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Woah, there's a lot of drummers (and some enviable set-ups) on this board!


I may as well join the club! I've been playing for 12 years now. I currently own a Roland TD-8 and in the summer of '07 I got my current acoustic kit.


Kit: Mapex Pro M shells

14 " Snare

12" Rack Tom

14" Rack tom

16 " Rack tom

18 " Rack tom

24 " Kick drum


Cymbals: Zildjian A customs

14" hi-hats

14" Crash

16" Crash

18" Crash

20" Ride



Gibraltar V-rack (3 sides)

Tama Iron Cobra rolling glide twin pedal

Roc 'n Soc motorcycle top throne

Protection Racket 3x1.8 meter drum mat

Standard Mapex snare and hi-hat stands

Gibraltar road series clamps


It's a bit of a beast to play as due to the size of the drums the ride is in a different time zone to the hi-hats but it's a really powerful kit and sounds pretty sweet! I'm looking at a china and a splash at the moment which would be quite nice


How are those A customs treatin' ya? I've been kind of a more Sabian AA, AAX and HH or HHX kind of guy, but I've been trying out different cymabls recently. I tryed out Paiste, and I've been liking it a lot more than my Sabians. So how are your A customs?


I'm a Zildjian kinda guy, but I do like the Sabian AAX and Paiste Signiture Series cymbals. All my cymbals are Zildjian A Customs with the exception of my ride (Zildjian Avedis 21" Sweet Ride) and my china (Zildjian Avedis 18" Oriental China-High).


I attached a picture of my baby for you guys to enjoy!


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I played trumpet in band for six years (today was my last day, actually...), but my real love for music lies with my Casio LK-45 keyboard. I can't read piano music worth a damn, so I just play by ear. Mostly movie or TV themes (or Disney park stuff) but my repertoire runs the gamut from Pachebel's Canon to Reflections of Earth to the Futurama theme.

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Gretsch Catalina Birch - 22x18, 8x7, 10x8, 12x9, 14x11, 16x13

All toms have been refitted with 2.3 hoops



14x6.5" Pearl Reference in Rootbeer Fade

14x6.5" Pearl Steve Ferrone Sig

13x6" Phattie Custom Drums, 10ply Maple



20" K Custom Hybrid Ride

20" A Custom Crash

18" A Custom Crash

18" K Dark Medium Thin Crash

18" A Custom China

17" K Custom Dark Crash

16" Oriental China Trash

15" K Dark Thin Crash (Brilliant)

14" K Custom Dark Top Hat / 14" A Custom Bottom Hat (reversed)

10" A Custom Splash

9" Oriental Trash Splash

8" A Custom Splash

6.5" Zil Bel



Toms - Clear Emperors over Clear Ambassadors

Bass - Superkick 2 with Ported Ebony Ambassador

Phattie - Remo CS over Ambassador Snare

Reference - Remo Emperor over Diplomat Snare

Ferrone - Vintage Ambassador over Ambassador snare


And all snares equipped with Puresound Custom 20 Strand Snares.





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^Holy law-abiding citizens batman!



I have a DW FS 5-piecer with 10 12 and 14" toms. My cymbals are Zildjian ZBTs. I like Zildjian for my "important" cymbals but I rely on Sabian for my crazy-a$$ effect cymbals


I'm pretty sure you mean Pacific by DW. Don't get them mixed up, my friend. Still a nice set, none the less.

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I play drums..no idea what the different makes are, but my main snare is a custom rebuild, my back-up snare came with the rest of the kit, which is D-Drum, in red. One tom on top of the bass, two floor toms, and three (seperately bought) plastic-skin rack toms. I actually have my ride cymbal next to my hi-hat (think I play it better that way), a crash cymbal on the other side of the hat, and another, splashier crash next to the racks. Love my kit, even if I have no idea whether it's of good or bad quality.

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Well i play the keyboard/piano and my current equipement is:


Yamaha PSR E403 (great synthesizer)


Technic KN2000 (great workstation)


Casio (dont remember the brand:P)


But my future keyboard equipement will be:


Roland Juno D (going to buy this summer)


Roland Juno Stage


Roland Fantom X61 Keys


Korg X50


Korg Triton


Korg Karma


Korg N364




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After a long period of inactivity during the winter, I am back to making electronic music using a software program called Reason 4.0. Today I began work on a 380bpm speedcore track. I have always wanted to do a speedcore track. So far all I have (from about 10 minutes of work) is a distorted bass drum that will dominate the track and a Hoover synth. Aside from constant noise, which most speedcore music sounds like to those who tend not to listen to electronic music, there will be an ambient breakdown section in the track with a few surprises.

