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  1. The news should reassure people that coasters are safe. The accident itself is shocking enough. That's not how it is in LA news... sensationalism is key!
  2. Correct, KTLA is still on. My fiancee is saying ABC is too, but I can't find it...
  3. I can see where he got confused. There's a veil like thing in front of the train to cover some of the mechanical. But I agree, totally stupid to say that on air...
  4. This commentary on the rescue effort is actually kind of hilarious. So unprofessional... That said, it looks like the chassis itself came unhinged from the track... I doubt it hit a tree though. You know the media... coaster derails... trees nearby... BREAKING NEWS: ROLLER COASTER HITS TREE. Honestly, it just looks like a mechanical failure. And that is just speculation... I worked the ride for a while and know a lot about it but I'm not OSHA or the state inspectors...
  5. I just got my e-mail... I will definitely be at the Media Day on March 16th!
  6. I miss Psyclone too, but that's probably because I operated that ride for the better part of a year and rode it well over 2000 times within that time frame... I'm not saying it was the best but when you operated it, you knew exactly how to ride it so that you didn't get beaten up. I actually wrote a letter to the park asking if I could have a piece of the wood when they destroyed it but no luck. Oh well, Term... er... Apocalypse is a more than worthy replacement for it. I'm just happy that they replaced my favorite woodie in the park with my favorite woodie in the park.
  7. Well, your trip report convinced me that next time I go down to Belmont (should be within the next few months) I need to sample some of the other rides as well. I loved the Giant Dipper though... it wasn't my first coaster, but it was my first CLASSIC coaster. And you're right about that tunnel... I seriously didn't think it was going to end when I went on it.
  8. It did happen a couple times on Psyclone when I worked there... then again, that's no surprise because that ride was pretty haphazardly maintained. The OTSR on Viper popped halfway while I was on it... and the train was in the loop at the time. That was the closest I've come to panicking on a roller coaster.
  9. My last coaster that I rode (not including Disneyland) was Viper on Christmas Eve 2009. That said, I'm really looking forward to Knott's next Sunday... finally getting my Silver Bullet credit. Sincerely, Ron
  10. So, I have been looking at all available pictures of the ground markers that are online trying to decipher what it may mean for Knott's come 2011 - 2012. First of all, I find it really odd that there is even markers out in the parking lot of the Radisson (as evidenced on Westcoaster). As we all know, Knott's put the shed over GhostRider's drop due to the neighbors to the south side of the adjacent street complaining of excessive noise. That said, any coaster that is built out into that area would most likely suffer the same criticism. But, on a whole different plane, it also means that whatever this project is, it is going to be a widespread project. Keep in mind that this is all speculation on my part, but I'm thinking that, if it is indeed a coaster, it will be manufactured by Intamin. Now, as for type, I am actually hoping for a Mega-Lite (based on video and reviews of Piraten) but I have this sneaking suspicion that Knott's could possibly either go for a Giga (with a steep lift hill I believe it can be done) or possibly even some sort of Maverick-style coaster (Maverick was, after all, a pretty big hit). I also wouldn't mind seeing a B&M hyper coaster in the vein of Raging Bull go to Knott's, but I think that's the underdog right now. But, as I mentioned, anything that goes into the parking lot area or even toward the southern border of the park will have to contend with the neighborhood to the south, and we all know they're not a fan of the noises created by thrill rides. Anyway, just some thoughts that I had while looking at the markers. Sincerely, Ron
  11. I'll admit that I still miss Psyclone quite a bit, but that's more because most of my tenure at Magic Mountain was spent running that ride. In fact, the picture of the panel that is now in the Sky Tower brought back memories...
  12. That ride looks absolutely amazing... I knew the constant corners would be cool but that was just too beautiful. Robb blacked out on it? I know in the video he said he did and that he hasn't ever done that on a coaster... that makes me think this beast could be even more intense than Goliath.
  13. Like Disney management is really going to care that they're starving themselves? Seriously, Disney will pay seventy-five percent leaving them with twenty-five percent, which is a pretty standard benefits package for a large company. Heck, it's the same for me working at Walmart. How much you want to bet that it's not the employees that are fighting it, it's the union leaders? It's the same situation as the grocery strike in 2003; union leaders fight "for the employees" but really, all they do is stir up anger with the employees and don't do anything constructive. They fight for them, not you. I'm not anti-union, I just don't see the point of paying someone dues in order to "protect you". Especially since California is an at-will state and from personal experience, that union membership won't shield you from the axe. -- R.C.
  14. Didn't Ninja get XLR-8's old trains when SFAW closed? I have a hard time believing that SFMM can't get parts for those trains, since the only real parts that are unique to that ride are the absorbers between the cars and other miniscule stuff. Other than that, the actual passenger compartment and car itself are pretty much identical to an Arrow looper like Viper, from the OTSR's to the harness release pedal. If they can fix Viper, they can fix Ninja; for the absorbers, technically they could use shocks from Pep Boys (although there could be technical specifications they have to meet; I was a ride operator, not a mechanic, so I wouldn't know details on that). I'm going to speculate that the other trains have been dismantled and may be undergoing an overhaul in their maintenance shop... a freshening if you will. Those trains definitely need some love. -- R.C.
  15. I don't know about that... both trains were having audio problems last Friday night, yet they both worked just fine during the day. Then again, the ride was absolutely FLYING that night. Terminator on a cold, autumn night with a nice layer of condensation on the track = HEAVEN. Maybe the speed and intensity was what caused the audio to be crazy.
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