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Valleyfair (VF) Discussion Thread

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I drove by Valleyfair earlier today and was able to take a pic of the new paint on the older water slides in Soak City. Once they've finished with painting the slides it's going to look so much nicer than before.


The slide painting also makes me wonder what the plans for the future of the waterpark are now. I had the feeling that those slides would soon be on the chopping block and something new would be built there, but now that they'll be staying for at least the foreseeable future, it’ll have to be somewhere else.


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Suppose things go like this:


2018: Delirous Opens. Heavy machinery comes in and starts scooping out dirt from behind the parking lot and dumping it into the swamp next to Excalibur. Farewell party help for Excalilbur. The return of Enterprise is announced for next year


2019 The new employee road is open. Excalibur is leveled and work switches to flattening the area and the area of the former road. Announcement is another cheap flat


2020 The new parking lot opens with a temporary gate to the back Next years announcement is a huge waterpark expansion


2021 The back of the waterpark is completely redone and the slides are scrapped.


Paint isn't expensive and Valleyfair gets three seasons of it looking nice.

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Honestly though, that would be a perfect addition for Valleyfair. A smooth, looping steel coaster that’s cheap, compact, highly visible, and highly marketable. Not saying it will happen, but it would really bridge a gap in the park’s lineup for sure.


Edit: This post is referring to an RMC Raptor, by the way, since it’s on a new page.

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Could definitely see a Hangtime @ Knotts type coaster or a RMC Raptor going in at Valleyfair in the next couple years rather than a B&M. Makes more $$$ sense these days. Especially for a smaller park like Valleyfair.

All jokes aside, if they do tear out Excalibur, a custom Raptor/T-Rex would be perfect for that space.

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What would Cedar Fair hope to achieve by dropping a couple million dollars on Valleyfair with a B&M or Raptor? Yes, it will bring in some additional guests, but that can be accomplished by putting in a small scale attraction (like a Larson Loop), instead of investing in a multi-million dollar ride. In addition I can't see it tearing people away from competitors because fankly, there are no competitors in the area if I'm not mistake.

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Just checking out the Shakopee building permits for VF and found a new one issued on 12/6/2017. The description is 'Shade Foundation' with a total value of $20,000 (did not capture that in the screen shot). Anybody know what this is about or where it might go? Could it just be the foundation for Delirious? Like all parks VF could use more shade and a tunnel/canopy shade cover like they have at Adventureland would be welcomed.


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