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  1. Mine is http://www.youtube.com/user/lara6683 Mostly me playing videogame themes on piano...no coaster related videos unfortunately
  2. I'm a professional musician too I play piano for operas and musicals, and do a fair bit of musical directing as well. In my spare time, I like making up my own arrangements of video game music (game nerd) and I've even started a dorky youtube channel for fun.. http://www.youtube.com/user/lara6683 I'm hoping to buy a Roland 700GX or FP 7. Or Yamaha S80/90. Can't decide.
  3. Ok, so I'm a girl and don't see that this is SUCH a huge deal. Sure it's inappropriate and a total invasion of personal space -I'd be pissed off, but I'd get over it pretty quickly. Definitely not a life changing occurrence. This kind of thing happens all the time -many times I've had random members of the opposite sex (drunk or not!) cop a feel. It happens, and it's not right, but I'm certainly not traumatised by it. I'm also slightly amused by this guy just not being able to restrain himself at Disneyland!
  4. ^^^^Elissa, you make it sound so exciting, you make me want to do the Australia trip, and I LIVE here. We don't have the best rollercoasters, but we DO have the tallest drop tower in the world.
  5. Flipdude, I totally see where you're coming from. I'm from Australia and will also not use many of these perks. I think what Elissa is trying to say is that you have two options. Pick one. Perhaps neither is perfect for you, but you have a choice. It is impossible to please everyone. I think the $50 is worth it. You get random crap, store credit, keep the website running, and priority placement, which is a considerable perk. It makes sense that those who do use TPR more contribute financially, and are thereby afforded privileges.
  6. I agree with you Flipdude. But I'm happy to pay. It's great value for money, and works out to less than $5 a month. Can't expect these things to remain free.... I'm sure Robb would come up with a trip placement that was fair to premiums and non premiums. That being said, if there was a trip I was keen on, I think I would sign up fpr premium membership...
  7. I'm not a huge fan of this. Not because of the money ($50 a year is nothing!), but because of the potential exclusion it could create. The biggest perk would be getting priority placement on trips. But this would become meaningless if too many people had premium memberships (yes, I'm sure you have thought of this). Those who chose not to have premium memberships for financial reasons, or just for the principle of it, would be disadvantaged in terms of trip waiting lists, forcing them to get premium memberships if they really wanted to go on a trip. A lottery really seems like a fairer way
  8. Brent, that makes sense now- I have never been able to use e-check because I have a credit card and bank account linked up. Apart from that, I really don't mind paypal. I covered fees at my end (it did it automatically!) and it was only $2.75, so 1%, which I can totally live with. I paid from an existing balance though, if that makes any difference...
  9. Name: Lara Age: 26 What is your roller coaster count? 163 What is your home park? Don't have one. Stupid Sydney. Used to be Australia's Wonderland. What is the nearest big city? Sydney, Australia What is your occupation? Musician About how many times a year do you visit a park (including your home park)? Maybe once a year I go up to Brisbane, other than that, TPR trips! About how many times a year do you travel to a park that is not your home park? Once or twice When you travel do you go primarily to amusement parks or do you also try and hit other sites? Mos
  10. TPR hoodies are awesome. I have a zip up and a pullover, both size S. The zip up probably does run slightly larger, but I don't mind it fitting a bit loose. Try a pullover if you want a tighter fit..
  11. My brother and I playing videogame themes on piano (blindfolded)..he's Donkey kong and I'm Mario..and we do some DDR
  12. I'm a screamer. Sorry if it's annoying-it makes it so much more fun though!! I scream in haunted houses too, but only because I am genuinely terrified of them....
  13. Nice TR. The corkscrew looks great! I was up on the Gold Coast a week ago - I only had two days so I chose to do Movieworld and Dreamworld. Lethal Weapon was closed when I went, I hope it is open for you!
  14. I can't deal with the Saw series, and Scream terrified me when I first watched it as a 13 year old. In no particular order: - Cube - Silence of the Lambs (not really scary, but the last scene is great) - The Shining - Dog Soldiers deserves a mention for being ridiculous - Event Horizon - more sci fi, but the uncut version is pretty disturbing - Don't Look Now - the final scene is pretty much the strangest, most disturbing thing I have seen on film - The Omen - particularly scary as I released I share my birthday with Damien down to the hour...
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