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SeaWorld San Antonio Discussion Thread

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Great review!

This has me excited for our visit this Friday/Saturday (SFFT on Sunday). We fly in Friday morning and plan to go to the park in the evening after some other stops, but Saturday will be there all day. Look forward to trying out some of these foods, they look great!


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So this past Sunday, I made it back to SeaWorld San Antonio to help celebrate the 25th Birthday of the Great White roller coaster - and to try out the Seven Seas Food Festival booths I missed out on the last time.

Ray Gonzales (who's a member right here on the TPR forums, in addition to being one of the Marketing Guys for SWSA), Chuck and all the SW folks did a *fantastic* job, turning this into an event by inviting anyone with ACE or Thrill Seekers United (a Texas based group on FB) to sign up for the "party" and it included early entry into the park with ERT on both Tidal Surge and Texas Stingray for an hour before heading up to Great White for the Birthday Party as well as some ERT for 30 minutes as the park opened to the General Public.

here I am with some friends from TSU & ACE arriving at SeaWorld and sending a pic home to my Spouse to let him know I arrived.
to explain the pic - the day before I had sent home a picture of myself on the Carousel at SFFT, and had caught my friend Paige on the horse next to me in the pic.

my Spouse replied almost immediately, "LOL that woman next to you looks like she's having an orgasm"

of course, I showed the text to Paige, and to several friends and we laughed hysterically at it.
(hey, give him a break, he's an older gay man - he has no idea what a woman's orgasm looks like!).

So when I sent home the below pic, of COURSE the text said:  "Just here at SWSA having Orgasms"

(ain't I a stinker ?  :P)


Soon enough we were in the gates, and being walked back to Tidal Surge & Texas Stingray for morning ERT.

ooo. . Tidal Surge now has a *gorgeous* sign up out front.      


and it's running brilliantly.   I highly recommend the seats facing outwards towards the lagoon for your 1st ride.

after a couple of rides, I made my way over to Texas Stingray - stopping to admire the Turtles 1st.



TSU members "the Quirky Coaster Couple" had made Birthday Hats fro Great White, and several of us wore them.

here's Erica, Ray G. and Myself, in our party hats, after a ride on Texas Stingray.



after ERT was done, we headed over to Great White as a group, and Ray gave a short speech about the Birthday.

I did not know that Great White was the FIRST Rollercoaster ever built at a SeaWorld park!   So not only was it 25 years old on Sunday, but it's the Granddaddy of all the SW coasters!


Unlike a regular Birthday party, the attendees got gifts today!  cookies, and a nice "Tidal Surge" shoulder bag!


and they announced the 1/2 hour ERT on the coaster for those attending. . . so that was a lovely surprise!


the front entrance of this coaster is so impressive.

here's Ray G posing with some of the party attendees.


once our morning Birthday Party was over, attendees all split up and headed into the park.    We headed over to Wave Breaker to grab a walk on ride (before the crowds made it back to this side of the park), while Amy from TSU killed time waiting until the Seven Seas Food Festival started selling alcohol :p   (since it's Texas on Sunday).

here's Me, Erika, Juan, and Amy


and then it hit the "magic" hour of 11:30 am, and the Seven Seas Food Booths started serving. . . and so with my 12 remaining punches, we started off to hit the booths I had missed the other week.

1st up?  Japan:


the Tuna Tataki not only looked very similar to the picture advertising it?  but was really fantastic!
Absolutely a must get, at the festival.


the Gyoza were crisp, with a refreshingly tangy Ginger dipping sauce.
either they were out of the slaw, or the just got made incorrectly, but everyone at our table who got the Gyoza got the little salad, instead of the advertised slaw.

while they weren't the "best Gyoza I've ever had" (those would be in Japan), they were very good.


these are the sticky ribs a friend got, and tho she said the meat was tender, they didn't have a whole lot of flavor.   So not a bad choice at the Japan booth, but I think there are better options.


the Green Tea Ice Cream, with Pocky sticks, was really good too.    So another suggestion to try here.


