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Best Dark Roller Coaster?

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Greenland Underground Exploration***

at Windows on the World in






*** NOT, in this lifetime, lol.

The entrance and coaster trains

(like Viking boats) looked very cool.

But once it got going inside, it was

all darkness, "some" sound,

and just an awful, boring ride.

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Space Fantasy @ USJ

Really, not a single mention??? It's just so awesome! It's a Mack Spinner (Euro Mir? Sierra Sidewinder? Awesome!), with a long ride (3 lifts!), fantastic special effects, and great theming. It makes Space Mountain look like something from the 70s.


To be fair, I've yet to ride Ghost Galaxy. Anyways, here's a long list of other notable mentions:

*Winjas (it's only about half dark, but if you count both halves you're good) *Space Mountain (take your pick) *Eurosat *Revenge of the Mummy @ USF *Rock'n Roller Coaster (either one) *FoF *Vogel Rok *Hollenblitz *Pirate's Blast (it's 90% indoors) *Disaster Transport *Crush's Coaster *Evolution *Van Helsing's Factory (it's a mix of good and WTF) *Raptor Attack *Dragon @ La Ronde *Galaxy Express 999 *Black Diamond (it's more of a dark ride) *Exterminator *Verbolten (the indoor section is great!)


The weirdest one would probably be "Bullfight Roller Coaster Matador". It was rough, but it was so bizarre that I almost wanted to ride again. Then the most boring would probably be "Temple of the Night Hawk"

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I've only ridden 5 dark coasters so far an rate them the following:


Space Mountain Disneyland - best so far in ride and effects

Höllenblitz carnival - ride ok, effects ok

Linnunrata Linnanmaki - ride ok, effects meh

Vogel Rok Efteling - ride ok, effects meh

Euro-Sat Europa-Park - ride terrible, effects meh (were there any???)

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Since I'm torn when I choose favorites, I divide things into categories.


Disney coasters, I'd say WDW space mountain


Six Flags is easily SFOT Runaway Mountian since its the only exciting coaster sf has in a box


For Paramount (since cf doesnt get credit from me for anything installed before 07) The fof coasters I have a hard time with because after joker and poltergeist they are a sad fail of their potential, however they would be phenominal and the best overall if they ran correctly.


Cedar Fair doesn't have squat in this department


Small parks Exterminater takes the cake easy.

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