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  1. I don't like the name Pixar Pier. It sounds like a project code name. I want to visit the worlds that Pixar creates instead of some place that celebrates the studio that created them, if that makes sense.
  2. I like the idea of the twister concept. The twister concept looks mostly stationary... it might be more interesting if it was more like the Sky Roller, but wrapped with a toroidal projection system and some rider control over the pitch and altitude. My fantasy plane ride would be something like combining the Eyerly Acroplane with the Sky Roller... as in, put multiple forks on a spinner and lose the propeller. BTW, footage of the Acroplane! (00:58s in) Sky Roller
  3. When I read this, I started to fear that the Jolly Holiday Bakery could be the start of something bigger... but that's nonsense... right? http://http://screamscape.com/html/shanghai_disneyland.htm
  4. Is it possible to get a round trip on Delta Flyer or is that kind of request frowned upon. I could probably ride that all day. I'm always bummed that it closes so early
  5. You,ve been pushing that name pretty hard for quite some time now... do you own some kind of fart phrase trademark and get paid every time somebody mentions the act? I'm going to be broke...
  6. That looks very impressive! I can only imagine what it will look like when it's spinning at the top... Great video!
  7. I wish they could have landed Scharffen-Berger for their chocolate shop... it was such a shame to see the Berkeley factory close its doors after the Hershey buyout.
  8. Does Knott's have Snoopy-shaped souvenir cups like Cedar Point does this year?
  9. ...a bunch of line-jumping visitors... I went to the park Saturday and was yet again surprised at how even worse line jumping has become. I actually tried to hold some people back and tell them they had to wait like everyone else and they pushed around me and kept going. Loved the Demon, though, especially at night. I hope it stays for a long long time.
  10. I grabbed a bunch of frames from the webcam over the past few days, then reordered them to get a few linear sequences and stitched it together in a short video: It looks pretty cool and was fun to make. I didn't pay much attention to the color of the train cars, so you can see them alternate from red to green and back...
  11. We hvae all paroblby rceeveid an eiaml aobut bneig albe to raed samlerbcd wdros, so lnog as the frist and lsat lteter are in palce... Did anyone else see "Toilette & Douche"? Yeah, I'm mature...
  12. Yeah, that's clearly the same thing I would think that the ratio of times that markings have shown up at Cedar Point to times where those markings resulted in ride construction are a lot higher than on your street. Then again, didn't your street just get two new roller coasters last year? But as you said, WAY to early to call it right now...
  13. Close enough! I wonder if that is basically the limit, or if you can squeeze more rolls into the loop. heartline roll through a loop?
  14. eek... I think I left out an important word.... I meant they SHOULD change the trains so they do that. Sorry!
  15. I think they edit:should reconfigure and have all the cars facing the center of the train, so that there are two "back rows". so they would do this > > > > < < < < instead of this > > > > > > > >
  16. Before I ever saw one of these Disney shows (fireworks, Fantasmic, etc), I thought the purpose was to kind of increase capacity at the parks... so people who didn't like waiting in long lines for rides could have something to do right around the time the park fills up with people. And it seemed like a good way to pull some people out of lines who ordinarily might wait in line for a second/third/fourth ride, and give other people some shorter lines. But now that I've seen some of these, it almost does the exact opposite... In Disneyland, you can barely move and you (er, *I*) get yelled at for trying to get from one part of the park to another efficiently. Your line for something across the park is effectively routed through narrow one-way corridors. At DCA, it's pretty clear that it wasn't planned to give people something ELSE to do. And now WOC will be drawing extra people into the park who will be clogging the lines trying to get their rides in before most of the park closes for the show. Goofy.
  17. Hmm.. that sounds pretty interesting to me. What about going through a large loop and zero-g roll(s) at the same time, rolling throughout the loop? It might need a NASCAR HANS device as part of the restraint
  18. I would like to see a tunnel on most of the loop. Maybe enter the tunnel, dip, then start the loop. The tunnel ends at the top of the loop, so you go in level and come out inverted. edit: something like this... it seems like it could be a surprise to find out that you are inverted when you exit the tunnel.
  19. I like the depth in the video, and I imagine it is even more striking when viewed live. But god those modern, thinned-out half-assed versions of songs really irritates me. At least the whole show isn't using them like the Halloween Screams fireworks.
  20. I'm sure a few people are bashing CP and Intamin for THIS right now, at least in their heads.
  21. When I see pictures like this, I think some of these effects look very cool with all of the park lights ON. It gives you a better sense of depth--at least in pictures.
  22. The Matterhorn monster didn't build Test Track (or anything else). He doesn't even own his own tools! Tkk-"that tangent of the thread was over, right?"-yj
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