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Theme Park Review's 2007 Group Trips!

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Here is the link to talk about and see the flyers for our 2008 Group Trips:







TPR Trips Update! April 7th, 2007


Theme Park Review is adding *TWO* more trips for 2007! Join us in Europe for ERT at Holiday Park on Expedition GeForce, Toverland on Troy, and at Phantasialand for Black Mamba!


Then come to South Korea for a very exclusive trip to some really bizarre looking parks including a new for 2007 B&M Invert, the only Arrow Triple Corkscrew, Intamin's Aqua Trax & More!


Detailed event flyers can be found here:



We will be holding a "TPR Group Trips Chat" on Monday, April 9th at 6:00pm (PST) to answer any questions you might have. To join the chat room you MUST be a TPR Forum member!


Theme Park Review's Mini-Europe 2007 Trip. July 8th - July 11th.


Highlights include:

- Holiday Park (Home of Expedition GeForce, the #1 steel coaster in the world)

- Phantasialand (Home of Black Mamba, a highly themed B&M invert)

- Toverland (Home to a new for 2007 GCI woodie "Troy")

- Tripsdrill (wacky European park with Gerstlaur Bobsled)

- Klotten (Home to another Gerstlauer bobsled do-it-yourself rides!)

- We are staying two nights at Hotel Ling Bao at Phantasialand (on par with a Disney resort!)

- ERT on Expedition GeForce, Troy, Black Mamba, Winjas, Booster Bike, and G’sengte Sau

INTERNATIONAL MEMBERS! This is a great way for you to do a quick trip to some amazing parks and get ERT as flights should be fairly cheap for you.



Theme Park Review's South Korea 2007 Trip. September 17th - September 23rd, 2007


Highlights include:

- Lotte World (Intamin Aqua Trax and more!)

- Tongdo Fantasia (The only Arrow Triple Corkscrew coaster)

- Gyeongju World (New for 2007 B&M Invert)

- Woobang Towerland (Four Credit Whore Coasters)

- Kumdoriland (Crazy Vekoma Looper)

- Everland (Rare Arrow Suspended), and MORE!

- Three meals per day INCLUDED!


**NOTE: This is a VERY limited trip. We will only take approx. 20 people total on this trip!


Again, for more detailed information, please download the flyers here:



Hope to see you on a TPR trip in 2007!


--Robb Alvey


PS. There are still a *few* spots open for the MidWest 2007 and Spain 2007 trips too!


2007 Trips Update - October 7th, 2006:


Spain Is FULL!

However the "waitlist" is currently open. So if you're still interested, get us your deposit so you can be #1 on the waitlist!


Midwest HAS OPENINGS! NOTE: Only *FIVE* Spots as of 10/12/06

We had so much interest in the Midwest trip that we have decided to do two buses! I can only assure you that this is a GOOD thing! A lot of the US parks are much happier to give us stuff when we have 100 participants rather than 50, and with multiple trains on most coasters you should still never have to wait at ERT. You can ask our UK Trip Peeps...with 53 of us, sometimes the coasters were going half empty! We have 14 spots open for this great trip (with some ERT already confirmed!) so get your deposits in today!


Japan Will Have A Random Lottery!

Keep in mind you still have until October 12th to have a chance at this once in a lifetime TPR Adventure Tour! Yes there will be a lottery, but you'll have just as good of a chance as the others! This will be the smallest of our group trips at right around 30 participants, but it's sure to be amazing!



Please do not get discouraged if you do not make it into one of the trips on a lottery, or if you can't signup just yet, but think you may want to sign up at a later date. We have already had one drop for Spain and two drops for Japan! For the UK trip we had FOURTEEN Drops between October and May...that means FOURTEEN people made it into the trip either from the waitlist or signing up in the Spring!


Please keep those questions and deposits coming!



Hello Theme Park Review Members!!!!


Here is the news a lot of people have been waiting for! Our official announcement of our 2007 TPR Group Trips! (well, at least 2 out of 3 of them.)


Below are the links to the 2007 Mid-West USA Trip, the 2007 Spain Trip flyers, and the 2007 Japan Adventure Trip.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me or Elissa.


Look forward to seeing you on our trips next year!!!


2007 Spain Trip:


This 10 day trip will take to you the best parks in Spain (and pretty much

all of them) to ride well known coasters like Dragon Khan, Stampida,

Superman, Torando, Magnus Colossus, Port Aventura's new for 2007

Intamin Rocket Coaster, and much more!


