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  1. I found some recent satellite images of Valleyfair and figured I would share some of the additions and changes I noticed: New corn cart building New drink stand in the front of the park The dinosaurs and pathing has been removed from the former location of Dinosaurs Alive (part of) Looping starship has been moved in front of Berserkers The former location of Looping Starship Some trees have been removed from behind bumper cars. I doubt this means anything, but figured I might as well include it A small new building was added to the backstage area of the park
  2. I saw police cars and firetrucks rushing towards the front of the park, and was told by one of the head security guards that the Superior Stage had burned down. However, I didn't actually see the stage myself.
  3. The Superior Stage was nice while it lasted...about an hour ago the whole stage burned down.
  4. I'm interested in seeing how this area of the park will be used for a scare zone, especially since Blood on the Boundary Waters is themed to cabins in the forest.
  5. Valleyfair recently announced two new scare zones Blood on the Boundary Waters: The second scare zone is called "Darkness Awaits" and is just described as "Darkness Awaits – enter at your own risk…"
  6. I'm guessing the park will do something with the land riptide used to occupy for 2020. I could see a small flat ride or new dining location being added. I think the water park expansion will most likely happen in 2021 or 2022.
  7. This is Valleyfair we're talking about, not Cedar Point. Just because a large attraction is being removed doesn't mean we're getting a new coaster. I think something like Forbidden Frontier is far more likely to replace dinosaurs alive than a new coaster.
  8. This is probably the only time people have been excited about brakes being ADDED to a ride
  9. So...does this mean next year the park is adding a flat ride where the Midway stage currently is? With the addition of the new stage, I'm not really sure what the Midway stage will be used for
  10. Valleyfair recently announced a new Peanuts Celebration event which reflects what was said in the recent Cedar Fair conference call about the company focusing on new events instead of rides. In the event's announcement, the park said there would be shows at the superior stage, Loon Landing stage, and Peanuts Pavilion. I've never heard of any of these places before, and it doesn't look like there are any new permits indicating that Valleyfair is building new stages. Has anyone heard of these places before?
  11. Valleyfair pretty much confirmed that they aren't getting any major additions any time soon. This comment was on a recent facebook livestream:
  12. It looks like the waterpark at MOA is a step closer to being built. It is supposed to be the largest indoor water park in North America, and will hopefully open by 2021. http://www.startribune.com/bloomington-details-plans-for-massive-indoor-water-park-by-mall-of-america/499090931/ An updated rendering of a 250,000 square foot indoor water park proposed in front of the Mall of America in Bloomington.
  13. https://bringmethenews.com/minnesota-news/valleyfair-increases-security-after-fight-fueled-evacuation
  14. I wonder how much of the original structure of Gwazi is going to be used for the RMC. I'm guessing that gwazi is in pretty bad shape after just sitting there a few years and going through a hurricane.
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