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Valleyfair (VF) Discussion Thread

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^ The best one imo in Mr. Cleavers Bloodshed.

Oh yeah I definitely remember that one. What about the new ones? Any of them stand out? The ones I remember was London Terror, Camp Weikilo, and Hillside Farms... How are their replacements?


Hey there! I work at the park as a scare actor and can give you the rundown on the newer mazes.


Beserkers Unleashed. MUCH better than last year! It's a traditional walk through with zombie-like vikings. There are some cool special effects rooms there.


Dark Harvest. This is the maze I work at. Usually I'm running the front door. I'm holding the naked, satanic baby. Very hard to miss! It's similar to Hellside Farm but in a new location and about 2x as long! I'm biased cause it's my maze, but it is quite good!


Depending on how long it's been since your last visit, Human(e) Habitat and Zombie High might be new to you. Human(e) is really good. They have some great scare set ups. Zombie High is really fun, although not too scary. They have great set pieces!


Because of the lovely weather and MEA I would recommend a Fast Pass/Skeleton Key if you can afford it. There are special rooms just for Skeleton Key holders (A Drag Queen fortune teller that is hysterical, a secret room in Zombie High, a few Wild West themed attractions and the Skeleton Key room for Human(e) Habitat is the scariest thing in the park (that is, if you hate total darkness).


If you see me with my dolly be sure to say "Hi"!

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I went last night and thought it was really fun. Only got on 3 rides (Xtreme Swing, WT, and PT) and 2 haunted houses (Dark harvest and Berzerkers). I wish it wasn't so busy but it was MEA so I do kind of blame myself. Also wish the houses were a. It more scary. A lot of people standing around and not scaring the guests.

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At most parks, 40 degrees seems to be the cutoff point for the roller coasters but can't say for sure that it's the case for Valleyfair. From what I've heard, Friday and Saturday are usually very busy on closing weekend and Sunday is mostly quiet but the forecast might change that.

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^ Me neither. I don't ever remember it even snowing since Haunt has been in place at VF. Rode Wild Thing three years ago when it was 42 degrees but no snow. My eyes watered really bad on that first drop due to the cold. Of course as a Minnesotan I took great pride in this in riding at this temperature.

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Its closing weekend just curious it's supposed to snow this weekend. Will all the rides/roller coasters be open for the final weekend? Is there a certain temperature that the roller coasters wont be open? How will the crowds be on the final weekend?


Honestly this is a tough call, and with a high of 39 degrees on Saturday it's cutting it close.


I've personally been to Kings Dominion, Cedar Point and Carowinds with temperatures in the 30's to start the day and I've seen how all of them have handled this and it's sort of inconsistent with certain rides opening below 30 degrees and others waiting until that threshold is met. We rode Kings Dominion's log flume while waiting for it to be warm enough for them to run the coasters. Think about that for a minute.


Generally they won't start a B&M or Intamin coaster until it reaches 40 degrees. Carowinds did run Vortex but that's the only exception I've ever seen to this rule. Every other B&M and Intamin coaster at all 3 parks started when it was exactly 40 degrees including Fury on it's opening day when it had a 3 hour queue built up and every radio station in the city there to cover it. They don't budge on this even if they're only 1 degree off. Obviously this only applies to Steel Venom though since it's the only B&M or Intamin coaster in the park.


They seem to have no issue running wood coasters or Arrow coasters below that temperature. None of those parks have Morgan coasters so I can't really offer a guess on Wild Thing.


I really hate to do this because I hate when enthusiasts stay stupid sh*t with no source for their information whatsoever but I have a blind theory that sounds legitimate but should be taken with a grain of salt because I'm pulling it straight out of my a**. Seriously, don't apply much weight to this.


My guess is that Arrow coasters and old wood coasters probably don't even have temperature limits. It probably wasn't something they thought of back then. Parks were rarely ever open in colder climates before Memorial Day or after Labor Day so it probably never came up and back then people didn't need to spell everything out in ridiculous detail in giant instruction manuals / disclaimers because it wasn't as much of a litigious society. This sort of explains why Vortex is the only B&M I've ever seen a Cedar Fair park run below the limit. It was the 3rd coaster B&M ever built, it opened in 1992. They probably never even thought of it. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't have a limit just because they never thought of giving it one.


My guess (and that's all that it is) is that the coasters to watch are Steel Venom and Wild Thing. Renegade probably has a limit but wood coaster limits are usually below 40 degrees. Kings Dominion, Cedar Point and Carowinds ran all of their wood coasters before the steel coasters opened (though I guess none of them were modern rides) but Mystic Timbers is open for Winterfest so the chain probably feels pretty good about running a GCI in the cold.


And once again... what I just said is a theory that's not based on anything whatsoever other than seeing what rides opened below 30 degrees in Cedar Fair parks and which didn't and figuring out what the rides in each group have in common. Don't take it as gospel. It could very well be bullsh*t.

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And they had problems keeping Renegade operating and eventually just shut down Steel Venom. Normally a lot of people leave after 11 but it was especially pronounced last night, once people had done the mazes they saw no reason to stick around in the cold. Parking lot was more than half empty when I left at 11:20


As for the waterpark painting, if they were planning the big expansion next year they'd knock the slides down instead of painting them.

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Went today as well. Park opened with Renegade and Steel Venom then it wasn't until about 2:00 that Wild Thing opened. Saw Corkscrew test but wasn't there long enough to see if it opened.


(BTW did Renegade get completely new trains this season? I know they got the retractable seat belts but it was a tight squeeze for me even though i have lost 30 pounds between this season and last. Never had a struggle before.)

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Looks like some of the older slides in Soak City are finally getting some color.


Could this be a sign that Soak City will be expanding that way soon...


Could be, but I don't think that will happen for at least two years. The work to level the ground by what would be the old site of Excalibur, the movement of the service road, and rework of the general area seem like multiple phase projects that could take long periods of time.


Side note, does anyone know why the gate from the path by Mad Mouse and the Wave Pool is always closed? Seems like it would make a great second entrance.

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The cynic in me says it's to make people walk by more merch and food stands, but I think the real reason is opening it would cause circulation problems. All the people heading into the waterpark towards the bathhouses to change into their swimming suits would mix with all the people milling around at the back of the wave pool, which is already pretty crowded.

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