2007 Mid-West Trip:


This 12 day trip will take you to some of the most well known parks in the USA! Cedar Point, Holiday World, Kings Island, Six Flags Great America, Wisconsin Dells, and MORE! If you are one of our "international" readers this trip would be GREAT for you as the dollar works in your favor!


2007 Japan Trip:


This 17 DAY Japan Tour will take place September 1st to September 16th, 2007 and focus on the lesser visited southern Japan parks including: Space World, Mitsui Greenland, Kijima, Central Park, Universal Osaka, Expoland, Tivoli Park, Parque Espana, Nagashima Spaland, Hamanako Pal Pal, Lagunasia, Fuji-Q, Tokyo Disney & MORE! There will be 20-24 parks in total!


The Japan trip is going to be what we are calling a TPR "Adventure Tour!" What does that mean? There won't be any main coach or bus, but instead we'll do the trip "Robb & Elissa Style" with bullet trains, busses, taxis, monorails, a bit of craziness and a LOT of fun! It will be a great exciting way to experience what getting around Japan is really like! Think of it as an "Amazing Race meets Theme Park Review" style of trip.


You will need Adobe Acrobat to read these flyers which you can get here:



If you have any questions, this is the place to ask them!




NOTE: We will also update the "events" page:



We have posted the transcript to the "2007 Group Trips Q&A Chat Session" please see this thread as many of your questions might have already been asked:




1. Q: "Do I need to be on the entire trip?"

A: Yes you do. In order to keep the trips more exclusive, at this time we are not planning to offer a "join us for a day, or part of the trip" option. If we did that, we run the risk of having hundreds of people show up on a certain day, and that would defeat our goal of having fewer people in order to get better ERT sessions.


2. Q: "What if I live locally?"

A: You are welcome to come meet up with us for the day, however you would not be able to join in on any "park perks" which includes ERT sessions, group meals, photo ops, etc. Even as a local, these trips should be a good value for your money considering the additional perks you will get.


3. Q: "What if I have a season pass?"

A: At this time we are not able to offer a discount for people who have season passes as the park will still charge us for each "special event ticket" per person (which could include your admission, ERT, meal, etc) which your season pass does NOT include. And even if we did, the discount would not equal the entire cost of the your pass, but a fraction of the price based on an assumed value of your visit that day. For example, a SFMM season pass cost $60 this year. Most people if they buy a pass will go to a park 5 times during a season. So you can assume each visit to the park would be worth about $12. Considering that most parks we visit you will get a meal or ERT worth at least that amount, it kind of makes giving a discount for passholders a little pointless. And when you're paying $2,000 for a trip, if $12 is a dealbreaker, well then, perhaps this isn't the trip for you.


4. Q: "If there is a lottery, are the members of the UK trip in that too?"

A: No. One of the perks for taking our trips is that you automatically have priority seating on future trips.


5. Q: "What about the Italy add-on?"

A: Once we have everyone signed up for the Spain trip we will discuss potential add-ons. The TusenFryd/Liseberg add-on for the UK trip was not part of the initial plans, it was originally just a Robb & Elissa 'side trip'. It just sort of "happened" that it became part of the official trip due to 1. the parks we were visiting (yay Balder) and 2. the reasonable price. At the moment the Italy add-on is pricing out to be about $400 more than UK Trip add-on due to more expensive flights and hotels (we HAVE to stay at a hotel with A/C during August in Italy!) We are looking into a few different add-on trip options, and this will be discussed in the Spain Trip Forum once the deposit deadline has closed.


And I must stress to everyone....please....




It has probably already been asked.


I hope this helps!

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Two more quick things!


As of 10pm tonight, the Midwest trip has had 23 people sign up! So sign up now for your chance to get in!


Also, I will be hosting a chat in our TPR Chatroom Wednesday, August 30 at 6pm Pacific Time, 9pm Eastern Time for any questions you might have!


Thanks again everyone!

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Most of the Spain peeps are sending in their deposits via the mail so I'd say we have about 20 people who said "it's in the mail", but we've only received a few via PayPal.

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And it would seem like most of the Spain people were on the UK trip so they know they don't have to get theirs in anytime soon!


--Robb "Just one of the benefits of doing our trips!" Alvey

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^It means that you will share a room with someone. There will be two beds in each hotel room.


If you want a room to yourself you'll have to pay a supplement, but that price has not been finalized yet.

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Hmmm. As soon as my bank lets me find out how much money I have in my bank i'll PayPal for the Spain trip.


I really cba to send a check to the USA lol. I don't trust the postal system anyway.

