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  1. Can anyone clue me in on how busy Oceans of Fun would be on labor day weekend?
  2. Hopeful me wants to believe that if they were to remove Excalibur ( ) they're waiting for the Dino contract to end so they can get a suitable replacement. (Then again I have no idea how these permits work and if there is an expiration on it)
  3. Are we not supposed to use Radar Guns? How else will we know for sure?
  4. Just got back from the park. Prowler is really inconsistent in term of smoothness. During Winterfest it was smooth and hauling, while today is was rough. An empty train can really make a difference on how smooth the ride is.
  5. I remember hearing a few years back when talking about the retrack that it would just be easier to tear the helix down and restart for scratch. Looks that's what they're doing.
  6. How busy was it? I plan on going to Winterfest at some point this year and am curious as to if I can marathon Prowler with a small line or relax and just walk around and look at pretty lights.
  7. Went today as well. Park opened with Renegade and Steel Venom then it wasn't until about 2:00 that Wild Thing opened. Saw Corkscrew test but wasn't there long enough to see if it opened. (BTW did Renegade get completely new trains this season? I know they got the retractable seat belts but it was a tight squeeze for me even though i have lost 30 pounds between this season and last. Never had a struggle before.)
  8. After the trip to VF with a temp of 31 degrees all the coasters but Renegade and Steel Venom we’re closed. Operating rides were few and far between.
  9. I guess we'll find out this weekend. I'm heading up from Des Moines and the High is 40.
  10. A third train on Mamba wouldn't help if the WoF ride ops don't pick up their game. Saturday night the first train was back by the time the second was ready to leave the station every time.
  11. The lines actually weren't horrible. The Longest Mamba's line got was through the set of swichbacks before you enter the station. (About an hour WOF time, 30 mins other parks.)
  12. I was able to attend Halloween haunt this weekend with some family in KC. We ended up picking up a few FL passes and enjoying the night. Scorecard: Mamba x3 (2 Night) Prowler x3 (2 Night) Patriot x1 Timberwolf x1 Detonator x1 Overall operations have improved from over the course of the regular season. Prowler crew was doing a great job at pumping trains out of the station. And boy was Prowler running FAST. Fantastic night rides Saturday night. 3 Haunted Houses: Urgent Scare would be my least favorite of the 3 we did. Seemed understaffed and the line moved VERY slowly. Mr. Cleaver is in the middle, we lined up early and got a good run, plenty of scares although this will die down as the line gets longer over the course of the night. Cornstalkers is still my favorite, The actors blend in very well and combined with a long rout makes this one of the best.
  13. ^ Not every park is going to get a Raptor. I don't think CGA is getting a raptor.
  14. Who knows, with all the spare parts CF has, RipTide and The Crypt might be open for a while longer than we expect.
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