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  1. V for Vendetta 9/10 Wow, this is a very good and powerful movie. It really makes you think about our governments. It's a unique film, one that makes you happy seeing the Parliment blow up. My dad and I found this a lot better then Peter Jackson's King Kong.
  2. What I'm hearing it will be Nintendo Go. Revolution is it's code name. Just like Gamecube's was Nintendo Dolphin.
  3. Hmmmm...there are some new characters added to the fry. This should be quite fun. Edit: But what's that in the upper right corner of the box? It says "By:" something.
  4. Why is there a hyena in my mirror? Wait a minute, that's me. WHAT?!
  5. I am sick of everyone at school that is trying to be a rapper. Wearing tin foil in your teeth make you look like someone with a single digit IQ, saying "Bling-Bling" is really stupid and for crying out loud PULL UP YOUR PANTS!!!! I don't need to be seeing your boxers because your pants are on the verge of falling off. Also, what is with walking around while holding your crotch?! Are you afraid someone is gonna kick you there or do you always have to make sure it's there? For the movies, stop making PG-13 horror crap. There not scary, and that killed AVP.
  6. Out of all the coasters I have been on, Tremors takes the cake. The tunnels fit very well with the coasters theme and the first one is just fantastic. A steep drop into a small tunnel and right under and through the gift shop! They don't call it the Shake,Rattle and Roll gift shop for nothing!
  7. ^ They just showed a tiny bit of KK. I thought this show was a bit amusing. From all the GP going "Wow,it's really tall and fast!" and tons of airtime on MF. But TTD and MF are NOT brand spanking new! I have to disagree that MF is the best steel coaster in America. SROS in SFNE beats it hands down. Now during Hades segment I saw a little bit of onride footage that looked like it came from here! It was a segment of the tunnel with all the lights on. I have to say Black Anaconda at Noah's Ark looks really good. The convayor belt system looks like it takes the rafts up faster then a Master Blaster!
  8. OMG, this PTR is flat out funny. I love Julie's face in the pic with her mother!
  9. This is done by Mack hands down. In Gardaland their Mcbean track ride was designed by Mack.
  10. Hello Cahoots99 and welcome to the boards. I think I can help you out on this one. Go to this board here http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22681 and post the question. Your bound to get some replies and a few vids.
  11. The theming is stunning, the station is very well done. If the darkride part is as good as the theming. Then they have a winner on their hands. I wonder if it's open yet?
  12. Bon Bon Land gbvimmiked sxolmned candxhy
  13. ^You got the first three words right. Now think of a word someone might say about it. Robb Alvey rfujn edlikxsas rfuhjn
  14. ^ Evil wild snappers distroy stupid towers gone happy yummy hjyuhyujyu7
  15. Flashback stiktgfchbs gvrfedatg eszcap;de sxjuhckjsx!
  16. Whoa Killa aslikden encdolujhngtdefrt
  17. Let's see, I am a band geek and proud of it. I'm also in drama and I have no clue why but in drama during our free time we talk about Dungeons and Dragons! Right now I'm a half elf Assassin, dear god I'm a dork!
  18. Yesterday I had a good dream. It was strange that I was a anthro Hyena that always stayed in bed with my friend Gabby and I always wore leather shorts. But the dream made me happy no matter what!
  19. On Cartoonnetwork yesterday my tv programming showed that there was going to be a ADULT film at 1:00PM. It was Scooby-Doo and the Loch Ness Monster. Someone is about to get fired!
  20. Let's see, I like Evangelion,FMA and Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, Spirited Away,Ushio and Tora, Wild Knights Gulkeeva(JP only, it's not in english) etc. I really like anime's because they can have really good stroylines that kick the crap out of other animated shows.
  21. This is such a Darth Vader emo "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" moment. What a bummer, the series rocked and was such a fun game to play.
  22. ^Well said Joey, I pretty much stopped going to CB now. Some of the people there are the kind of people you could say "Get over it" and they would not listen. Nuff said here
  23. Coasterbuzz=Pop ups and childish fools! Wow, almost no love for you Robb. They keep talking about when was the last time you have been to Cedar Point. Ok, if you haven't been to a park for a long time it must be because your banned. WTF? It Coasterbuzz another excuse to make fun of ACE?
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