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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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^Yeah, he ain't smart. To be fair though, I find it kind of odd that they're not allowing kids to be in a commercial shoot at a placed designed for them. Of course, I know nothing about all the legal aspects, but I'm certain that's the reason why they aren't allowing them.

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hey guys i have a question i am sure has been asked before please forgive


What was Goliath's trim like opening year ? I was watching a POV just now and i thought about my very first ride on Goliath, and I recall that it did not seem like the trim slowed the trains down very much....


and i know for certain the first drop used to not slow down at the top of the hill, causing air-time,


Is there any way for SFMM to run the ride this way regularly ?

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I rode Goliath for the first time in May, 2000 and the helix seems just as intense to me now as it did then.


A couple of my favorite stupid comments from the Facebook page.


Q: question too... my friend wants to volunteer too and doesn't have a season pass yet... should I get him a ticket for that day?


A: the park is closed to the public on these dates. You will not need to pay to get in to volunteer as an extra.


As if you would have to buy a ticket to be a volunteer. Isn't that an oxymoron?


Q: I am really interested in helping out in any way with filming the project? maybe be a production assistant?


Wouldn't those positions already be filled? They are only looking for extras.

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Do they sell on-ride photo magnets? I want to ride Goliath and get one for my refrigerator.

I don't think they sell on ride photo magnets. Last time I checked, they only had on ride photos, and on ride photo keychains. So unless they added them recently, no.

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-Go on foot. Valencia is a nice place, and the walk up takes about 40 mins (4 km) to get to the park. I was even treated to the sight of the burnt out "TPR clubhouse" on my way there).

LOL! That's awesome! Did you get a picture for your trip report?



I won't be doing a full trip report though since I summed up my thoughts of my visit on an earlier page, and everyone has seen the same photos before. I will attach a pic of one thing that did amuse me in the Tatsu queue area...


Amtrak is hardly a reliable way to get into LA. They are almost always running behind schedule.



Metrolink and the LA Metro 460 bus (picks you up at Disneyland Harbor boulevard entrance) are the two best ways to get into LA from Anaheim without renting a car.

I cant imagine Metrolink or Amtrak being any better than each other reliability wise because neither run on dedicated tracks.


Before I traveled here I looked into both services. The problem with Metrolink is that it simply doesn't run late enough.

For Orange county services, the last one from Anaheim to LA Union leaves at 5:32pm.

If you are traveling back to Anaheim from Union, the last one leaves at 6:30pm.....I dunno how anybody could describe a service with such abysmal operating hours as the "best way" of traveling.

At least with Amtrak there are a few night/late night services so you don't have to leave theme parks too early (Remember, this is the fundamental problem visitors to LA without a car encounter when trying to do parks), and on the plus side Amtrak runs express from Anaheim to Union, making only one stop at Fullerton, so its faster.


I had a quick look into the 460 bus, but at around 1.5 hours one way, it's just too slow.


The TPR clubhouse....


The very place where the Tatsu theming budget ran out.

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^Metrolink only makes 3 stops on its way to LA Union Station from Anaheim. It only takes 10mins longer than Amtrak to get to LA.



Yes Metrolink return service is bad, but to getting to LA in the morning, Metrolink isn't a bad option at all. And honestly I don't think most people visiting out of town and wanting to save a lot money by not renting a car would really mind the 1.5 hour bus ride.

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Getting a bit off topic here, but I've not been able to rent a car here because of my age, and because the traffic here is a bit daunting (And being on the 'wrong' side of the road makes things worse). Even when I do become older, the age surcharges still make renting prohibitively expensive for the next few years.


Admittedly I'm speaking for myself here, but I honestly would mind a 1.5 hr trip, that is painfully slow, and there are significantly faster alternatives available (Twice as fast, and still much cheaper than car rental).


The main reason for posting my little getting to SFMM guide earlier is because it is a question that has come up a few times, but it also seems to be asked by Australian/European visitors, and they'd likey be after the most practical way, rather than the dirt cheapest .If you wanted to do the latter, there are already multiple ways to get to parks, just be prepared to go home early, and spend hours traveling.

(Getting around Japan poses similar choices...you could muck around taking slow local trains and making multiple changes to get from A to B, but chances are you'd just pay more and take the Shinkansen since its faster and easier)


I've already had a bit of trial and error on my trips to LA, but I think I've finally found what would work for a visitor.

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Well I guess I'm getting a keychain.

Also what is the height for the entrance of Goliath's tunnel after the first drop. I don''t want my hands to chop off. (Sorry, it sounds a little GP-ish.)


I'm pretty sure I'm taller than you and I put my arms up for the entire ride on Goliath every time I ride it. I have not lost my arms or hands yet so you should be fine.

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Getting out of the topic again,

in Mexico there's a strong rumor about Superman, they say that a couple of years ago the train got out of it's rail!

killing some people.

and, due to this reason, that's why nowadays superman doesn't reach the top, when it gets to halfway it goes back.

anyone knows something about this?

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^ I often use the number of tower segments to determine how far up a car has reached, and I've seen cars reach the second segment from the top. That's more than 80%. But that hasn't been in a long time. One time, a SFMM employee told me that Superman usually doesn't even hit 85 or 90 mph anymore. That means that, technically, Goliath is the fastest coaster at the park.



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