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  1. Great find! I could of sworn I have seen a episode with Larry in it! "Oh hello, you scared the crap out of me."
  2. I did not see that episode because of the commercial. She is one insane lady. and thank you Quaker for ruining my childhood! and now that I have seen it. O....M....G!!!!!! :shock: She is the type of person that makes Christians look bad!
  3. Designing haunted houses are fun! Weeeeee...furries!
  4. Same here. I really don't like people that just won't listen to reason. They see something on tv and they think they know everything about it!
  5. I miss the snow theme, but this is nice. Ahh, the Beverly. The only soda I know that pulls off a cough medicine after taste! :shock: I wonder why this is Italy's number 1 soda. At least I'll be able to have Mezzo Mix and Smart Watermelon again! (My two favorite sodas!)
  6. ^ Is a member of the Stitch Army and might kill me if they see any pics of what I did to a Stitch doll after seeing SGE. < Likes chocolate V Has not seen that one episode of CSI:Las Vegas so they won't go insane at me for the wrong reasons.
  7. Ok, the Stitch army is going to kill me for this post but... Last Spring Break I went on a band trip to Flordia for Magic Music Days. (Also Universal's music event that we dominated! ) I bought one of the cool light up signs that you spun to show your own message. My friends and I were at MK and just got off the bad SGE. We got in line for Space Mountain and I was spinning the sign in the line. Now I had programmed 3 messages, Bring back AE! Space Mountain (Many cast members in S.M. liked that!) and the last one was Stitch SUCKS! Now a kid noticed the last message and he said "Stitch does not suck!" I replied "Have you seen his show?!" He replied back saying "Yeah, that really sucked!" His parents agreed, so did any other cast member that saw that message!
  8. ^ Loves B&M's < Liked the movie Brothers Grimm V Loves Monty Python
  9. When I was little I stabbed my right hand with a sharp pencil. Not on purpose, I was stabbing a small crayon box with the pencil. The pencil went through the box and into my hand. The mark is still there.
  10. No (sadly) If you went on SGE, did you like it?
  11. I knew SGE was gonna suck once I saw the first concept drawing!
  12. Where to begin for me... Surge: I loved that soda! What would you do? : I grew up watching this show, I remember the pie coaster. The doors a kid would pick for a prize (or a pie in the face). The kid wash (A chair that would spin somebody and get them wet) Any good cartoon show like Freakazoid!, Rockos Modern Life, Doug, Invader Zim! and my two favorites. Gargoyles and Swat Kats.
  13. Ooo..sorry Wally! Seeing that video makes me want to go on it even more! It looks low quality, but fun!
  14. I like Dueling Dragon's trains. Very well themed and I love the sound effect you hear when a dragon (train) comes into the station.
  15. ^ Oooo..Naughty naughty! V Favorite movie is the Birdcage
  16. ^ Has a avatar that is quite...um...I dunno < I don't think Home Alone is number 1, but it's close! V Wants to hug Elissa
  17. I'm not so sure with this one. It could be good, it could be bad. We will just have to see. POTC does need a nice refurbishment or upgrade. Something AE didn't get. Instead it got something worse. But I don't think this change will make POTC a SGE!
  18. Go Chris! Man that's such a bummer. He created a very popular game and now he's not getting money for it?! I hope he wins this because Atari is doing something really stupid!
  19. I like both, Family Guy is witty and the last new episode was soooooo funny! (FCC censoring real life!) South Park is also funny, I agree with Bicoastal Kid, the approach to subject matter is brilliant! The Lord of the Rings episode just cracked me up! From the new Family Guy. TV announcer: It's the D*** Van D*** Show!
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