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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

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^When I went in 2000 they had a similar system to what Disney had at the time. You would scan your single day ticket at a kiosk in front of the ride, and it would print you a paper ticket to tell you when you could ride. They would obviously only let people in with the correct time on their tickets (I do believe the tickets were either 20 or 30 minute increments), and you could only have one ticket at a time to prevent hoarding. The first time I ever rode MF was with a 20 minute wait thanks to the system they had in place that year. Also keep in mind, I could totally be confusing CP's system with Disney's, as my memory is a bit fuzzy from 10 years ago.


Please, someone who remembers, help me out!

You are right. In 2000 we also got these printed tickets, but there wasn't a machine. There was just someone at the front of the queue handing them out. Could very well just me that the machine was broken on our visit.



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Did they happen to mention how heavy that train is?

OK these are freaking cool. https://cedarpointonlineshop.com/

Made it out to Cedar Point this past weekend, October 17th-18th with my mom and dad to visit my sister working at the park. My sister works at Dorney, but since they closed early, a bunch of full time

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You are right. In 2000 we also got these printed tickets, but there wasn't a machine. There was just someone at the front of the queue handing them out. Could very well just me that the machine was broken on our visit.


Was that the system they brought in just for Millennium Force?


Opening year for MF the line was getting insanely long. So they closed off the line, and started handing out tickets with a time that you could start lining up.


Wasn't really a "fastpass" system as much as it was a system to prevent the line wrapping halfway around the park.

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If you look at the Cedar Point STR web cam it looks as if the part of the ride on the island has been filled with water.



I think that's just rain water. On the last blog update on Friday, they mentioned that they were going to begin filling up the ride in a week and a half.


As for Cedar Point getting some type of skip the line system in the future, it's not going to happen. I have heard from so many Cedar Point managers (not just the crazy Cedar Fair management team) that they hate the idea after the horrendous freeway system. Although I would love for it to happen.

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You are right. In 2000 we also got these printed tickets, but there wasn't a machine. There was just someone at the front of the queue handing them out. Could very well just me that the machine was broken on our visit.




Yeah, as I said, I probably got it mixed up with Disney's system. I really don't remember fully if they were handing tickets out or if they were being printed on a machine. I do know the queue railing from the fast pass lines are all still at the rides they used them for (MF, TTD, Magnum, Raptor come immediately to mind), they just obviously aren't being used for anything anymore. However, if they chose to reinstate some kind of system (Q-Bots would be amazing), they would already have a bit of a head start on the process.

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Thanks for all your replies.


Those hand stamps sure look ghetto!

Even still, it's a pity they haven't got such a system anymore, I think.

With a couple of seasons to adjust it it might just have worked?



coaster "They should have called Millenium Force MILF" 1000.

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You are right. In 2000 we also got these printed tickets, but there wasn't a machine. There was just someone at the front of the queue handing them out.


In 2000 they introduced "Ticket to Ride". This was in late June, around the 20th I believe. It was only used for Millennium Force at this time. Some say it was used because of how long of a line Millennium Force had throughout the summer, and then that is where the idea for the next system came from.


Now the next system was called "Freeway" which utilized hand stamps as Robb's picture shows. It was a pretty ghetto system but it actually worked well the first year. You simply walked up to a kiosk next to or close to a ride entrance. I believe the first year it was only Millennium Force and Wicked Twister. You got a stamp for a certain time and then you were good to go. Once word got out about the system, it was harder to get a stamp because people would then line up for the stamp before they were given out. The only good/bad thing about it was they only gave out a certain amount of stamps for the day for each ride. So once they were all gone, no more. If you were standing in the back of the line to get a stamp, there was a good chance you would be out of luck by the time you got up to the kiosk.


Here is one of the kiosks that would be located near the entrance of the ride.


Eventually Raptor, Top Thrill Dragster and Magnum were added to Freeway before the system finally ended in late 2005. Like Steve said, the queue that they added for Fastpass is still at each ride so it would not be much work to add a new system like Low-Q. Even the kiosks are still in use as Halloweekends props.

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What's even more impressive is that everything that was shown in the initial 3D rendering was actually built! Now just crossing my fingers that there's going to be some awesome effects in the tunnel!

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Cedar Point is now offering a special Spring Fever ticket at a discounted price for the 2010 season.




Spring Fever Ticket - $29.99


Get a one-day ticket to Cedar Point for just $29.99! This ticket is valid for guests 48" & taller. Ticket is valid for a visit May 15 - 31, 2010 only. Visit any other operating day of the 2010 season and pay an upgrade fee (the difference between the Spring Fever ticket and a regular, one-day admission ticket at the gate). Sale ends at 11:59 p.m. on April 30, 2010.

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Another update, as things are moving smoothly at the STR Construction Site. Straight from Cedar Point themselves, we have pictures and a new blog.




We're getting closer. Inching ever-so-slowly to May 15. We've talked about the signs of spring earlier, but just like leaves seem to just sprout up all at once, our ride cars at the park are doing the same:




Ride vehicles are coming out of their winter rehab and onto the midways, which means we're almost ready to get them assembled and running again. We love it.


Speaking of spring and leaves, the leaves are now sprouting at Shoot the Rapids, as crews are planting trees, installing fences and cleaning up the ride site.


We've also been told that we're days away from filling the reservoirs with water. We'll start with the island reservoir and then move over to the mainland reservoir.


The water is pumped in through regular water lines, cycled through the filtration system and will then become the ride's means of movement and saturation.


Rock work in the final splash pool is complete.


The final run-out.


Workers are planting trees all around the ride site. TREEEEEEES!


More trees near the first lift hill. MORE TREEEEEES!


Inside the station, workers are cleaning up, preparing for queue line.


The entrance ramp to the station. The left side is for our Special Access guests.


Crews from Cedar Point and IntaRide test the drive wheels in the station.


The final turn into the station. I FOUND MORE TREEEEEEES!


Crews are cleaning each splash pool in preparation for filling.


The rock canyon on the island is ready.


Coming soon, Water

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Anyone know if you are able to use a gift card to purchase the Spring ticket? I would assume not since you can only buy it online, but I want to be certain. I have e-mailed them numerous times and they haven't answered.

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