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  1. The only reference I can see is the Mickey Mouse club. You are not the only fan of him, I like Marilyn Manson too!
  2. Way to go on Pump it up! I never liked that game, it sucks compared to DDR. Anyway, keep up the fun TR!
  3. Yes, see the whole thing! It is very well done and very faithful to the book. I enjoyed it a lot!
  4. Hello everyone, I need some reviews. My family is planning to go to BGW for Spring break or over the summer. I was wondering how good Curse of DarKastle is. Now I have been on Spiderman at IOA so I also wanna hear how DarKastle compares. Many thanks!
  5. Just saw Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. This is now my favorite movie of all time!!! I have read the book and the movie is very faithful to it! The children were pretty good actors. Some people said this was boring, I don't know why I would they they would think that. Aslan was very well done, great visual effects and a great voice for him. The battle scenes were fun to watch. Overall a 5/5 from me.
  6. Fat ACEr running away from furries that are holding....
  7. Uhh.....Oi. :shock: That picture is messed up. If you see the video clip you find out that pic is not as naughty as it looks. But still, heres a reason ACEr's are not as cool as furries. Frank "OMG crazy old lady" Melgeorge
  8. My first home park was Adventureland in Iowa. My new home park is Silverwood. Adventureland: The Outlaw Silverwood: Tie between Tremors and Timber Terror (Both are airtime machines. Plus Timber Terror still has buzz bars! 8) )
  9. I got to go to school, but I wanna stare at this drawing of a anthro Zebra!!!! I swear he is winking at me, I want him! Weeeeeee....I...think...I..just...fell...into...Wunderland!!!
  10. ^ Maybe < Has been looking at many drawings of anthro Zebras and now thinks Zebras are cool and hehehe...we are on page 69! v Thinks I'm crazy now
  11. ^ I guess your right < Likes...uh....randomness! *Chucks a Grand piano at someone* v Is running away from the piano I chucked
  12. Wal Mart has always sucked, I just laughed when I saw the news. I think that one dvd that shows Wal Marts nasty plan is really getting to them!
  13. Damien666


    Uh, Robb? I just ran into a strange problem with the forums. I posted a message for the guy above me game and my computer was going a bit slow so I hit submit a few times and it posted a bit too many posts. I tried deleting the excess posts but when I deleated my first one. When I went back to get rid of the rest, the thread dissapared!!! :shock: I feel a bit bad about this and I have no clue what to do, sorry.
  14. ^ WRONG! *Throws a Grand Piano at you* < Is a "Furry" that wants to distroy the Wal Mart company and SGE (Sorry Stitch Army, but it's not worthy for Stitch fans ) v Thinks I'm crazy now.
  15. Glad you had fun in Vegas. For MH it was a smooth ride in the very last row for me and my dad! Hey Robb, I know why you always find it rough.......you are very unlucky when it comes to that coaster! Furry-1 Robb and Elissa-0 Derek-VERTICAL LOOP!
  16. This is easy for me. Best themed darkride: Spiderman at IOA. Great que line and preshow. (The SCOOP safty video is really funny) A flat out great ride with a finale that always gets me. I also had a funny ride where I shouted "I love Scream!" Not the clone from Magic Mountain for those of you that don't know, but the only female villian in the ride that looks a bit like Venom. Best themed coaster: Dueling Dragons at IOA. Best coaster que line ever and a great ride. Best Disney ride: Three way tie, Splash Mountain, MGM's TOT (Good Tower) and the sadly gone Alien Encounter (SGE is a flat out disgrace compared to AE )
  17. Even though I can go into the "Furry" world...I love coasters so that would be a NO. Coasters, darkrides, flatrides, I love them all and would not leave them all for a year.
  18. It's a tie with the zero-g roll and Immelmans. Zero-g rolls are always fun and the two immelmans on Fire Dragon are just awsome! Getting whipped in the second one after the airtime hill was breath taking for me!
  19. All right, I just ordered this and the Japan DVD just now! Can't wait to see how much TDL kills the American parks and Challenge of Tutankhamon, and Elissa getting attacked by Orki...crazy antics..etc.
  20. ^ Is positive and very nice! < I am adorable (I'm a Furry, how can I not be?) v Is also adorable
  21. Good for you Soren, I have nothing for you as a prize! Oh wait...catch! *Chucks a grand piano and a whole lot of "Furries" at you*
  22. Another great video Robb! Tom goes quite crazy on Bomerangs does he? It's always fun seeing Joey go wild! I gotta get the dvd. Frank "I'm not looking forward to this!" Melgeorge
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