This time, we had timed it well and got to watch the Taiko Drummers.  

what a fun, and entertaining, performance.



after finishing up at Japan, we headed towards Greece & Italy. . stopping along the way for a photo op I hadn't noticed the other day:


hey, what can I say. . mentally, I've a 14 year old !



and can't pass up a chance to "pose with/ touch the balls" at Korea either!


and then we were at Greece, and my tummy was screaming "feed me!!!"


the Gyro (without the tomato at my request) - had a fantastic Tzatziki sauce, and some super tender and flavorful lamb and beef. . . with the only letdown being a very gummy and undercooked pita (which I left, but ate all the rest of it)


the Lamb Slider is the home run at this booth!   Incredibly flavorful with just the perfect amount of spice in the Feta spread.  And a super soft roll.

Amazing, and highly recommended.


the Shawarma looked really good, but any part of it that didn't have that fantastic sauce on it ate very dry, unfortunately.
It's good, but I'd suggest asking for more of the sauce, as that's what makes this eat much better.

but pleasantly the Naan bread was fantastic on this, and I loved every bite of that.


the Greek Yogurt Ice Cream is interesting.

the flavor is a very pleasant Honey. . but the consistency is a little odd - it was kinda like eating taffy?    But I liked it.


Right next door to Greece is Italy.

the Flatbreads here are very popular, and because they make them fresh?  the line is very slow moving.  Even a short line can take up to 25 minutes. .and the kids / teenagers all seemed to flock to this booth.   Just a warning, this might have the longest line at the Festival.


this is the Chicken Margherita flatbread with a Blood Peach Bellini on the left & and Frozen Espresso Martini on the right.

was told the Flatbread was delicious, and between the two drinks?  everyone preferred the Bellini, but said the Expresso was ok.



this is the Chocolate Chip Cannoli. . . which had *just* the right amount of tartness, and exactly as much sweetness as I wanted.

this one might be my favorite "desert" I tried. .or perhaps 2nd to the incredible Rum Raisin Ice Cream at Jamaica or the Black Sesame Ice Cream in Korea - tho folks also raved about the Apple Strudel in Germany & the Pina Colada Ice cream in Hawaii)


ooo.. another photo op back here?  with Tidal Surge in the background?

yes please!



We then headed over to Mexico so some of my friends could try out the Margarita there. . . and planned to loop back around to go see the Penguins (a must do!).

but we passed Ray Gonzales walking around the park with some of the ACE group (that had helped organize the ERT earlier), and we thanked him/them for such a great day!

they asked if we had ridden all the coasters (and we actually had, other than Steel Eel - which I was gonna pass on today, as my back was a bit sore from so much riding yesterday at SFFT, and I didn't want the airtime drops to mess it up). .and he was surprised that we hadn't ridden Grover's Soapbox coaster.

now. . I don't do Kiddie coasters.  Like ever - tho I did ride Wilderness Run one year at Coastermania, strictly because it's the 1st Intamin.  

But Ray insisted I should give it a ride, because SWSA is one of the few parks where they don't discourage adults from riding it (and to be fair, there are a few rides in Sesame Street Bay of Play that are perfectly suitable for adults too).    So I agreed - at his perseverance - to at least give it a look.

Once i saw this car was available tho?  yeah..I gave in and credit whored for the kiddie coaster!   LOL



^as to those restraints?  OH MY !!!  and I thought "the green meanie" over on Tidal Surge made it so one had to be really careful getting into the seats! 



we also rode the Carousel while over here - but after all that food?  yeah, the seatbelt wouldn't click for me today!  HA!. . so I stood up to ride the carousel today 😛

Juan & Erica wanted to ride this "spin and puke" ride. . I rode "bench" while they rode this - again, this is in the Sesame Street Area!


but just look at that face on the young lady behind them! 

BWAAAA-HAAAA-HAAAAAA (and the best part is how oblivious to her Juan & Erika are to her!)



and because I like being proven correct?  

Juan got off this feeling a bit nauseous  -  but at least we got him on Tidal Surge once he'd had some liquid courage.  He REALLY didnt' want to do it, and I thought he'd leave the line a couple of times while we waited for the prior cycle to finish.
but he rode it and loved it!

as we were headed to Brazil to finish off the day with 4 clicks - I had a tupperware in my bag, so I could take Empanadas home (!). . we saw that Big Bird and Tally Monster were out!

you bet I got in line for that . . . tho Big Bird was acting very strange, doing an odd "stare" thing at me. . so yeah, a bit awkward in the pics, but makes me love them even more!








and then it was just after 4pm, and it had been a very long weekend (and a great day at SWSA). . so I packed up my Empanadas, and hit the road.

