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  1. If Shockwave is easy to maintain, then I think Anaconda will be leaving first.
  2. Big News today for Thunder Valley, as the park has made various changes! -"The Spur" an Intamin Rocket Coaster for intermediate thrill seekers who aren't yet ready for Road Runner, but want a bigger thrill than Little Bronco. -"Scream Faller" a S&S launch tower that shoots you up and then drops you down, 3 times! (Located in Wave Swinger's footprint. Wave Swinger re-located next to main entrance building) -Road Runner has been re-profiled to save the cost spent on wheels. (Turnaround, and post MCBR section re-profiled) -A new rest area has been added near Thresh-Hold called "The Sanctuary". Here take a look! Here is The Spur, ready for it's first riders to be launched to 55mph in a low to the ground course with bunny hills! This is "the Sanctuary"! This is Scream Faller, a thrilling drop ride. Here you can see the Road Runner's new course! There goes the first train on The Spur! Airtime YES! Here you can see The Spur's whole layout. Just look at the park now!
  3. Hello there! Welcome to Thunder Valley Thrills! The park is opening tomorrow, but I can give you a sneak peak of the park before it opens. We have 2 thrilling roller coasters here. Road Runner, an extreme looping coaster. And Little Bronco, sure to keep the little ones screaming for more! We also have 3 fun flat rides. Thresh-Hold, a top spin ride with flips and spins. The generic chair-swing ride. And finally we have Spinning Spur, a carpet type ride. Anyways, enough of this talk, Let's go see the park for ourselves! Here is the park entrance, where you can buy tickets. Here is the Little Bronco. It's fun for the whole family! Over to the left, we have Road Runner! The tallest, loopiest coaster in the park. The coasters are testing today, getting prepared for the big opening tomorrow! This is the park overview! Well that's all I am allowed to show you for now. Hope to see you tomorrow! First guests on opening day have arrived! Little Bronco is already a hit with the families! Road Runner's first riders! Have fun roaring through this insane layout That drop looks mighty fun! Night has come! Thresh Hold looks to be popular! The Chair Swing is also a popular attraction. The sun rise marks the end of the first day/night of Thunder Valley Thrills! You can expect more rides soon. Good-bye!
  4. The last thing KD needs is another launcher & they don't need another coaster in the congo area,unless of course Anaconda were to be removed in favor of something new like a B&M wingrider or flyer. It would be interesting to see planet snoopy be upgraded/expanded to include a new ride or two for families to enjoy since flying ace(aka windseeker JR.) is the only ride back there.That would also follow in line with the park's usual pattern of thrill rides one year,family oriented rides/attractions the following year which could lead to something new for the thrill seekers/coaster lovers come 2014. Read the last sentence of my post that you quoted.
  5. One is over gravel, one is in the dark, one is inverted, and one WOULD be over a lake. All totally different experiences. I'm not saying its going to happen, I'm saying it would be cool.
  6. If they replaced anaconda with a launched coaster over the lake, that would be FANTASTIC.
  7. Or maybe they wanted us to think a Wing Rider was a "FALSE CLUE" so that we would think it wasn't. But it really is a Wingrider
  8. Why are you guys bashing? You're getting a (supposedly) record breaking wing-rider. Be happy!
  9. I'm going on Saturday, is it supposed to be running by then!? If it is I will bring a large PTR and videos!
  10. Well Ive been working on this for the past 2 hours, I know it isn't the best.
  11. Channel for coaster and park videos www.youtube.com/user/TrevorBondi21599?feature=watch SAMPLE VIDEOS: This thread is created for you guys to give me feedback on what I need to work on filming and editing wise! Constructive criticism wanted!
  12. I think I can answer your question I too am underweight (70 lbs) and I seem to gray-out 1/4 the way through the turn until the top of the second hill. It isn't scary to me, it actually makes it more intense. And I LOVE intense.
  13. When I got to KD yesterday, Dominator was stuck on the block brakes before the corkscrews..... (12pm) Also, Volcano, Drop Tower, and Windseeker were closed all day because of the storm on Friday night. The only thing I can think of in common between all of those rides is they use magnets...
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