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  1. They have begun recruiting Scare actors so yes, Haunt will happen. They haven't updated their schedule yet but I've been told that they won't begin to focus on Haunt until after GC.
  2. I haven't yet been to Grand Carnivale but from what I'm hearing from a friend that goes almost daily, it is doing it's job! Even before GC started the crowds this year have been nuts which is understandable with pent up demand. He has sent pics showing cue lines for Excalibur nearly out to the sidewalk! He was able to talk to someone in management and was told that they were expecting crowds of 20K + for GC! That's insane. Cedarfair has said in the past that it will invest in parks only after it see's the crowds. So maybe bringing in GC is a test for Valleyfair to see if they can draw the crowds. Clearly it is. Plus GC has been really well received by the general public. This plus Haunt this fall, Valleyfair could possibly bring in record profits.
  3. Well the holding brake on Steel Venom isn't working again. Anybody know anything about this?
  4. Well it looks like the holding brake on Steel Venom isn't working again.  Anybody know anything about this?


  5. Just got this in an e-mail 5 min ago. Yee Haw, they are planning to open! Can't wait!!
  6. This would be a good trial run for a future "Christmas in Minnesota" Lights, food festival and maybe a couple of shows. I'm sure Cedar Fair will be watching it closely. It looks like they have just rented the park out to a third party for this so maybe they will just go that route in the future as well. Anyway you look at it, it's exciting!
  7. LOL, love this kind of thing, especially now. Who knows, no one is there that can send in a report of what's going on for next season so...
  8. With cases rising you want the governor to allow the park to open? It does the park no good to spend resources and prepare to open like Disney did and then delay the opening like they had to in Florida due to rising cases. For 2021 everything that was planned for 2020 will return EXCEPT the Monster Trucks that was planned for this year in the Dino's old area. And we can only hope that RMC Raptor shows up in South Dakota. After this year though, who knows if or when it will arrive. I somehow got on a list that Valleyfair sends to me asking if I know of someone who would make a good fit for "insert position". If they still had no plans to open then why am I still getting these? They are all seasonal positions. I just got one yesterday! I'm still holding out hope that they will reopen and maybe try to have an extended season, weather permitting. Haunt is probably going to be scrapped but Cedar Fair hasn't made any announcements about scrapping Haunt this year so who knows.
  9. Your need to remember that chlorine kills viruses and bacteria so I don't see the wave pool or water park from being an issue. Other water parks are beginning to open with no face mask requirement. Here is the bottom line. If someone is afraid to get sick then stay home! They could hold haunt but require face masks. Since haunt is the busiest time of the year for most Cedar Fair Parks it would think they will do everything they possibly can to make it happen.
  10. So Adventureland looks to be getting another new coaster in 2021! Their 3rd in 5 years. Iowa is also getting another brand new theme park in Waterloo, "Lost Island" opening in 2022, what does that mean for Valleyfair or even WOF? It's an interesting prospect to think that the Midwest may have a coaster war beginning! I really can't see Cedar Fair just doing nothing when all the competition around them are going full steam. Both Lost Island and now Adventureland are looking like they aren't satisfied with just attracting the local market. What do you all think?
  11. Look at how its worded though! "More awesome coming in 2020 AND opening day is right around the corner." It's two separate things IMO! I guess we will see. Also, it is interesting that they do have November and December on the Calendar. In the past they have only listed the months in which the had operating days so it does make one wonder if the "More Awesome" is going to be Winterfest. I'm sure they are looking at the feasibility of it and if it doesn't make sense then they won't do it but this way they can if the top brass give the go ahead.
  12. Hmm, Interesting. The admin building during Haunt gets super busy and crowded in there. My guess is they are remodeling the locker rooms/hallway/wardrobe area to better handle the controlled chaos during haunt. High up corporate management came to ValleyScare during MEA weekend and, according to management, was very impressed with ValleyScare and compared it to Knott's Scary Farm, with ValleyScare ranking just below Knott's. So maybe they approved some funds to improve the operations. Or maybe a new restaurant by Coasters Drive in. There is another building there that they just used as a coke refresh station last season.
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