Seven Seas is a GREAT food festival, and well worth a visit to SWSA just for that. . . but so is Tidal Surge, Texas Stingray, Great White, and Penguins! more reasons to visit the park.

And yes, the Empanadas were fantastic for lunch on Monday with an incredible chimichurri sauce!


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So, my son and I made our first ever trip to this park yesterday, and we had a great time! It was hot as hades, and especially for us Northerners, so we cut out early, at 5:00, but we still got to do everything we wanted to, multiple times!

We started the day off with a front row ride, first train of the day, on Steel Eel. We enjoyed the ride, especially the first half, as the air time was great. However, we found the airtime a bit lackluster on the return trip to the station, which was surprising. That was soon changed, however, as our second ride, in the back row, blew us out of our seats (literally), and committed acts of violence against us on that return trip! What a difference the back row was, from the front, in intensity! Feeling thrilled, but a little bit like abused lovers, we moved on, returning at the end of our day for our last ride of the day in the 3rd row from the back for a similar ride. Steel Eel is a smallish "hyper", but man, it definitely packs a punch!

Next up we rode Wave Breaker: Rescue Coaster, and the best way I can describe it is "fun!" Not super intense, and not the best coaster at the park, but definitely fun, and very re-rideable! We ended up getting 5 rides on it throughout the day, both front row, back row, and a few other locations, and it was always an enjoyable experience wherever we sat.

Great White came next, and it was what it was. A Batman clone with a better paint job, and a one and done for us. Definitely not a bad coaster, but the Batman clones are near the bottom of my favorite Inverts, and this ended up being the least favorite of our coasters at the park.

Here's where we rode what ended up being the highlight of the day: Texas Stingray! it blew us both away with how great it was! It immediately became our 2nd favorite GCI coaster, and with enough re-rides, could overtake Mystic Timbers, though that'd be a tough task. It was relentless in its speed, and intensity, peppered with pops of airtime throughout its duration! An amazing, awesome wooden coaster experience, and a fantastic addition to the park, clearly! We rode in the front multiple times, in the back multiple times, and a few other places as well, en route to 7 rides on this masterpiece! Well done GCI and SWSA, well done!

In addition to the coasters, we enjoyed a couple rides on Sea Swinger, and Rip Tide, which was fantastic! We rode both times facing the water as we swung, which added to the experience greatly over Thunderhawk. I love Screamin' Swings to begin with, and this one takes the cake as my favorite so far!

We also took in the Orca Experience show, which is always a must-do for me whenever I go to a Sea World park. It was great, as usual!

I don't know if every day is like this, but we had almost no waits the entire day. We pretty much walked up and were next in line on EVERY SINGLE RIDE we had! The one time it wasn't like that, at Texas Stingray, after the Orca Experience let out nearby, we used our free Quick Queue passes that we had from our Platinum Passes, and we made it like that again. When we re-rode after that ride, it was walk on again! So that was an awesome element of the day as well!

As for the food and drink experience, we had great food everywhere we went, with brisket from the Smokehouse Grill, and Pretzel Wrapped Sausage on a Stick from the Pretzel Kitchen! I must also speak highly of the Chill Out Bar, as it provided a great, cool environment, with a chill vibe, and yummy adult beverages, as well as a live DJ, to take a break from the blistering heat for a bit.

All in all, it was a great day at this new to us park, and another great SEAS park, from what is arguably my favorite Amusement Park chain! I know a lot of people give them crap, and sure, they've had a bit of drama in recent years. But I love what SEAS is doing with their parks, and I ALWAYS have a great time when I visit one of them!

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This might be a Bert question but open to all Platinum Members. How do I get a ticket for my niece for Busch Gardens Williamsburg and apply my Platinum Discount? The SWSA site does not seem to have that option and when I go the the BGW website I went all the way to checkout and don't see where I enter my platinum credentials.  I was trying to see if this would save me money vs using the 4th of July special.  I'm bummed I can't use a bring a guest free since it's not my homepark. (which I didn't see when I bought the thing). Or if anyone knows the discounted ticket amount for July 27 or 28 that would help. Oh and Happy 4th of July folks!

