipment...


Anywho, here are a few of my bits of music. (If anyone would like to comment/critique I'd love it!)


The DS bits:


This one's kinda cool because all of the drums and background noises were recorded from the DS mic, that and it has a tempo change, which is a total pain to do on the DS.


I consider this to be my first real DS song. Has a kinda jazzy chord background.


The keyboard bits:


I submitted this for a little arts competition at my high school and won first place for original composition.

Improv 1

Just did this tonight. I try to just improvise and play on the piano like this for at least thirty minutes every day.


The piano bits:

Progress on Piano

A rough draft that I really need to get back to and start refining.

A friend wanted me to write something for his short story, so I pounded something out and uploaded it for him. Largely improvisation.

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I have been putting together a demo CD for some time with what I'm calling Christian Folk tunes. I was particularly proud of this one considering the equipment that I had available at the time



My Latitude D630 Laptop

A Logitech Desktop Microphone

Tanglewood large body 12-String guitar



Cool Edit 2.1 (Now known as Adobe Audution)


This is actually the second song on the demo. Please pardon the crap visual quality... I was doing it more to capture the audio.


First Video is instrumental only. The audio on this is not final format:



Second Video is with Vocals. Audio is in final edit form:


Track composition:

Track 1: Open board: Key of G

Track 2: Capo 7 - Key of C

Track 3: Lead Vocals

Track 4: Tenor Vocal

Track 5: Alto vocal

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I used to play drums... But I had to stop because my parents thought it was too loud and annoying. I'm severely pissed because that was the only instrument I was ever good at.



Vekoma "Did you really f*cking think it would be quiet?" Fan Boy.

It's like they thought sound proofing came in the box.

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I used to play drums... But I had to stop because my parents thought it was too loud and annoying. I'm severely pissed because that was the only instrument I was ever good at.



Vekoma "Did you really f*cking think it would be quiet?" Fan Boy.


Hey man, I know how you feel. My mom made me ditch the kit when I was 16 because it was too loud and took up too much space. I was so pissed. So I went and bought turntables : )

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^Yeah, that conversation with my parents was NOT very productive or civil.



Anyway, as of now, I'm trying (failing) to play the guitar. Anyone got any tips?


Learn as many chords off by heart as you can rather than trying to learn individual songs first, some background music theory is always great too.

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^Going with that logic, how would I know that I've learned enough chords to start tackling songs? And you are right about the music theory, even my basic understanding of music theory is helping me greatly.


Also, if it is at all relevant, the chords I know by heart as of now are C, G, D, D7, D minor, Dsus4, A, A minor, and A7. (For anyone who is interested, a GREAT listing of chords with tab charts for each of them can be found at www.8notes.com)

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I have been playing the piano for quite some time now, and I've posted some of my music on YouTube. Here is my latest.


Hey Antonio. You're extremely talented. You have a firm grasp of the piece in front of you. One thing that irritates me though is when people write arrangements of pieces such as Canon In D. Not only has George very seriously watered down the piece, but elected to re-write a classic a whole step lower than Johann Pachelbel's original.


You're more talented than this. Pull a copy of the original and work it up. You're better than a watered down, half-rate Steinway clinician.

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