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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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Thanks for the Panda Express advice Austin! I never knew that and will probably now consider using my discount for Panda on my next visit to the park!


Glad to help. I almost never eat meals anywhere else in the park anymore. It really is a great deal. How many times have you heard someone say that anyplace inside a park had a great food price?


^^ I have noticed the same thing. Almost every time I use my discount for food they call over a supervisor for help. In the souvenir shops the cashiers have been able to give me the discount on their own.

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^ While I have not personally tried it, I've heard from a few people that Food Etc.'s sushi is actually pretty good.


A few times, I've also had workers at food places call their supervisor over to ring up an Xtreme Pass discount. My feeling is simply that they weren't trained properly, or don't process that many transactions and forget. I'd also guess that some Xtreme passholders forget about the discount and don't ask for it.


One thing I am glad to see is that I am processed very quickly at the parking lot tollbooths. At one time, the person working the booth had to fill out a big paper thing with my pass number, then I had to sign it to get in. Now it's just "swipe" and I'm in.



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^^^ One time I tried to use the coupon in the Value Book where you get a free regular soda with a combo purchase, but the coupon was not valid at that location. The cashier didn't charge me for the soda and still gave me 25% off the meal. It cut about $6 off the total.


^^ I hate sushi myself but I've heard the taste is comparable to what you get in the packs that are sold in grocery stores. Everything else I've had at Food Etc. recently was not very good, except for Ben & Jerry's. I wish they still had the French Bread Pizza they had years ago. It was so much better than the Papa John's pizza which is sold at the park now.


^ I've noticed the same thing at the parking booths. It's nice that they don't have to fill out that form and have you sign it anymore. It keeps the line moving a little faster. At KBF it's been "swipe" and get right in for many years.

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Got my Season Pass flyer in the mail yesterday and tried to call the number on it just now to renew two passes and buy a new one. The phone rang 11 times before I gave up. No voicemail, no message, no hold, nothing, just kept ringing and ringing.


1:41pm on a Friday.


Amazing. It shouldn't be this hard to give a company my money!!

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OMG!! I just tried two more times in the last hour to buy Three Season Passes PLUS Hurricane Harbor as well!!! I let it ring eight times the first time, and ten times the second time.


If anyone from the park is reading this, please feel free to give me a call if you want us to buy passes...I don't know how many more times I'm willing to try.


"4 Easy Ways to Buy Your Play Pass"


*Note that way number 2, calling 661-260-2610, is not one of them!!!!

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Guys, I am going to SFMM in April on a Saturday and I am wondering what my schedule should be.


I plan on riding:










and some flats.


What are the lines like and how can I organize my day without a Flash Pass?

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If you're going on a Saturday during Spring Breaks, have fun waiting in long lines without your Flash Pass!


To try and minimize it the best, get to the park WAY before opening, run to X2 first, then Tatsu, then Terminator. After that everything should have pretty equal lines and you'll be waiting 30 - 45 minutes each for the big rides.

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Be an Extra at SFMM!!



From their Facebook:


Six Flags Magic Mountain There will be a commercial filming at our park during the week of March 1 and we will be needing people to be “extras”. Each person who volunteers and completes their shift will receive two SFMM complimentary tickets. Each shift will be from 2-4 hours. People volunteering for a morning and afternoon shift, will receive... four tickets. Everyone will be required to stay the entire shift they’ve signed up for and will need to wear brightly colored summer-like clothing (no large graphics on t-shirts---including logos - no tank tops or crop tops). No one under 18 will be allowed to volunteer.


Interested people should sign up at sixflagsevent@gmail.com and indicate the shift(s) they would like to volunteer. Please include the name and age of all participants and a daytime phone number at which we can reach you. All volunteers will be taken first come, first served. A SFMM representative will notify you by phone to confirm your participation. Multiple shifts will be permitted (and encouraged). To participate, you will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and a photo/liability release. Sign-ups will close at noon Thursday, Feb 25.


Schedule of shifts are as follows:


Monday 3/1

Shift 1: 10am – 2 pm (box lunch will be provided)

- 200 people needed to fill the midway for a wide shot of the park


Shift 2: 2:30pm - 5pm

- 40 people needed to ride Goliath (must be able to ride multiple times)


Tuesday 3/2

Shift 1: 10:30 am – 12:30pm

- 40 people to ride Colossus (must be able to ride multiple times)


Shift 2: 12:30 – 2:30pm

- 40 people to ride Scream (must be able to ride multiple times)


Note: People who volunteer for both shifts on Tuesday will receive a box lunch


Wednesday 3/3

Shift 1: 10:30am – 12:30pm

- 30 people to ride Buccaneer


Shift 2: 3:00pm – 5:00pm

- 150 people for midway wide shot


Friday 3/5

Shift 1: 9am – 12:30pm

- 200 people for midway wide shot


Thanks in advance to all volunteers. Should you have any questions, please send them to the email address listed above and someone will respond to you within 24 hours (Monday thru Friday).

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I have always renewed my pass online or at the park. Last November I paid at the ticket booth with no wait then went to the Processing Center and got a new picture taken with no wait. I could not renew online for 2010 because I have been using the same picture since 2006 and when I tried to renew online I got a message that I could not do that because my picture needed to be updated. I have never tried to renew on the phone, but I would recommend renewing at the park. You save the $10 shipping fee and get your pass handed to you right away.


^^^^^ I have found that Saturdays in Dec, Jan and Feb are usually pretty good days to visit but the rest of the year Saturdays are pretty crowded. I would really recommend a Flash Pass on an April Saturday but if you cannot get one, I totally agree with Elissa's plan. I have gone in that order many times and it usually works well. You would be better off to go on Sunday instead with or without a Flash Pass. If you don't get a Flash Pass, do not go during Spring Break.

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^^ I would recommend this order.


1. X2

2. Terminator

3. Ninja

4. Superman

5. Gold Rusher

6. Colossus

7. Goliath

8. Revolution


If you get to X2 fast enough you should be able to get on before the line is terrible. By going directly to Terminator after that you can skip ahead of a lot of people who go right from X2 to Tatsu, Viper or Revolution and the line for Terminator may not have built up very much yet. Ninja usually does not have much of a line and if you go on Superman early you should be able to get on faster than if you come back later and have to wait in a very slow moving long line. By then people probably would have spread to the right side of the park on a busy day and I would just hit Gold Rusher, Colossus, Goliath and Revolution in order. Goliath usually has a fast moving line and Revolution is usually shorter later in the day. Ride the flats last since they almost never have lines. The park will probably be crowded, so don't count on many short lines after your first few rides.

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^^Based on past experience I would say Superman before Ninja, but other than that this order is pretty good.


Last time I went to the park on a Saturday (Saturday after Memorial Day 2008), I managed to get twelve rides in twelve hours. X2 was around two hours even though we went there directly, mainly because it wasn't ready until an hour after opening and it then took another hour due to a breakdown. Goliath was around an hour and a half with a two trains running, and most of the other coasters on your list were fifteen minutes or less (didn't ride Superman). Riddler's Revenge and Tatsu were around an hour and a half each, and Batman and Scream were 45 minutes. From what I could tell, the lines for water rides were all around a half hour and the lines for most flat rides were about 5 cycles (approx. 15 minutes). However, since I only did coasters I'm not a hundred percent sure about those rides.


Visiting the park without a flash pass on a Saturday usually doesn't work, but due to the rides you want to ride I'm guessing you'll be fine. Don't expect any re-rides on coasters without significant waits, but otherwise you should be able to do everything you want to.

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