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SeaWorld San Antonio has sent us a press release announcing the addition of a new water flume coaster, the first of its kind to feature a launch along with the steepest drop on a flume attraction. The combination of these and more features make Catapult Falls a thrilling new addition for the park which will launch in 2023.



SeaWorld San Antonio today announced the construction of a NEW water flume coaster, Catapult Falls, coming in 2023. The first-of-its-kind ride combines the thrill of a launched roller coaster, the excitement of a vertical lift elevator that lifts riders above the theme park, and a water flume ride with the steepest drop, to produce multiple rushes of adrenaline as well as moments of exciting splashes to cool guests down.



“Catapult Falls will be the perfect addition to our already fantastic line up of family rides,” said Byron Surrett, SeaWorld San Antonio President. “Not only will it provide thrills for those wanting the exhilaration of a coaster-type ride, but being a water ride, it will give guests one more way to cool down in the hot Texas temperatures.  It will be the perfect family adventure ride.”


World’s First Launched Flume Coaster and Steepest Drop in a Flume Attraction

Guests will experience the world’s first launched flume coaster! Eleven boats, each with eight riders, will catapult through the launch at speeds of 30 feet per second, allowing riders to feel the rush of a coaster while experiencing the rocking and swaying of riding on a track of water.  Once at the peak of the ride, guests will experience the world’s steepest drop in a flume attraction! Angled at a staggering 53 degrees, the chute plummets riders into a watery splashdown at over 37 miles per hour. The duration of this one-of-a-kind attraction is in excess of five minutes, making for a wonderful family adventure.


North America’s Only Vertical Lift Flume Coaster

After winding through a series of twists and turns, Catapult Falls uses a state-of-the-art elevator, the only one on the continent in an attraction of this kind, to lift guests up seven feet per second to reach a height of over 55 feet. The breathtaking views don’t last long as the ride prepares guests for the ultimate plunge!


Catapult Falls makes its debut in 2023 joining an impressive collection of thrill rides including the Great White, a floorless inverted coaster; the Steel Eel, a hyper-coaster that takes guest through a series of gravity defying camelbacks; Texas Stingray, the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Texas; Wave Breaker: the Rescue Coaster, where guests board jet ski-like cars and join SeaWorld’s Rescue Team to help an animal in need; and Tidal Surge, the world’s tallest and fastest ride of its kind.


Best Way to Play

Be among the very first to brave the all-new adventure on Catapult Falls – Pass Members will have the unique perk of being among the first to ride this exciting new attraction, plus experience unlimited thrills time and time again with a SeaWorld Season Pass or Annual Pass.  For a limited time, guests who purchase a Season Pass will get unlimited admission for all of 2023, the rest of 2022 for free, and a free Aquatica 2023 Season Pass all for as low as $94.99! This incredible deal also includes free parking and discounts on in-park offerings. For even more unbeatable benefits, guests can upgrade to a SeaWorld Annual Pass for as low as $6.99/month. With an Annual Pass, guests will enjoy 12 months of visits with special benefits like free parking, free guest tickets, access to special VIP events, savings on merchandise and more!

Theme park enthusiasts can take advantage of these unbeatable offers that allow for fun at the biggest and best theme park in Texas.  Admission to popular events like Howl-O-Scream, Christmas Celebration, and the Seven Seas Food Festival are included when guests purchase an Annual or Season Pass!  These amazing deals on Annual and Season Passes can be purchased now at SeaWorldSanAntonio.com. 

About SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. 

SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: SEAS) is a leading theme park and entertainment company providing experiences that matter, and inspiring guests to protect animals and the wild wonders of our world. The Company is one of the world’s foremost zoological organizations and a global leader in animal welfare, training, husbandry, and veterinary care. The Company collectively cares for what it believes is one of the largest zoological collections in the world and has helped lead advances in the care of animals. The Company also rescues and rehabilitates marine and terrestrial animals that are ill, injured, orphaned or abandoned, with the goal of returning them to the wild. The SeaWorld® rescue team has helped more than 39,500 animals in need over the Company’s history.  SeaWorld Entertainment, Inc. owns or licenses a portfolio of recognized brands including SeaWorld®, Busch Gardens®, Aquatica®, Sesame Place® and Sea Rescue®. Over its more than 60-year history, the Company has built a diversified portfolio of 12 destination and regional theme parks that are grouped in key markets across the United States, many of which showcase its one-of-a-kind zoological collection. The Company’s theme parks feature a diverse array of rides, shows and other attractions with broad demographic appeal which deliver memorable experiences and a strong value proposition for its guests. 

