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  1. Very nice PTR, I liked it a lot. I just need to point something out. I think you forgot to post the pictures of Hex!
  2. Great PTR, it was very funny. Is it just me, or in Satan's Village does the Himalaya look perfect for it? The half compleated monster background and the demon height marker fits perfectly! (I know it's Yeti's but that face on the height marker just makes me smile!) Frank "30 bucks to take that height marker off your hands. " Melgeorge
  3. When I first saw pics of the remote, I thought it was a little strange. But when I read what you can do with it and how you use it, I think Nintendo has got a winner on their hands if they bring out the right games!
  4. OMG, best moment so far is the Hippies Scare-the crap-out-of-the-slackers! That was sooooooo funny!
  5. ^ No, that is not Skippy. That is the alien that is transported down to Earth and breaks out of the tube.
  6. ^ niiicolaaah, that reminds me of a funny story. One time I did see two women kiss, and I saw two guys giving "I want to be in bed wih them NOW!" looks. Well, the guys went to them and started asking them out and such thinking the girls were bi. They were dead wrong, the girls didn't slap them. They punched them right in the gut! Me and my friends tried so hard not to laugh at the sight of the guys trying to get up! Now for my rant. Why the heck does my generation try killing eachother by doing stupid stunts to be on tv or the internet?!
  7. OMG, This is just STUPID! There complaining that the ride was not safe, when their son STOOD UP and fell off. Someone who was on the ride needs to stand up and say that the kid broke the rules and stood up. It's not CG's fault, the ride opened not too long after the accident because NOTHING was wrong with the ride! If I could slap those parents I would, this is just another example of why I hate cases like this. People suing someplace just for quick money. When it's their fault of the accident and not the parks.
  8. Let's see, I called Best Actor,Actress,Supporting Actress, Animated feature film, Makeup. I loved Jon's quip on "Martin Scorsease" (Or howerver you spell his last name) 0, Three Sixth Mafia, 1 ! As for Best Picture, I believe everyone was shocked by Crash taking it. IMO, while it was good, it was not the knockout Brokeback was.
  9. Yeah, I do want to know how that girl held up the Big One. Was she being rude or something?
  10. ^Oops, sorry about that. I think I might have typed it in the wrong way.
  11. Robb has posted a link to this soundtrack in the Europe PTR. But thanks for reminding us about the great soundtrack! EDIT: Sorry about the first post on how it made it look like I was being rude.
  12. ^ Um...maybe people that liked the rejects from American Idol?
  13. *Falls off chair stuck in a shocked "Holy-Crap-I just-saw-SGE-again" pose* What the heck was that?! Oh my, I need to listen to my music now! *Listens to MM and Rob Zombie and Queens of the Stone Age to drown out that strange voice*
  14. I totally agree with you, but I have already relized almost any young girl is becoming a whore in training!
  15. If your looking for die hard thrills, your not going to find it. IOA,BGT are more your choice. Me, I like WDW and IOA for what they are, IOA has nice coasters and some great rides. WDW has some great rides as well, while not as thrilling, still very entertaining with good storytelling. BTW IMO, DL is not quite as good as WDW. I prefer MGM's Tower of Terror way more the DCA's version and don't get me started on DL Pooh. While IOA is a lot of fun, their shows cannot top the defunct Alien Encounter! "Why can't we just get along?"
  16. Thanks for the funny PTR Allie! I know never to go to WDW during the Cheer stuff. I've read the stories of those brats and their moms! Your PTR gets bonus points for wearing a MM shirt too!
  17. Nice trip report, I can say your staying at my favorite resort at WDW! I can agree that Whispering Canyon is not quite! But the CM's there are great, very friendly and nice. When my parents had their anniversary there the CM's made them lead the horse race!!!!!
  18. Well I can say that this season is already soooooo much better then the last one! I am loving the nicknames everyones getting like the "Frosties", "Ken and Barbie" etc. But for the team that was eliminated, Genie Power?! That was the "WTF Mate?" moment of the day!
  19. ^ Eating Fruit < Falling off chair due to finding out HKDL is getting "Stitch Encounter" and knowing how oh-so-well SGE is doing at being the worst replacement attraction in WDW V Is a member of Stitch Army and agreeing with me or going "WTF Mate?"
  20. Ok, glad to hear about the new rides since HKDL needs them. But Stitch Encounter??!! If this is like SGE they will be just installing a failure right off the bat!
  21. OMG, that brought tears to my eyes I was laughing so hard! I have been on that ride and boy was I always dizzy getting off that crazy thing!
  22. Now this is why I'm shamed by my generation. People doing extremely stupid things just because they would be "cool" or something. I'm glad he's not dead but if I was him I would sooo smack his friends!
  23. I don't really like them, there just ads you can see on TV!!! Now the Regal Theaters have something called "The Twenty" It is a preshow that happens about 20 mins before they show the previews. The Twenty shows you whats happening in Music,TV, Movies etc. Thankfully these things are made for the big screen! One time they had a segment talking about Orlandos ROTM! I like the Twenty since it gives you something to watch and it's not annoying TV ads!
  24. ^^ BTW V2 Dude, I hardly say the theming is ripped off too. Tazmanian Devil has a industrial look to it more then a tribal.
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