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I will be sending my deposit for Spain on Thursday via Paypal. I really hope I get on the trip.


So is there a lottery with everyone or just the people who didn't attend the UK trip?

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my parents are letting me go, because my mom just went to Wimbledon (she's a tennis pro at a country club in town) and she knows what its like to make a pilgrimage trip for something you looove. I just wish she would HOP TO IT WITH THE DEPOSIT ! But theres only 23 people signed up, so I still have time to get mine in.


If you send your deposit via mail, will you not count us as signed up until you get it?

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^ Lottery system. It does not matter when they get it as long as they get it before the deadline.


UKer's do not have to be in the lottery we already have our spot as long as we get the deposit in.


How do I know these things even though I have been a member for only a year. I read. Please read also so Robb and Elissa can spend their time doing more important things.

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I HATE my parents penny-pinching! They wouldn't even let me buy one of Robb's DVDs!


Wow your parents won't write a check for 4,000 since you would need a chaperone, plus tickets or gas to get there, plus the other two meals each day and souvenirs.


You are right they seem very ilrational to me.


For any interested for 2 people to go to the UK and Sweeden my total came to 7,000 not counting the 3 extra days in London. We were extremely frugal and it still came to that. I am just saying be prepared.

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^^^ Sorry about that...It was my first question since I was waiting for the flyer and it wasn't on the flyer that the Uk'ers didn't have to be in the lottery. But then I saw Rob's comment on page 1...so now I know thanks

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Deguy123 - just get the deposit in and don't stress about it, there are a lot of people who seem excited and want to go but can't do it (too young, no money, no vacation time). Sending the deposit in is the one thing you can control, even people that were originally on the wait list last year got bumped up as people dropped off the trip


There are a lot of people on this site, but not everybody can plan that far out. I remember last year coaster05, his wife and I didn't send our deposits in until pretty late, back when R&E were letting us know there were only 10 spots or so left.


One of the reasons I went on the UK Trip versus waiting another year was that R&E were upfront and told everyone the first participants would have priority for future trips for being their guinea pigs.

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Do I have a couple of days to talk with my prents about it?


Have you actually read the flyer? I mean this as nicely as possible, but it was stated very clearly that deposits must be postmarked by Sepetember 28th.



How come you're not coming to Italy???

I take it you didn't read that flyer either. It is the "optional addon" hence the discussion over the last month about a "Spain Trip with an Italy addon".



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Deguy123 - just get the deposit in and don't stress about it, there are a lot of people who seem excited and want to go but can't do it (too young, no money, no vacation time). Sending the deposit in is the one thing you can control, even people that were originally on the wait list last year got bumped up as people dropped off the trip


There are a lot of people on this site, but not everybody can plan that far out. I remember last year coaster05, his wife and I didn't send our deposits in until pretty late, back when R&E were letting us know there were only 10 spots or so left.


One of the reasons I went on the UK Trip versus waiting another year was that R&E were upfront and told everyone the first participants would have priority for future trips for being their guinea pigs.


Thanks...Well the deposit will be in Thursday no questions about that...I don't have to ask my parents if I can go...lol...I'll be 30 by then too....OH NO!...lol

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Robb,I have a question on Spain Trip 2007, that we are in Spain also we have to pay everything it?! I suppose that this price will be with plane included, but, I for example, do not need plane.


And other one asks, I have a SEASON PASS that allows me the free entry to all the thematic parks, except PortAventura, also it will be discounted?! It is that if it costs me more than 1.000 € I doubt much that he can represent :(... thank you for all

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^^why even post that. Or that^ All parks offer unique experiences.


Deguy I was not including you in my little speech. I was hoping you realized that since I joked with you about the reading comprehension class. If not my apologies.


Gurzu the price does not include airfare, as far as season passes I have no idea.


Like someone said Italy is an add on, hence why it is the SPAIN trip. Please read. I know some of you think we are being picky, but you have no idea how foolish this makes some of you look.


Second it is also insulting to others who do read the thread, but more importantly to R&E. They spend their free time doing all this research, calling parks, typing up information and posting flyers. That would easily amount to hours or days worth of time and you can't sacrifice a couple of minutes to read the things they have worked on. I may be older but that is a total sign of disrespect.

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Gurzu - Having season passes will not save you any money, you will still need to pay the full price. Robb and Elissa have to negotiate a group rate with each park so if you are part of the trip they are buying an admission ticket for you.


CocaColaBoy - you ask Why Isla Magica? I ask why not? After Coney Beach anyplace is possible.

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