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  1. I'll be going to the park tomorrow to look and see. I don't think monster trucks are located there but it's opening soon so I should be able to see where they are doing it. Also, Adventureland in Iowa just announced another new family coaster and log flume. Valleyfair has to have an answer for this. Hopefully tomorrows announcement will be good news for Valleyfair.
  2. Check out Screamscape! A new tictok hint was just dropped about clearing in Dino's area. I can confirm that all the pavement has been removed from the area. I saw this just a couple of weeks ago.
  3. So Valleyfair, when announcing that High Roller was getting painted, teased that another Favorite ride was also getting repainted and challenged us to find out which ride. The answer? Extreme Swing! Looks fantastic again! Bright, Shiny, Red, White and Blue colors. High Roller also looks awesome. Really brightened it up!
  4. To all Cedar Point Fans!!! Wicked Twister Lives On!! Well at least part of it, my home park is Valleyfair. Stopped by yesterday and noticed that they have a seat from WT at the beginning of Steel Venom's cue to serve as a test seat. Sorry, I don't have a pic but though you all would like to know.
  5. I am friends with the previous GM of Valleyfair. He told me that Haunt was their MOST profitable time of the year. So the argument that it was all passholders that didn't spend just doesn't hold water. Still doesn't make sense why they dropped Haunt. But I would be even more shocked if they didn't bring it back especially after they see the significant drop in revenues with this new Halloween event.
  6. Oh, Yes, My bad. It was Palace. Let's not forget that Nick U. is also competition for Valleyfair plus the new 350K indoor waterpark cleared another huge hurdle and right now is scheduled to begin construction this summer.
  7. Well, I have to disagree that Valleyfair has no meaningful competition. Adventureland just got bought by Herschend Family Entertainment so you know they are going to put a lot of money into that park to bring it up to their standards. And, this year a brand new park in Waterloo, IA, Lost Island, will open. How is this not competition? I don't disagree with your waterpark assessment, but a 350K sq ft indoor waterpark is a different product then any outdoor waterpark. In the summer, most people go to a waterpark to get SUN. Can't do that indoors. Cedar Fair has to know that they really need to tackle both the dry park and the waterpark, and they don't have a decade to do it. BTW, Excalibur has it's train in the station and is ready to go for this season. I'm hoping that they are re-evaluating the need to remove Excalibur and are working on a plan to expand the waterpark and keep Excalibur.
  8. Not to my knowledge. Where they were working seems to point out a bad wheel assemble that caused a lot of drag. There were no dummies in the train either so that would have contributed to the valley with less weight in the train.
  9. I've added some google map perspective. In the tree clearing image you can see what I believe is the scope of the tree clearing that I saw. In the image of the missing building you can see the building that was removed and the space it frees up. Plenty for a large new flat ride. Anyway, I'd love to hear any speculation or ideas of what you think is going on.
  10. In other news, has anyone seen the tree clearing between Thunder Canyon and Excalibur? It's pretty significant. In the pic you can see that its a clear view now of Thunder Canyon's Pumping station, you could never see that before. I also saw lots of activity around Excalibur and there were several wrapped items stored at the base of Excalibur on its west side. I drove by Valleyfair yesterday, a big portion of the parking lot has been repaved, I saw some retaining wall work being done near Wild Things station and there was a Train that valleyed on Wild Thing. A crew was doing some work on the first or second car. It was interesting to see. One last thing I saw was that one of the building behind Northern Lights and Antique cars is gone. It used to be the building right next to the old bumper boats. I think it was only being used for storage but it's interesting to see it gone. Anyone know anything?
  11. I just read an update on the Waterpark Project. This is from the City of Bloomington dated Jan. 4th 2022. The proposed South Loop water park project is in motion once again. In September, the City Council and Port Authority directed staff to investigate a private financing model allowed by new 2021 legislation. If the financing markets “like” the private model, we could see a closing on the project in 2022, with an opening in 2024. Of course, no real estate deal is done until the financing closes, which is still months away. The water park would be open to the general public. The new 330,000-square-foot water park would bring an estimated $1 million in new admissions and lodging taxes to the City. No Bloomington property taxes are at risk for the project debt. A discount on admission to the water park for Bloomington residents is planned.
  12. Well I was talking about late September through October. The crowds that came out for Haunt were insane. That won't happen with this new event but I'm hoping it's only a temporary thing and they bring back Haunt.
  13. My guess is that Cedar Fair wants to perfect this new halloween event for families at VF and CGA, then roll it out to the rest of the parks but end it at 5 pm. Close the park and then reopen at 7 pm for Haunt. This event will probably draw an O.K. crowd for families during the daylight hours but I don't see the park being even remotely busy after 6 pm.
  14. Yes, there are many but none come even close to what ValleyScare offered. I'm sure they are all drooling at the thought of all those many thousands of Haunt goers that will be coming to their parks now that ValleyScare is no more. They will be making record profits this year for sure.
  15. Hey everyone, Thanks for the advice for my trip on March 27th for a few hours late in the day. Definitely headed to twisted timbers first then. I'm really surprised about I305, I thought that would be a tough one to get on and honestly, its the coaster I'm most looking forward to.
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