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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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I might as well do a mini TR on how the park was today.

In short, I had a great time, lines were quite short so I was able to get all I wanted done (Well, Ninja still remains elusive for me)

Front row seats were easy to get, and I was able to do the park at a relaxed pace.


X2 x1

Tatsu x6

Terminator x2

Riddler x2

Batman x1

Scream x1

Goliath x1

Sierra Falls x1

Skytower x1

Viper x1

Gold Rusher x1

Superman x1


X2 was great. You can almost forgive the GP for thinking it is a new ride since it looks quite well finished at the moment. Ride experience wise, I thought it was perhaps a bit more comfortable than the original...Still a bit too much leg flapping for my liking though. I didn't really notice the soundtracks when the ride was actually going fast. The flamethrowers were pretty impressive, especially at night when you could see the glow from other parts of the park.


Terminator I loved! It felt like everything was in fast forward as it flew through the circuit. Exciting from start to finish, and it had a couple of little airtime pops too. My first 'modern' woodie certainly impressed. I rode early for my first ride, so I was interested in seeing the preshow anyway. By my second ride the line had built up, so the show didn't actually get in the way of getting on sooner. Either way, it was decent effort, I loled a bit at the way the story itself was set in a post apocalyptic SFMM.

The soundtrack did just sound like noise though, and I really listened hard, but I somehow missed the 'Take the Tunnel' line.

Further rerides were out of the question though....The line managed to reach 1.5 hrs because only one train was in service.


The rest of the park was better than I remembered. Ops seemed to be a bit more on the ball, 2 trains were running on pretty much everything, and on rides and stacking tended to only occur when the guests were being slow. I did like the way many of the coasters have been repainted since my last visit. It really helps the overall image of the place if the major things you see are looking shiny...Now they just need to paint Scream etc.


The fluffy bunnies caused no problems...I was able to do the park with 3 things in my pockets (Wallet, Phone, Camera), and I had my stuff attatched with a carabiner to one of my belt loops, so it was all secure, with no $1 fees for me.


Hmm, that covers all the recursive topics doesn't it?


Perhaps my only gripes were.

-No F&B outlets selling juice.

-No Taxi rank at the park.

-Single rider has been taken away from Riddler. This is something they could really work on, since rides like Tatsu tended to have tons of empty seats on every train.

-Whilst many part of the park are looking much nicer, that stretch from Cyclone Bay to Collosus County fair still has pretty scrappy looking buildings. That's where I'd be focusing my energy to improve the look of the place.


In the morning I walked from the Santa Clarita bus interchange up to the park, and I walked straight past the burnt out 'TPR clubhouse'. Kind of wierd when you see something in the news and then see it in the flesh straight after.

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I was at the park today, and here's a short list of updates (my PTR will come sometime during the week)

-Fort Le John is the latest bathroom getting re done

-The fountains at the main entrance light up purple and blue! Instead of just red


-Terminator is running one train

-Still no signs of construction for Mr Six's Dance Coaster

-Goldrusher at night rocks!


I also ran into members "24" and "XII" and talked with them for a bit

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^^^^ Glad you had a great day there today and the lines were not bad except for Terminator. I agree that Terminator feels like it runs in fast forward. It doesn't really have any slow spots and I love the back for airtime. The first time my dad rode it he didn't know how fast it went. When we got off I asked him to guess and he thought it went 70 mph. I can't laugh too much though, since it does feel that fast to me too in certain spots, like the station fly-thru and the tunnel right after the exploding jeep. I also find X2 to be smoother and more comfortable than X and I have never been able to hear the soundtrack after the first drop either.

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I was at the park today, and here's a short list of updates (my Photo TR will come sometime during the week)

-Fort Le John is the latest bathroom getting re done


OMG - Why wasn't anything said about this until NOW?


Seriously, thanks for the updates.

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Hey SFMM geeks. For those of you who live in that general area, were going to SFMM on Sat the 20th and the weather looks a little weird. The weather websites say 20-30% of rain and some just say a few showers or none at all. Were coming from san jose which is a 5 hour drive so i want to make sure its still worth going to. What do you guys think? Is that enough rain to stop us? When it says that kind of weather here, it typically never happens or it just sprinkles...We need to cancel our reservation by tmrw afternoon so input would be nice! Thanks you..


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Right now is a gamble. If it were closer to spring break or so, then the park would be more apt to opening in the rain-in which everything remains open save for Superman and Deja Vu (which is only sometimes, depending on the shower). Of cousre if it gets heavy or lightning is spotted it causes more closures but at 30%...I'd take the chance.

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On my last visit on 1/31, the sound on Terminator seemed to be a little louder and much easier to understand. I was able to hear just about all of it, but before that I found it to be spotty at times and almost totally drowned out in some spots. On X2 I have never heard anything after the lift hill, but I do enjoy what they play up to that point. I think the "we are high up" which you hear at the top of the lift hill is funny.


^^ I'd go. The weather report I saw last night said there might only be very light rain or drizzle in the early morning and there is a chance that it might not hit at all. Deja Vu and Ninja are closed until 3/19 and Batman is closed starting today until 3/6 according to the parks website. Just a heads up so you aren't surprised when you get to the park and find out.

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