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  1. ^Totally different type of ride. Similar, but not the same! I'd hardly call this a rip off from SFMW.
  2. You know, I saw a video on Zamperla's website of that "Coaster". It didn't look real exciting. The car took a while just to get over the hump! I think the water effects are put in to keep people interested on the ride.
  3. ^Lives far away from Robb v Does not like getting scared
  4. When a Stranger Calls: Eh, it was a ok movie. I didn't get scared at all by it but thats just me. It's not even close to the original, now that was a scary movie! I felt the marketing just sucked for this one, they gave away the classic moment of the film! Brokeback Mountain: I still can't believe some of my friends actually went and saw this with me but we all agreed this was a good film. It is a very moving film, from beginning to end you felt for the characters. It also did make you think about people in that time too. What they had to endure and such. I'm just glad I'm a very open minded person. I have to thank my friend Claire for making me crack up anytime I hear "Jake, I swear" I don't know how she made that line funny but she did! The films I can't wait for are Silent Hill and Spiderman 3! I think Silent Hill is gonna be a good video game movie. For Spiderman 3 I read who the villains will be and I am sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!! One of them is my favorite villians of all time!!!! P.M Me if you want to know who they are.
  5. Oi, whenever you move somewhere you gotta know what is around it. Is it true that the Ropers own a Factory that is louder then Alton Towers itself? I only heard about one family complaining about noise from a park in the US and that was Indiana Beach. Apperently, whatever that family wanted the park to do, they didn't get their wish granted! If I was a judge I would tell the Ropers to move somewhere else and stop whining!
  6. Whoa, now thats top notch theming! I want the go there so bad now, and I want one of those lion statues!
  7. ^^Let me tell you Chris, if you didn't like AE, your not gonna like SGE I can tell you that! Oy, I have no clue why people think the restraints on AE were painful, I didn't find them bad at all!
  8. ^ I agree with you Swimace, the blood effect was one of my favorite parts too. The effect that always got me was the tongue effect, it was so unexpected. The odd thing is with SGE is it too has the tongue effect, but it just did not work for me! The shows been dumbed down so much, nothing came out scary to me.
  9. AE was my favorite attraction too, SGE is just the worst attraction in WDW. I'm 16 and I knew this was just not going to work. You can't take a attraction that was scary, keep everything that made it scary, and say it's "kid friendly". R.I.P AE, you were quite the original attraction!
  10. Just looked at Theme park insider and saw the news of Universal Orlando dumping the "Free" Express Passes to all guests. Now you have to buy Universal Express Plus, or stay on site to use the Express lines! I find this a smart move by Universal, less people using the Express lines means the standby lines won't be slowed down by it!
  11. Ok, looking at sites at Espn,FOX sports and whatnot. It seems NOBODY liked the ref! The writers are argreeing that this Super Bowl was not as good as it could have been because of the ref's. Now we may not know how the game would have gone if the bad calls were not there. (Still IMO and many writers and Seattle fans that TD was close, but NO TD! Of course any Steeler fan will disagree) I do have to say the game would have been better if the ref's didn't make up the bad calls. It would have been a much more fun game. But I am proud of Seattle for getting some of the best stats for a losing team. I'm proud to be a fan too. (There is a good reason why we have the best home field advantage! We get the place LOUD!) I also have to say some Steelers fans (Some, not ALL!) have NO class. I mean, when you boo all the past MPV's as they come out on the field, that's just no respect.
  12. ^^Ok, point made. I do agree that this game was really fun to watch! I am proud that the Seahaks did pull a few moves that surprised everyone. *A.K.A The 76 yard interception!* and we did have a good beginning. I'm still cringing at the hit we gave the Steeler's upsidown, ouch! I fully agree that soccer is a lot worse! It's so crazy that those guys fall down where nobody is around them!
  13. ^ Ok, I do have to agree that both teams gave it their all. But IMO, that TD did not count! I saw a camera angle that clearly showed the ball under his chest when he hit the ground and it wasn't on or past the line! Some people will agreee with me on this and of course some won't.
  14. Ok, Steeler's won. But OMG the ref's were on their side the entire time! I'm just really Ticked at this game. The Steeler's first touchdown was the WORST call of the game! I'm sorry if I offended any Steeler's fans, but I felt the game was rigged.