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This seems like a really cool addition that I'm sure will be really popular.


Do we know the manufacturer of this? Is it Intamin? If so I do have to wonder about their track record with this kind of ride system. Their last 2 flumes in America aren't open any more, I guess there's still a couple operating overseas that seem to be doing fine, but hopefully they've got the issues figured out and this thing is a success, which I'm sure it will be.

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Great addition to SeaWorld San Antonio honestly.  The park really needs to fill out the large amount of space it has with more attractions and exhibits.  Both this ride and Tidal Surge are excellent additions to the parks lineup.  More water rides in Texas is always a good move.  

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^^ it won't be very popular. . but it WILL be a great addition.

the vertical lift is going to scare people and they won't ride it - same thing happened with Tidal Surge (which is INCREDIBLE. . and never has a line because folks are scared of it).   Similarly, Journey to Atlantis rarely has a line because folks see that backwards "roller coaster" section and go. . "nuh - uh" . . .   oh, on super hot days it will get a shortish line (tho lots will hang around the "Splash zone" to get wet. . . but otherwise, it's always a short wait.

SWSA really needs more water rides, since it's such a hot area, and there's not a whole lot of shade.  so it's a great addition. . but the only water ride that ever gets a line is the Rio Loco (Rapids ride). .as if the waterfalls are on, the entire boat gets SOAKED. . and people flock to it for that reason.

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was at the park yesterday all day for a fantastic visit for Howl-o-Scream, that included a fun backstage tour of the new ride construction site, as well as daytime walkthru of two of the houses.


I'll try to get some pics up later today in a brief trip report!


but will share:  per Ray Gonzales from SWSA PR team?  the ride experience from boarding to unboarding is ~*five minutes* . . . so tho it certainly LOOKS like a shortish ride?  it's apparently not.

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Had a fantastic time at SWSA yesterday. . . including two behind the scenes tours of "the Swamp" house from last year, and the new "Dis-Assembly Line". . . as well as a tour of the construction site for the new Catapult Falls.

it was good to get out of the house, and actually had "fun" for the first time in months!

have lots of pics from the Houses (as we got the skip the line fear passes included as well. . .and can post those if anyone is interested).   But just a short report from yesterday, mainly of pics from Catapult Falls, and the scare actors in the scare zones out on the walkways:




behinds the scenes, baby. . the benefit of going to an event run by Thrill Seekers United. . . just a great group of people, from a FB group focused on Central Texas.


Ray G from SWSA is a really good guy (got a nice hug from him as he hadn't seen me in 4 months due to my husband's illness/passing). 

he led the small groups (groups of 12) on the hardhat tour of the site.



where the big splashdown will be




they reused a lot of the existing structures that were remaining from the old log flume. . but are repurposing.

where the wood is, is going to be the LIM launch portion




these are the footers that will support the big splashdown (steepest in USA). . and further back are the footers for the lift mechanism for this drop (have a pic of that coming up)


the new ride won't interact with Steel Eel - as you come in and exit from the right side. . . but it gets pretty close, and you'll be able to see riders from both rides as zooming by






the splashdown pond and turn around back into the station at ride end




the footers for the vertical lift before the big final drop


scare actors roam thru multiple different scream zones at Hall-o-scream. .  it rings the lagoon.

these ladies are the new "Sirens" that go with the new Atlantis house area.




over by the Vampire area


dance party with acrobats are now in front of Shamu Stadium (while there is another DJ / dance party going over by the Pengins across the lagoon, with more "Cirque" performers)




Scare Actor hovering around outside of Milton Manor. . scaring the crap out of folks with his shovel.


I think these ladies are headed to the Penguin area as performers


such as this guy


and these guys (that's a trampoline at the bottom of the drop)




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Taking bets now on how long until this ride pulls a Shoot The Rapids/Pilgrim’s Plunge! I can’t think of a better idea than trying to maintain a launch system consistently interacting with water. Ride totally looks fun! I just don’t see it standing the test of time. It won’t be here 2027 season is my bet.

