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SeaWorld San Antonio Discussion Thread

P. 23: Fiesta del Mar event announced!

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18 hours ago, SharkTums said:

I hate to be that person, but, yeah, you missed out and messed up! Steel Eel in the back car is AMAZING!!!!!

I don't doubt you but the ops were so slow that day that even with qq a second ride was about a 30 -40 minute wait and eating apple strudel and ice cream at the Germany booth while listening to an accordion player do German tunes seemed a better use of my time.

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I visited the park for the first time today. It was a wonderful visit!

Texas Stingray surprised me. What an amazing wooden coaster. It has some great turns, quick airtime pops, a nice first drop (reminds me of GhostRider’s), and a decent length to it. Even though this was my first visit, it seems like a great addition to the park that was very much needed. I am glad this coaster managed to open a few weeks before the shutdown, otherwise it would probably still be closed like the rest of SeaWorld’s new coasters…

Steel Eel was also good. You really slam into your seat at the bottom of the hills in the back cars, but the airtime was very sustained and floaty. Horrible operations but the park wasn’t too busy so it didn’t matter. This is probably the best “hyper” west of the Mississippi, to be honest!

Wave Breaker was fine. It was cool to “ski” over the water, and the launches had a bit more kick than I expected, but it was all around pretty mild and definitely a family ride. It was my least favorite of the “big 4”, however the operations were very good and they ran two trains with very little stacking.

Great White was…well…Batman. I LOVE the Batman clones so this was a great ride as usual, but yeah, I can ride these anywhere. So I snagged a front row ride and called it good.

Overall the park impressed me. It was my first non-San Diego SeaWorld park, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We ended staying until early afternoon and headed to SFFT for the rest of the day. Texas Stingray was really the highlight! I hear the park is adding a Screamin’ Swing soon based on the pieces that have arrive on site, that will also be a great addition. I think this park has a nice future ahead of them.

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