  15. Hmm...Diet Pepsi and Burger King ad's where stupid. Bud light ad's Really funny!
  16. Great TR, very nice pics of Everest and some funny bits in it! Here are a few notes, I will not make fun of you because you like the Peoplemover, the Peoplemover rocks! and one more thing.... HECK YES!!!!!! I just had to do my hysterical laugh and stand up on my chair for that! Sorry Stitch Army, I do like Stitch but I am a big AE fan and I don't like poorly done attractions that fail at what their supposed to do.
  17. ^ I hope not, I'm still ticked off at WDW for that huge mistake. What I am hoping for is that they just give the attraction a upgrade or replace it with a attraction that still has the villians theme. With the Monster's INC attraction I know it will probably kick the crap out of DCA's version.
  18. I have to say that you are very creative! Everything is really well done. Too bad Disney will not look at it unless you work there. You posting your idea for a Lion King ride make me wonder if I should post my ideas for a "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" and " A American Werewolf in London" attractions for Universal Orlando.
  19. I believe Black Barts Trail was a maze for Knotts Scary Farm's Halloween Haunt.
  20. I have to credit BGW for putting a big attration like that in the park. It looks fun and it must be great for anyone that has never been on Spiderman. But of course if you have been on Spiderman you do know Darkastle is not quite on par. I do say Darkastle has very nice 3-D, but it focuses on 3-D more then practical effects. But I don't think it was right of BGW to claim that there is no other ride like it. But I know with all parks they gotta hype their attractions, but if they hype it too much. People are going to expect more and be dissapointed.
  21. Ok there is something thats confusing me. I know Thorpe Park got a S&S Sky Swatter not too long ago called Slammer. But I went to this one website about Thorpe Park and they call it "Libra" Now the site is not finished but they have a few ride simulators. So was Libra going to be the concept before Slammer? Here is the site www.thorpeparkretreat.co.uk
  22. I'd say Big Air is meh, while Splash Party looks decent. But if I were to get anything from Vekoma it would be 2 things #1. Roller Skater: I like these little coasters, not much pain at all! #2. Madhouse: Ok this is NOT a coaster but I think this is quite a creative darkride. Just give it a nice theme and music and you got a pretty decent attraction! I'd say Villa Volta and Hex are some of the best. Believe it or not Mack copied Vekoma with their "Witchhouse" . But there just not as good as Vekoma.
  23. Ride back from the dead: Adventures through Inner Space Ride from somewhere else: Alien Encounter (Yes, I miss it that much )
  24. Now DCA's tower is fun, but if you have been on MGM's. DCA's tower just does not match up to MGM's. Now I know DCA's tower cannot have a few things that make MGM's tower very good. Like the intimidation factor, you get a great view walking all the way to MGM's while with DCA's you can't really get a good look at it until your right there. Or the gardens, it gives MGM's tower a great setting. While DCA does not have it, they could have planted a few thing but it would take a while to grow. Now I have talked with a few people that been on both towers and it confuses me that some like DCA's tower more. I ask them why and they say that DCA's tower tells the story better.... Um...ok...it tells the story better even though the story is the same. To me, DCA's tower fails to immerse me. There are some things that could be changed to make it good, but for now, they are not right. The Boiler Room- Now a two story room is cool, but the lighting with the bright oranges and blues make no sense. It does not give a haunted feel to the room, more a bit on the cartoonish side, along with the "face". The main thing that ruins it for me is the plain hallway between the elevator doors and the car. WTF?! It makes no sense at all and they could have at least painted it the same color of the boiler room but they left it plain. The themeing went bye-bye in the hallway. Comparing the 5th Demention's MGM's is a solid winner. Having a elevator come to a room and move forwards with all the stranges things appering around you is a flat out great moment. It tells you that this elevator is very messed up. With DCA's mirror, all I can say is big whoop. It turns you into a ghost, but like Robb said. It's like another effect found on another attraction. If you have now been on MGM's tower, I know you will have fun on DCA's. But for the people that have, you will probably be comparing what is better. Let's just hope TDL does not screw up, they can make great attractions.
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