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  1. Just checked the webcam. Absolutely massive progress on the vertical construction in one day!
  2. I'm tired so this is all over the place, but. Cedar Fair circa 2013 is who thought they sucked, not me. Having never ridden a Windseeker, how could I know? Others are saying the windseeker is not as thrilling as the star flyer, per their experience. Take that up with them. And of course I was disappointed we didn't have a windseeker installed years ago! But I'll still take the star flyer instead in 2017 with no complaints. Not even Mount Olympus had messed theirs up. That's a good sign for our maintenence dept. Easy breezy. You also can't claim the Windseeker wasn't a source of bad press for the Cedar Fair. You'd simply be ignoring 2013 happened. Nor could you know if Valleyfair would have gotten a working model or a defective model. There was obviously a combination of bad enough press with high enough risk for the deal to be dissolved by Cedar Fair. And that was a smart move on the part of Cedar Fair whether I like it or not... I wouldn't want Valleyfair throwing 5 million at a new windseeker just for it to be moved to Michigan's Adventure. If we'd have gotten one that needed to be removed, what a waste that would have been. And most likely that would erase any star flyer possibility in the future. I don't need to convince myself Windseekers suck to be excited for a star flyer, I'm just acknowledging that Cedar Fair might be more adventurous than I thought. I never thought they'd go for a star flyer instead of a windseeker simply because the rides are similar, but never say never I guess. Ultimately VF is just getting another element that Worlds of Fun already has. So it's a ride model that people tend to find more thrilling than the WOF model; don't be negative while we're still playing catch-up with the rest of the chain.
  3. Or fortunately, depending on your perspective. How awful would it have been if Cedar Fair had Windseekers installed in every park and they started having issues chain-wide at the same time?
  4. I know I am! But I'm really really hoping they'll stick this in the Wild Thing turnaround instead of on Enterprise's pad. Would make my inner RCT player very happy.
  5. If Mount Olympus's Manticore hasn't tipped over yet, then a star flyer at Valleyfair should have very little maintenance-related downtime.
  6. Cedar Fair learned its lesson with the Windseekers and their reliability. Star Flyers seem to be much more reliable and still provide good opportunity for light effects at night, although not on the scale of the Windseeker. I'm extremely satisfied with this addition.
  7. Any recent height variance applications floating around Shakopee/airport resources?
  8. I imagine they'll go with a Sky Roller as opposed to a Delirium clone. Isn't a Sky Roller cheaper?
  9. I could see Enterprise possibly being put back in its spot after a year of rehab, just leaving the pad empty in the meantime. Would LOVE to see a Windseeker/Sky Roller/Slingshot or other tall flat put in the Wild Thing turnaround. That area has been begging for a cool flat ride for years.
  10. Well, I guess we're waiting for mid-August for confirmation at this point.
  11. Well...they never said which park the announcement would be for...lol.
  12. I thought it looked more like Prowler than Renegade. POVs are on the announcement page in the Kings Island thread.
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