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got asked to post some of the "house" pics. . so will.


keep in mind, "the Swamp" and one of the new Houses:   "Disassembly Line". . pics were taken earlier in the day during a lights on walk thru. . so that's why the pics are a bit clearer, and no scare actors.
(tho I might have taken a few when we went thru later with the actors in place).

"the Swamp". . .new house last year (2021)














"Dis-Assembly Line" - new house this year:









a LOT of the mannequins in here look like they are based on Michael Berryman (Hills Have Eyes)
(tho later at night, there were a TON of scare actors mixed in with the sets as well)





























"Karver's Kradle" - aka: the creepy Dolls house . . a classic house at SWSA
(one of the shortest houses, but still well done. . .in particular the "mirror" room - which I didn't get any pics of this year)











"Milton Creek Manor" . . another classic, permanent house at SWSA.

This one tends to have the really high tech animatronics, like a high-end haunted house would have (hence, the line moves slow,  as things break quite a bit..tho they try to make up for it with more scare actors if the effects are acting up.





















"Zombie Horde". . .the only outdoor house, and tho it's really just scare actors?   it's one of my favorites. . such creepy atmosphere!


















and finally, the OTHER new house this year: 

"Atlantis: the cursed chasm"  (importing the Sirens from SWO)


























oh. . one new thing they are doing, which I'll mention, is you can pay extra on your fear pass, and you get a little neon glowsitck to wear.   That glowstick guarantees you to go thru the "Deadly Detour" - extra rooms/sections in the houses.    

Personally we didn't pay for the deadly detour upgrade. . but in at least two of the houses (Swamp, and Zombie Horde), the attendant at the detour, directed some of use (I got included both times) thru the Deadly Detour. . I guess to split up the crowds, or to give the fear actors in the extra rooms some "business").

for me?  not worth the upcharge. .but if you're already purchasing the fear pass to skip the line?  why not go for it, I guess?



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  • 1 month later...

^it was supposed to start yesterday online (the first day of the Holiday Lights festival).


I suspect it's gonna be in the $70 range for the single park/including parking.  (don't know for sure, but just a feeling)




and I won't reveal my source, but will say it's someone high up in the park and knows what they are talking about.    But JUST had the conversation with them less than a week ago, as my pass expires in about 2 weeks and have gotten NO email or notification from them.

and the exact words to me were:    "SWSA is notorious among passholders for terrible email communications for a reason"


so take that for what it's worth.

(and no, still never got an email about renewal offers, but was told that my best offer is going to be the Black Friday sale, and to keep an eye online for when that happens)

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I get emails most every day from San Antonio.  Got one yesterday for the pre-Black Friday sale.  Not uncommon to get 2 in a day.  I haven't been a passholder there in a couple years.

Platinum is down to $190 currently.

Side note, seems the park president here is leaving.  Not sure I've seen that mentioned.

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55 minutes ago, tndank said:

I get emails most every day from San Antonio.  Got one yesterday for the pre-Black Friday sale.  Not uncommon to get 2 in a day.  I haven't been a passholder there in a couple years.

Platinum is down to $190 currently.

Side note, seems the park president here is leaving.  Not sure I've seen that mentioned.

I'm sure I've asked this before, but does anyone know if the SEAS Platinum Pass needs to be activated at the park where its purchased first before it can be used at other parks?  $190 is a hell of a deal compared to the $408 that BGW is charging.

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^I know in the past, yes, it did have to be activated at the home park first. But then you can just keep renewing and not have to go back.  Robb and I have Texas passes and KT has a San Diego one just based on where we were when we needed the pass!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Coming soon to SWSA - in the store that connects the walkway by Beluga Stadium with Sesame Street area.

not very well "hidden". . so I'm guessing they want folks talking about it.   SWSA is getting a Build-a-Bear!

i'm not gonna lie. . I'll TOTALLY do this, as i love that Hammerhead Shark "only in this store" offering!




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38 minutes ago, Nrthwnd said:

^ I'm wondering what that sticker on their left paw, is for?

If it actually is, for something...

Hmmmm. 🐋

It's been 21+ years since I've done a Build-a-Bear, but I believe that indicates that the speech box is located there so that's where you squeeze.

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