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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

p. 2030 - Top Thrill 2 announced!

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Spent last Wednesday and Thursday at the park. Stayed in BreakersEx and had Fast Lane both days. Well worth it. Maverick was great usual.


Didn't get a chance to do this, nor did we really want to...


Fast Lane was amazing! Seriously we were skipping 1+ hour lines, waiting one to two trains. It worked especially well on MF and Maverick, dumping you directly into the station. Raptor, TTD, Magnum all had merge points that still only resulted in 10-15 minute waits. Gemini's was a bit odd, definitely not ADA, but it cut the wait quite nicely. If you don't get this on your next visit to CP, you're crazy!


MF's new lights looked outstanding. Sorry about the light pole, this is a friend's photo.


One of the things we were most looking forward to on the trip was Luminosity! Here's an overview of the main stage area.


As you can see, we came dressed for the occasion. Thanks Goodwill!


Here is the control booth. Flames, lasers, and Fireworks shoot out of the top of this. It was a bit odd though that they placed the drink stand behind it, way out of the way.


One of the four screens they had set up. More lasers and fire.


PT's lights looked great in the background.


Things got pretty crazy!


The dancers were very talented.


The male lead singer had a very Adam Levine style to him.


The female lead had a good soul sound to her. She was able to decently handle a few Adele songs.


The show ended with a bang, no really, there were lots of fireworks!


Then the stage opened ana a DJ started rising...


He continued to rise, to about 20 feet in the air. This started the dance party that lasted until about 10:45. Much fun was had by all.


We got a shout out on the screens! #YOLO


In other news, I paid $9 for this.


Pink's is another great addition, although the employees were a bit meh. Check it out on your next visit!

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CWCoasterboy and I are heading down to Cedar Point for Thursday evening and all day Friday. We've already purchased our Fast Lane passes! Just a quick question about Luminosity... Where's the best viewing spot and how early should we get there to beat the crowd? I've also heard very mixed reviews of the show. Any thoughts from regulars that have seen it?

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If you're going two nights one night try to sit down on Dragster right near 10 o'clock. We got lucky and we ended up looking down on the fireworks from the top of the tower, a very unusual experience, but a great way to end the night.

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Well, front and center is nice, right up against the stage because then you are surrounded by everything. Id say 30 minutes early, maybe more if the park is busy.


I noticed new bleachers sitting in Wildcat's old spot when I last visited. Not to far away, and you can see over all the peeps. Seems you'd get a good view from up there.

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^ That's actually pretty funny! It looks like (most of) the employees had fun doing it too!


After visiting Cedar Point this Tuesday and Wednesday, I can say that they have some of the best ride ops I've ever seen...

the food/souvenir stand employees are a complete different story though!

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^Oh come on, it wasn't this giant production done by some advertising firm. It's some employees having a good time. It's meant to be a fun way of letting people know that she'll be doing a concert there in a casual manner. It works well and is fun to watch, the point of it.

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. Singing every morning = happy employees.


Funny you'd mention that. One of the Seabreeze Waterpark managers used to make someone (or a group of people) sing before we'd open the park for the day. It was usually good for a laugh and started the day on a positive note.

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Just got 10 rides in on Millennium Force Tuesday and Wednesday, I was quite surprised by the air... I think part of the reason it was providing a great amount of floater air was due to the 90+ degree temperatures, but because of that it increased Millennium Force to my number 2 spot. The ride really delivered when I was there (although there was more of a rattle than I remembered/heard about recently). Don't be expecting the wild Intimidator 305 throwing you all over the place "air", but more of a forceful floater air. The rides are 2 complete different experiences, but 2 amazing rides that easily blow B&M's out of the water in my opinion (haven't gotten to Leviathan yet though).

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Yeah, don't expect to get any ejector like on..say Magnum. Some minor floater maybe on the 2nd and 3rd hill. And, I as well have felt a bit more of a rattle going through the over banks on the island. I'm not sure how long it's been around but it's nothing major. It won't ruin the whole ride experience.

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I like the floater air time on Millenium. You get a nice throwing feel on the first drop if you ride in the back car.


Magnum's ejector air is a little rough on us older riders! We now call the restraints 'bash bars' as that's what the did to us on those little hills. My wife was bruised for days from that part of the ride.



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This is unreleated, but I believe there is or was a sign in Maverick's queue which warned of rollbacks, and it mentioned the launch tunnel. My question is, has Maverick ever somehow had a malfunction of the LSMs severe enough to cause a rollback into the launch tunnel? And has that been tested?

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