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The Six Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) Discussion Thread

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"Maybe it was called the atom smasher at one time or another?" (WFChris)


The Sierra Twist (Bayernkurve) was called "Swiss Twist" from its installation in 1973 till 1993 when that area was rethemed to High Sierra Territory. Atom Smasher has always been a Himalaya, though possibly a different unit than what is there now (I don't believe so, but someone at the park might have a better answer).


The Himalaya arrived in 1974 and was called...drum roll, please..."Himalaya." It was renamed "Subway" during that area's days as Back Street (1987-1993), right before it became Gotham City Backlot.



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The fright fest line up this really disappointed me. It's pretty much a carbon clone of last year's event with the exception of the new scare zone my Terminator, which was most likely only put there to promote the new ride. I really was hoping the funds from last years event with the bracelets would allow for this year's event to host some new mazes. I believe fright fest is a great event the first time, but having attended the event now 5-6 years in a row with the same mazes year after year gets pretty boring. I can pretty much point to every possible hiding place for the actors before they scare me, so I think for magic mountain to increase on there ability to bring people back yearly they really need to mix things up yearly.

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I really was hoping the funds from last years event with the bracelets would allow for this year's event to host some new mazes.


Please read more into the quote below than you may have during your first read.



Johan Willoughby’s Brutal Planet – Six Flags Magic Mountain’s largest maze is currently going through “Fright-struction”. More information will be released soon.

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^A "himalaya" involves a circular ride path with two "hills" to the left and right (if looking from dead center). Usually the back end is behind some kind of false wall or tunnel and is elevated higher than the front. Its cars are all linked together and are attached to a center post with the main support wheels running along the outer left edge in between each car. Himalayas have been made by a few companies such as Bertazzon and Wisdom (under the name Music Express).


A "bayern kurve" has the only "hill" being at the back center of the ride path. The track tends to be highly banked toward the inside of the structure. Its cars form more of a train. Bayern Kurves are classic Schwarzkopf attractions.


As for operation, a himalaya stays level in relation to the track so it produces extreme lateral forces. A bayern kurve train starts the cycle right side up, but then due to the magic of a motor under the train, lowers toward the center of the structure so that the entire train is banked through the high speed turns. As the cycle ends, the cars lift back up to the horizontal position.

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Bravo SFMM, Bravo!!! This was probably one of the best days ever at the mountain for me. Can you believe me and my girlfriend were the only two on one train on X2!!!!! If you want proof just look at the picture below.


But again I must may again that SFMM went all out with this event. Mostly all the food places were open, games were full force and the coasters were pretty much "stay on if you want to re-ride" with the exemption of Terminator because it was only running one train when I rode it. Other than that this was a day to enjoy to the fullest. Did the park in 3 hours and that's just because we were taking our time. THANK YOU again SFMM... Just Simply Awesome!


Can you say you had X2 all by yourself... I can! :)

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Buddy when I was leaving the station I yelled "It's mine, X2 is all mine!" (Plus my girlfriend of course)


And the wait for Termy was about 10 mins. It was running one train when I got there. I saw they were fixing the audio box in the back of the other train in the final brake run.

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I had 13 rides on X2 last night awesome! I thought I saw Eric on Terminator but I wasn't sure. That was by far the best day at Magic Mountain I've ever had. Hopefully SFMM does this again because it was awesome.

My final ride tally

X2-13x (Going for 15)



Everything else-1x.

Andrew "Thanks SFMM for a GREAT EVENT!" Iorio

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