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  1. Especially with parks like worlds of fun not posting anything similar to this
  2. Might be used more as an indoor controlled gathering area while Picnic point was more of an outdoor eating area.
  3. Maybe I’m thinking about this too deeply? But does anyone else find it odd they say “More Awesome is coming” and post a 15 second long video just to announce opening day?
  4. Maybe they will pull a Kennywood and make a Vikings country section.
  5. No fog this year? If highway 101 isn’t cover with fog by the end of the night than Valleyscare has failed.
  6. Could this be hinting at a possible rmc T-Rex? I mean they could of use any picture of dinos, yet they use a picture of only a t-Rex
  7. Sup y'all, I'm coming down from Minnesota on June 3rd and i'm wondering what types of crowds to expect. Also will the new ride be open?
  8. humane habitat is being removed and undertakers is taking its place
  9. How dumb do you think we are? We're not falling for your lies. You've had three posts here, and all of them are lies. I believe this one was more of a joke. Like the ride name tho.
  10. Of course the average of the two coordinates is near worlds of fun. Look at a map the mid-way point between Richmond(KD) and San Francisco(CGA) is Kansas city(Wof)
  11. If people think it will be a general improvement year then what do you think the Mississippi poster tease is for?
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