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Dude that drum set kicks a**, nice job.


Ive been playing guitar on and off since I was a kid (im no Randy Rhoads ) but ive been working since I was 15, and between school and work I just never have good practice time. My new years goal every year is to play more.

Awhile back I got a new guitar: a silver Dean VMNTX (as much as I wanted to go for the VMNT im just not that good to justify dropping $800-$1000 on a guitar).



Mike541x, IMO those Epiphones are really underrated. My father had a Gibson Les Paul which he traded in and got a Epiphone Les Paul (actually not even a Les Paul, the base model shaped like it) and I like playing the Epiphone way better even though its less than half the price.


I own a Black 1980s fender strat

I had one also, AWESOME guitars, im jelous and wish I didnt sell it. It had Fender lace-sensor pickups which IMO sounded better than the Seymore Duncan ones.


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I just need to say Invertalon, that is one BadA$$ Kit you have there!!

True Beauty!!!


Hello, Hello to all musicians here on TPR!!

And Since I'm here, well... my main instrument is Voice, and I haven't yet acquired a picture of my vocal folds, so you'll just have to imagine my instrument.

I can play piano, but i'm not very good..

I own a keyboard, acoustic guitar, and a cello, and my vocal folds!!

I currently teach middle school Orchestra and piano and have taught choir and music history!!


I cannot live with out Music!!>.....

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  • 8 months later...

I've been skimming through some older topics to find something that peaked my interest in the off season. I had totally forgotten that this was out here, so I'm bumping it.


I've been involved in some kind of music since I was 8 years old. I studied Jazz Improv at Auburn University and did a dual major in Trumpet and French Horn. I've played with a bunch of groups over the last 15 years including the Callenwold Symphonic Band in Atlanta, GA, The Sentemantal Journey Orchestra in Doraville, GA, and have done guest spots with David Osborne, John McAndrew, and Pat Upton and the Downtown Horns.


I taught high school band and choir at Shaw High School in Columbus, GA for a year and decided that it wasn't for me.


About 7 years ago, I pick-up guitar for the first time and have been self-teachning myself. I currently play with a folk group here in Savannah and I'm the artist-in-residence at a local church here. I'm in the process of cutting a demo CD and have some songs recorded already. I have a Tanglewood 12-String (which are the only good guitars they make) An Alvarez DY-55 12-String and a Fender 6-String Acoustic. No electric for me, though I've been thinking about buying an entry level one just to have it for accents in the recordings.


If anyone in GA reads this, I'm looking for a group to get together with and jam for a little while.

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I don't remember if I've posted in this thread already, and I'm too lazy to check. Besides, even if I did, I've made progress.


I play electric guitar and bass off and on, I'm playing a heck of a lot less now since my lessons ended.


The most impressive songs I can play are Enter Sandman on guitar (minus the second half of the solo), and Anna Molly by Incubus on bass.

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Im a drum kinda guy




10" rack tom

12" rack tom

13" rack tom

14" floor tom

16" floor tom

2 22"x16" bass

14"x5 1/2" snare




13" High-hat Sabian B8

14" Crash Sabian B8

16" Crash Sabian B8

18" China Sabian B8

18" Ride-Crash Sabian B8

20" Ride Sabian B8




5 woodblock set(The gray one can't remeber name ATM)



Here it is:


(Stock Photo)

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When in "drummer" mode, I use:


Premier APK drums


22" Kick

13" and 16" toms

14x6.5" Tama maple snare


Zildjian A 21" sweet ride

Zildjian A 19" medium-thin crash

Stagg SH 18" medium crash (better than zildjian, any day!)

Sabian AA 14" hi hats


My baby! Mmmmmm!

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I'm a drummar!


Unfortunately, I can't get these pictures posted, because my the file size is too big, and I can't get a smaller size than that .


::Edit::^Did that come out wrong?::Edit::


Anyway, I also play taiko drums... and, no, not the, "Drum Game," type, but the...



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I'm a drummar!


Unfortunately, I can't get these pictures posted, because my the file size is too big, and I can't get a smaller size than that .



Open the file in some kind of picture viewer, zoom out until the pic is of a reasonable size, then either save the file as a JPEG, or take a screenshot and crop it until just the picture you want remains, then save that as a JPEG.

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